Best SEO Tools That Matter Technical Support

Are you facing technical or technical problems on the site and do not find sufficient explanations that have collected for you the best and excellent tools in order to be able to solve any problem you face in the future from a technical point of view.

Google Webmaster Tools (Free)

The best friend of webmasters, as this tool helps you get information that matters to the health of your site and ease of indexing it, saves you a lot of time and gives you information about search queries and the number of links coming to your site as well as 404. It is considered the most important tool in SEO tools

Do you know  when your site data appears in Google Search Console Admin Tools?

Bing Webmaster Tools (Free)

Xenu Link Reports (Free)

Leading Google search results is not enough you need to raise your CTR

Sometimes some of the links on your site are damaged or redirected to pages other than your site pages or partner pages, and this harms all your efforts. Xenu Link Reports tool gives you a full report of all the links to let you know the number of broken links on your site and fix the issue.

SEO Spider (Free)

Developed by Screaming Frog, this tool is available on PC, Mac and Linux which basically allows the creation of a detailed report on all the optimization elements of the site. Very accurate, nothing is forgotten. From the number of broken links to redirects and tags or sitemaps, everything is taken into account.

Robots.txt generator (Free)

Structured Data Testing Tool (Free)

This tool, available in Google Webmaster Tools, will enable you to create a preview of your page in search results. Especially useful for those with the Google Authorship, or others.

Google structured data testing tool

This tool is related to the ones we mentioned before and depends in particular on allowing the transfer of certain information from your site to Google (such as a product name, image, price ... etc.).

Pingdom (Freeware)

This tool allows you to test your site's speed, all you have to do is put your site link and wait a few seconds to get the result. It is one of the most powerful SEO tools

Google Page Speed ​​Insights (Free)

The principle of the Google Page Speed ​​Insights tool is the same, but it goes beyond it by giving you the result of your site speed on your computer and mobile device and giving you tips and solutions for problems related to your site speed.

Firebug (Freeware - Google Chrome)

The tool is now available on Google Chrome, after it was for a long time only on Firefox, and through it you can check the code of a particular web page and edit it in fact without making changes to the page or site. Very suitable for making experiments on pages.

SEO Site tools (Free - Google Chrome)

This tool enables you to get very important information of interest to your site and related to the published and unpublished pages as well as information related to the server and domain, it is very important and very useful and fortunately free.

Use Google Libraries

Without going into the boring explanation of how to use the tool, I just like to say that if you are using WordPress and you suffer from the weight and slowness of your site, all you have to do is download this powerful tool and tackle the slow problem with ease.

W3 Total cache (Freeware)

A great tool to increase download speed, you should download the plugin after every WordPress use so that you can always benefit from the download speed.

WP SmushIt (Freeware)

The same principle as the previous tool, which is to increase and enhance the loading speed, but this time with image processing, this tool automatically compresses images to increase the speed of loading your pages and enhance the user experience.

Xml-sitemaps (Freeware)

One of the most important SEO tools is having a sitemap that helps Google to know all of your site pages, which is useful for you to raise the rankings. This tool is very easy to use and helps you step by step to build your site map with ease and simplicity.

SEO Success Factors (Search Engine Optimization)

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