Design professional images for the article - article image size

If you take pictures from different sites and do not design private pictures for your site, this will be considered copyright theft and will be restricted from Google, but the reader will not trust the article because the pictures are stolen, so the article will consider it copied, so it is great to design your pictures

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Design professional images for blogs - article image size

Design professional images for the article - the size of the article image, if you are writing articles on any platform such as inspiration, blogger platform or wordpress platform!

You have to design the images for the article.

This is to avoid making the mistake that some people do not know: the copyright of the images, of course the images have rights like anything on the Internet.

And if you do not know how to design an image yourself, do not worry, the topic is very simple, and I will explain to you some high-quality design programs for design.

?What is the size of the article images

The appropriate articles inside the article are 560 * 315 or 640 * 320, this is inside the article and you are free to put the size that suits the platform you are dealing with, some platforms allow larger images size.

The appropriate size of Molham’s images for the prominent image is 485*485, as for the size of the article’s image from the inside, you can use 560*315, which is suitable

Template type

hosting space

Image download format such as: PNG, JPEG, WebP

What is a sitemap fileThe right image size

These are some of the most important things that you should keep in mind when designing an image for the article, as well as important things to remember in the design.

It is to put a title for the image with the same title as the article, and to save the image on your device with that name in order for the image to be your property and have copyright

Images have formats, some do not know anything about, but specialists or those who enter the world of blogging, for example, find that they are required to deal with a specific image format.

What matters to us is to be simple knowledge of this topic and not to go deep, in order to upload an appropriate image on the site / blog, and there are programs to change the format of the images.

One of the best programs that allows you to change the image format from PNG to WebP, for example, is a free program called convertio , and this program also converts all image formats.

For example, the Blogger platform prefers the webp format, and this program allows you to change the format of the image and then upload it to your article with ease.

Photo design software for articles

A program for designing images for articles that I have chosen for you very carefully, and it is the universal Canava program that works from the phone and from the computer.

The program allows you to design images and add images that are in its large library and supports copying the image link, and also gives you a wide design space.

The program allows the design of images for all websites and social networking, with high quality, and this site also compresses images with ease and changes their format.

To enter the canava image designer, click on the word canava and log in and enjoy designing the images of your articles and uploading them with high quality and a small size that does not affect the speed of your site.

There is a full explanation of the Kanfa program in the link at the end of the article, a full detailed explanation with downloading it to the mobile phone

Edit article images

Editing article images is very important for several reasons, the most important of which are the speed of the blog / site, and the absence of errors on your site in Webmaster Tools.

Blog speed is very important for search engine optimization (SEO) and for your article to appear on the first pages of the search engine.

The second reason is that there are no errors in archiving in webmaster tools such as Google and Bing, which negatively affect your site.

For this reason, we design images for the article, choose a suitable size so that the image is not larger than the text, and compress the images to reduce their size.

image compression software for articles

A program to compress images for articles and others, this is a universal program that is fast and easy and compresses images with high quality called tinypng

The program does not need to be downloaded, it works through any browser you have, and it is easy to use, very fast and convenient.

To enter the program, click here on its name , tinypng , enter it and save it to your computer or phone to return to it at any time.

Now we present to you

The program for designing the article's images is canava.

photo convertio software,

Tinypng image compression software.

There is also a detailed explanation of the canava program with downloading it on the mobile as an application from here. Canava

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