Google EAT algorithm and its relationship to improve your site in search engines

 If you are an SEO professional, you have probably heard a lot about the Google EAT algorithm over the past few years.

But, what exactly is an EAT? Is it a major update, a minor tweak, something hidden with the algorithms necessary, or can you safely ignore it?

In this guide, I'll explain exactly what EAT is, dive into Google's search quality guidelines, why it's important, and how to help your site rank better by providing EAT-style content.

?What is the EAT

EAT is part of Google's algorithm and is part of On Page SEO, and EAT is incorporated into Google's Search Quality Guidelines (QRG), to determine if content is valuable to readers and if it should rank well.

As the first mention of EAT occurred in 2014 when Google added the concept to its Search Quality Guidelines, the content for the site must be reliable, of high quality and clear and not misleading to the searcher.

Google Search Quality Evaluators have been directed to pay attention to the following:

Content creator experience.

The authority of the content creator, the content itself, and the website.

The credibility of the content itself and the website.

Is the page high quality, useful to users or not.

The QRG also evaluates the quality of pages that will be shown in search results (SERPs).

Youtube SEO basics

But after updating the Google Medical algorithm for medical and health sites, the eat algorithm significantly affected search engine optimization, and its impact extended to include industries YMYL Short for (Your Money Your Life) Google uses this acronym as a guiding principle for ranking pages that affect money, health or life, Only trusted sites appear in organic search results.

It means that google has specific criteria by which it monitors and evaluates these pages because low rated pages in YMYL affect a person's happiness, health or financial stability.

I will illustrate what EAT means on one form, and suppose the news content:

News articles must be presented to a high standard and with journalistic professionalism, and the articles must contain factually accurate content and be presented in a way that helps users achieve a better understanding of events.

Is EAT a factor to improve the ranking of sites in search engines?

No, EAT is not technically a ranking factor, but it can affect your content's ranking in search engine results indirectly.

Although it is not a direct ranking factor, it is important, it may not be important to some SEO professionals but this is a mistake.

Whereas, Google's Gary Illyes points out, all the talk about EAT is exaggerated and rarely mentioned internally.

?Why is EAT important to SEO

We often hear that “content is king” or “only creating high-quality content” is the key to successful websites.

SEO professionals have been criticizing writing more content for the purpose of improving article size.Despite the writer's good intentions, these statements distract the visitor because they didn't actually tell us anything about what makes high-quality content.

This content optimization is closely related to site optimization in search engines, and there are some EAT guidelines for reviewers, who evaluate hundreds of websites, to rank content in Google as high-quality content, making it the top of Google search results in the SERPs.

These instructions are:

That the content meets the needs of the users.

To be created by professionals.

Post content to a trusted site.

The information is trustworthy.

The content is updated regularly.

The content must be created at a high level of quality, and other illustrative means should be used in this content, for example (photos, infographics, videos, mind maps).

List of Top 7 Ways to Improve EAT for Your Website

The EAT algorithm is closely related to the Google algorithm because of its importance, and all SEO professionals should be aware of this.

Below is a checklist of 7 EAT ways to improve your website to make it more reliable and trustworthy.

 Create a page (about us or about us) about us

You must show the visitor information about you so that they know who you are, who is creating this content, the person/website, and whether you are a legitimate source of that knowledge.

So be aware, if you don't already have an About Us, About Us or Staff Page - and who are the content creators - now is the time.

These pages are the best way to spread your team's expertise, authority, reliability, and knowledge to your audience.

Choosing experts to write content

Google has become interested in high-value content and ignores poor content, but writing high-quality content you only got through writing experts who have extensive knowledge of (your field, grammatical and linguistic assets, content formatting).

This is instead of hiring pseudo-writers who write bad content that does not meet the needs of the visitor and is not favored by Google, so you need to work with experts in this field to create content that Google trusts.

Which means that the procedure of hiring an experienced content writer is necessary, working with top-tier content writing companies, or hiring artificial intelligence tools and hiring a reviewer and proofreader to review the content before publishing it.

 The purpose of the content should be clear

Before writing, you should ask yourself what the goal of your content is to inform, explain, persuade, describe, or increase sales?

Then you use the words most relevant to your industry, the call to action that is relevant to your goal, and the need to use catchy headlines that make the purpose of your content very clear.

For example, if you want to write about a product in order to increase sales, your article should contain the following:

product specification.

The benefit that will accrue to the visitor if he buys it.

Advantages of buying through you.

Putting the call to action from the phrases to attract purchase (shop now, buy now, get….etc).

And so in its title, if we suppose that you describe a laptop bag, it is preferable that the title be as follows:

15.6 inch laptop bag waterproof - black color - shop now

But beware! To produce long and sloppy content, because you have to move after the title to the important point (the basis of the topic) even by covering the topic as clearly and comprehensively as possible.

Update content regularly

Updating the content is one of the most important elements of EAT improvement for your website, because it has 7 benefits and they are as follows:

Ensure that the information is correct.

Improve content efficiency.

Ensure that the content is directed towards the audience.

Update photos, add recent information.

Solve the problems of broken links in the article, if any.

Opportunity to appear in results outperform competitors.

Turn the site into a reliable and always updated source of information.

Gaining public trust for constantly up-to-date content.

 Refer to reliable sources

If you want Google to be seen as an expert, you need to rely on real data from reliable sources.

In addition to linking your site to these sources, it enhances your content and shows that you know what you're talking about.

 The content should be comprehensive of all points related to the topic

In order for your content to be trustworthy, the content must include all points of the topic from multiple angles and present each point in full detail.

For example, if your content is about the most important type of content, there is a good chance that not one type of content will be appropriate for everyone.

One person may like textual content such as “articles”, and another person may love textual and visual content such as mind maps, files, infographics, and videos.

And another prefers audio content “audio clips” and here chooses to clarify the content through podcasts.

Google EAT algorithm and its relationship to search engine optimization

Maintain the reputation of your site 

Your online reputation can affect the credibility of your site and your content, so protect your brand reputation by monitoring negative press and responding to negative comments promptly.

Claim all your social media profiles with your brand name (so no one else will try to collect them!) and encourage customers to leave positive comments about your brand.

Google EAT algorithm and its relationship to search engine optimization

Those 7 points were the most important ways to improve the EAT of your website, and this is what we do at SEO right, which is to improve the EAT of your site with a solid plan that includes these elements so that you get a better ranking in Google.

And if you want to improve your site in search engines and improve the EAT, you can contact us at Seo Right to improve your website and increase its traffic.

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