Get to the front page of any new article without the need to build backlinks

You may be wondering how to get to the front page of the Google search engines without internal links, and accordingly, I will explain to you in this article the method in an easy way for everyone to benefit.

 Whenever I miss blogging, I think of coming back with something more useful to compensate for the long waiting period, and for this reason I decided to present to you in this post my personal experience of climbing to the first page in Google with any article without the need for backlinks directly.

I am happy to tell you that you can go up with any new article to the first page in Google within about 15 days without the need to build a lot of backlinks and sometimes in words with easy and medium competition without the need to build a backlink at all.

But through what is known as the Domain Influence Rate

Its meaning in Arabic is the extent of the influence of the domain name on the Internet, and this matter is tracked by Google through social networks and through searches conducted on its search engine as follows:-

 Someone searches for a keyword followed by your brand name

The more a person searches for a keyword that contains your site name, the greater the impact of your site name on the Internet, and thus Google begins to prefer your site results over competitors.

In order to explain this example better, suppose you went to a store to look for a specific type of juice, but you did not find it, but every time you go to this store, you ask the seller what kind of juice you are looking for...

After several times, the seller will begin to notice an increase in demand for this particular type of juice and will begin to display it at the forefront of the juices that he displays in the shop, even if it is not the best among the rest of the juices, as this is what customers are looking for...

This example applies to Google completely...

2 . Continuously increasing the rate of content recommendations on social media 

The more links your site has on different social media sites, the easier it will be for you to get any new article to the first page of Google soon after its publication.

This is because Google pays great attention to what people say and like, even if it is not on its own networks or search engine.

It is very easy to see the number of times your site was mentioned on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and other major, famous networks.

You will find the number of times this site or article was mentioned on various social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and others.

Now that you know the meaning of the Domain Influence Rate, I will prove to you that this factor may sometimes exceed the backlink factor in ranking website pages and articles within the Google search engine…

In one of the hardest words, “ Games ” with a search rate of more than 9 million per month, Cartoon Network Arabic tops the word at No. 1, surpassing one of the largest sites in this field, “Maher Games.”

Do you see the difference yourself 52,700 times compared to only 1360 times Maher Games website was mentioned on Facebook, and you can do the same with other social networks such as Twitter and Google Plus to see the difference between the two sites for yourself…

However, on the contrary, when we talk about backlinks, we find the following:

The number of sites and backlinks that got number 1 

 The number of sites and backlinks obtained by number 2

This is when we talk about sites, but when we talk about articles, I climbed to the first result in Google within 21 days on a word of medium difficulty

And I got more than 11 thousand visits from search engines by building only one backlink and getting 2 backlinks from other sites with a total of 3 backlinks!

Write an article that deserves to be in the first place! 

Before everything and anything, does your product deserve to be in the first place

? Answer this question and then continue to apply the next steps.

And here we are talking about the content of your article. Is it considered the best that has been presented so far

, or is it just an invaluable and invaluable talk that has nothing new that

will be added to hundreds of thousands of pages similar to it

, and then Google will not pay attention to it, no matter what you try.

If you are ready to implement this step seriously

, I advise you to take into account the following points

 Check the type of 10 results shown on your target word 

We are looking for targeting words that are on the front page in Google, recent content, or what is known as Fresh Content, so that we can go up with our article as soon as possible and take advantage of its novelty factor to our advantage …

The thing you should do now, after making sure that the word you are targeting prefers fresh content, is to check the most recent article on the first page in Google and not article number 1, you will now compete with the most recent article that appeared on the first page and not the first place holder

Check the number of words in the article using Word Counter

Yes, you must know how many words this site competes with on the first page so that you can do better than that in the new article that you will write

 Check the number of backlinks in this article by COGNITIVE SEO

As we said at the beginning, backlinks are no longer the only separator between sites and some of them, but we are also interested in knowing how many backlinks this article has.

 Check how many posts this article has received by BuzzSumo

This is the most important factor. We want to know the extent of the impact of this article on users in different social media platforms. We find the weak point and try to exploit it to our advantage.

As you can see in the following statistics, the platforms with the least participation are LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus, and these are the platforms that we will work on, not the other way around Check keyword difficulty with KwFinder

In order to be logical, any word whose difficulty exceeds 60 needs hard work that may last for several months, so you have to make sure that the word you seek to appear does not exceed its difficulty 60

Whether you are using the  recommended Kwfinder  or Moz Keyword Difficulty

 Check the number of times the keyword is mentioned within the target site

This is one of the very important factors. The more you mention the keyword more than once within the site, the greater the chances of any new article targeting this word to rise to the first page in Google.

So you have to check it before starting and know how many times you have to mention this word, whether in the content of other articles or in the titles of new articles.

After completing the examination of the previous points, I advise you to use the Google Keep tool to save all the important information about the target word and the competitor that you are trying to overcome.

Below is an example of what I'm talking about...

