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It is a site or a group of other competing sites that have the same nature of work as your site and are trying to gain customers, where you must analyze the competing sites in your market before launching your site, and you must collect information about the market, in order to be able to provide services or content of higher quality than any competitor website.

External SEO - Off-Page SEO

It is the set of external factors that contribute to the ranking of your site in search engines, such as your site obtaining backlinks from other sites and the popularity of your site on social networking sites such as Facebook, google plus, linkedin, twitter, instgram ... etc., where search engines take these data significantly in the evaluation of your site

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Domain Authority

It is a special measure for checking the strength of websites developed by MOZ , starting from 1 to 100 depending on the compatibility of the site with Google's algorithms, and its symbol with the symbol DA . The site is evaluated on several factors, including the quality of content and the quality of backlinks.

Page Authority - Page Authority

While the Domain Authority is a measure of the ranking of the domain or the site in general, the Page Authority standard is a measure of the strength of the ranking of sub-pages, as each page in the site gets a different ranking depending on specific criteria.

Google Benchmark - PageRank

It is defined as a criterion or algorithm for the appearance of pages in the Google search engine, and the value of the pagerank is from 0 to 10,  meaning that the sites with the highest pagerank get more preferences than the sites with the lowest pagerank, and Google officials have recently announced not to rely on the standard pagerank in Ranking of search results in google.

Text with a link – Anchor Text

It is the text behind which a specific link is hidden. When you click on this text, a new page opens. The text color is blue, like a hyperlink in Microsoft Office programs, and it is used to link pages to each other.

Black hat 

ctices, means and techniques carried out by webmasters with the aim of obtaining a better ranking in search engines, and Google has addressed these practices by launching successive updates, most notably the Google Panda and Penguin updates.

Keywords Stuffing

Practices that refer to attempting to manipulate the ranking of search results by stuffing the meta tag with certain words or data, and they often appear in the form of out-of-context lists on the page, and these practices greatly harm the site’s ranking, as they are discovered by search engines. 

Duplicate content

Content publishers publish content on their sites that has previously been published on the web with slight or no modifications, and the content can be images, text, or other, and its purpose is to deceive search engines by providing high-quality content, and Google has launched updates that will Detect duplicate content and penalize sites that follow these methods of publishing.

Manual Penalty

It is the penalty that falls on sites after Google engineers manually review the site, due to its violation of Google’s policies, and the penalty may extend for many years unless errors are corrected on the site. 

Bounce Rate

It is the total number of visits that viewed only one page on the site, divided by the total number of visits to your own site. A low bounce rate on your site gives a good signal to Google that visitors are spending a long time on the site and visiting more than one page, meaning that they found what they were looking for.

Headline - H1

h1 to h6 are used to display the headings on the page. h1 is the base address and can only be used once per page.

Meta Tag - Meta Description

It consists of one or two sentences of unique content, and its purpose is to provide a brief description of what the web page contains, as it appears below the titles of the search results and affects the researcher's decision to click and enter the site.

Meta Keywords Tag - Meta Keywords

It can be used to display keywords on the page, and it has been discontinued relatively recently, as it has become a secondary criterion in improving site rankings.


It is a concept that refers to search phrases consisting of several words in which the researcher's requests are specific and clear, and they are words that attract a small number of visitors, and sites rely on these words to obtain targeted visitors to the maximum degree.

Pinning Links – Social Bookmarking

These are practices that take place within social platforms that provide a service of storing website addresses, where members can learn about the links that other members add to their favourites, and the presence of your site links on link installation platforms is very useful for sites.

Google Adsense - Google AdSense

It is an advertising program of Google that allows content publishers to place ad units on their sites, where these ads are served by advertisers who have contracted with Google, and the publisher gets profits based on Per-Click  or Per-impression .

Cost Per Click - CPC

It is the amount that an advertiser pays to the search engine or any other ad network in exchange for clicking on the ad link that converts the visitor to the advertiser's site.


It is a system followed by ad networks, CPM ,  i.e. the cost per thousand impressions when booking or buying advertising places on websites.

Site Directory 

Website Directory, are sites that provide the service of listing sites by category and classification, to facilitate access for visitors, and despite their low importance at the present time, it is necessary to have your site in high-quality and reliable directories from Google such as Dmoz Directory .

Redirect _

It is the process of redirecting from one site to another that takes place by the user clicking on a link that often unconsciously directs him to a temporary server before he reaches the landing page

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Robots Text - Robots.txt

It is a directive file that prevents search engine spiders from archiving certain links, resources, or pages within the site, and the file is always referred to as robots.txt .


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