After that, add the stickers required of you to bypass this competitor

in a new list within the Google Keep site, as shown in the following example : -

 Start writing article on Google Docs

I always recommend writing any content on Google Docs for two reasons:-

The first : it provides you with the automatic spelling correction feature of Google, and this is what distinguishes it as it reveals to you the optimal wording that it relies on as a search engine

In order to achieve the greatest benefit from Google Docs, I invite you to add these add-ons, or the so-called Add-ons, to help you write better content.

1 . Gradeproof AI added to correct Grammar and content framing

2. Add Better Word Count to show the number of words and letters

3. Add Google Translate to translate from Arabic to English or vice versa

Second : You will get a backlink to your article before publishing it! Yes, when you finish writing the article on Google Docs, you will share it public

Leading Google search results is not enough you need to raise your CTR

And ping the post link, from which you will get a backlink for the link to your article that you published on your site, and this backlink will help your article to advance quickly to the first pages in Google and not wait for a long time for evaluation, as shown in the following example

But the most important thing is the content itself. You have to ask yourself several questions before writing the content so that you can provide the best possible piece of content that will be accepted by readers and appreciated by Google…

What is the motive that will bring the visitor to your article?

You have to determine what is the motive that will bring the visitor to your article specifically

Are you looking for a solution to a problem?

Are you searching just out of curiosity?

Do you want to download a file?

Is he looking for a product to buy?

You have to know the visitor's motivation before writing the article, and this is so that you choose the most appropriate title and formulate it in a way that suits the needs of potential readers of your article, which will eventually return to you with better results.

 What can you offer to the visitor that no one could offer before

Hundreds of articles talk about the Moringa plant, but what will really distinguish your article, what can you provide in this article to make it unique?

You have to ask yourself this question and determine what is your distinguishing point within this article, which sometimes may be an explanatory video or several images, perhaps a helpful guide for the reader, or even answers to questions that had no answer before.

 Write valuable and tried-and-true content 

After you have determined the type and format of the content that you will provide based on the knowledge of the reader’s motive and providing his needs, you must write valuable and high-quality content, and this means effective content ideas, excellent wording, and the absence of many linguistic errors…

In order to achieve this, you have to improve the way you write and check every word you add on the site before publishing it, and this is through Grammar checking tools and wording as we mentioned before and also through

One of the most powerful ways to get effective content ideas is through the question sites, specifically Quora.

In the following picture is an example of a question you asked before writing an article

How to maintain continuity in your business on the Internet

I got 6 answers that helped me write an article rich in information and multiple experiences and this would not have happened without going to this wonderful community and asking this question

There is also a secret method that I use and share with you for free for the first time that will help you bring ready-made pieces of content that you can use on your site for free, taking into account the exclusivity in it!

You are now able to create a high-quality article that deserves to be on the first page and this is the most difficult and has been done in the following we will push the article to the first page …

 Participate in instant conversations on Twitter

Tweetchat provides a great service, which is to display conversations on a specific hashtag at the time of their occurrence and provides you with the ability to interact with them by replying, by preference, or by retweeting from within the site itself, which saves you a very long time …

What we will do is as follows

1 . We will enter the Tweetchat

2 website. We will write the name of the keyword we are targeting or a word related to it

3 . A list of conversations or tweets will appear in this hashtag

4. We will start responding to every tweet related to it with a recommendation of your article link

5 . We will do this every day for 7 days from publishing the article, as many as you want

Distinctive tip : Try to publish links to your article on more than one account, but as much as possible, try to make your Twitter account effective and with posts and followers…

 Reply to posts on Google Plus 

1 . Go to and register a new account

2. Select Any Topic from the menu

3 . Create a new Alert and add your target keyword

4 . Choose data source Google and Web only.

Then choose the posts with the highest Reach percentage

from the list that will appear to you after a moment on the left side of the screen

Then comment on them by adding a link to your article

with a comment related to the content of the published post

 Go with your content for visitors, don't wait for them...

We said at the beginning of the article that backlinks are no longer as important as before, but they are still one of the factors that may favor one result over another, so we have to get some of them, but…

Don't go after the number anymore!

Find the benefit that you will get from this backlink

The biggest benefit that you can get from any backlink is the visits that may result from placing the link of your site or article within an active community interested in what you offer.

There is no better community in this regard than

Enter the site and answer the questions related to the content of your site. A maximum of one or two questions is enough for you, but be sure to provide a really useful answer.

And it is not a transferred or weak answer for the purpose of getting backlinks only, because if it is useful, it will bring you visits, and this is the most important thing!

There are many question sites

where you can share your answers, such as:-

 Get backlinks from Freelancing sites 

This is one of the very effective ways that many do not know, as you can get high-quality backlinks from large sites such as Upwork , Freelancer   and others for free .

This is done by creating a new project request and placing the link to your article in the project description, but make sure that the project looks real.

For myself I do this legally as I request some Social Signals for the article and put the link to it in the project description to get a backlink

After this point, we have reached the end of this rich article. I hope you have benefited from it, and I invite you to share it with your friends so that the largest possible number of those interested in working on the Internet can benefit from its information.

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