50Techniques to Build Links and Earn Respectable Backlinks

Get the best backlinks by following the techniques that we decided to collect for you.

More than 60 technology at your fingertips!

Your feedback and ideas will be highly appreciated. Let's work together and make the ultimate checklist useful to as many people as possible.

Types of backlinks according to categories:

1. Skyscraper technology

Skyscraper is an almost legendary link building technology. It is time consuming, but if done correctly, you will get high quality backlinks, a large number of targeted visitors and potential business connections.

It's a combination of exemplary content, research, backlink analysis of competitors, and email communication. The process is covered in this link building guide.

These are the four main steps:

Find good content with high quality backlinks

Find the contact details of the people behind these sites

Write better content

Transcend horizons

Just in case you don't want to invest your time in Skyscraper technologies, you can always try out link building services.

2. Build a link based on content

The hardest and most effective way. Create content that naturally attracts readers, social shares, and referral visits. Get inspired in our seo guide .

When writing, pay attention to readability. The content should be well organized and without grammatical errors. There are many tools to help.

Watch out for flow, use of adverbs, passive voice indication, unique words, or estimated reading time. Of course, this depends on your target audience.

3. Top lists

There is a lot, but if you have unique and relevant data then it should be successful, this method could earn you backlinks or a lot of them just because you created something unique and desirable.

When writing top lists, think about timing and prepare to dig deep into the data.

These are the most important tasks:

Analyze search results for your keywords

Write something more comprehensive and unique

If you have your own data, the task will be easier

If your topic is time sensitive, make sure you choose the right time

4. Production of educational content

Google's SERP is full of articles on “how it works”, “how to do” and the how-to….

Publishers think it's easy to learn. Well, it can be, but the amount of recycled content out there will not attract readers in this way.

On the other hand, you can always target a specific group of people who will actually benefit from your own opinions and unique insights that you offer.

5. Case studies

Case studies can be a goldmine for backlinks and backlinks!

That is why this technique has been given special importance. Case studies are always unique and bring new information. Make sure you have proven data, do your research, and try and test the industry legends.

When writing a case study, it is a good idea to list:

challenge (challenges)

data background

specified time frame

6. The so-called “green content”

Yes, it is content, but it is very specific and useful when it comes to getting high quality links. If it's good enough and deals with the latest issues, not only eco-friendly organizations will share it.

Environmental threats such as climate change, water pollution or species extinction have been widely discussed for years. Who knows, maybe you will become an influencer who will help save the Earth.

7. Thought-provoking and buzzing content

This can be difficult.

Don't try to offend people, their struggles, and their opinions. Help them solve their issues. Be careful about what you plan to achieve. I recommend reading this article by Sean Hodge .

8. Research papers

They are widely used in the B2B world but you don't need to be a company to do a deep research into the industry, adding your ideas, infographics, and knowledge that others can benefit from. Research papers are a great source for sharing opportunities and gaining valuable connections.

9. Reviews and Comparisons

Reviews and comparisons rank very high when done right.

Your in-depth analysis, pros and cons, recommendations, and how you made the decision will solve many of your readers' problems.

What's more, if you are good enough, companies will be willing to pay to review their products. And suddenly, you can be a thought leader.

What is the ideal length for an article to rank well in search engines? | seo

10. Create a dedicated blog section (for e-store and business owners)

There are many companies with useful content even though there is no blog.

It's time to use this potential! A custom blog is a post magnet.

Keep blogging frequently, your blogging activity keeps visitors coming back and they may share your articles.

11. Do an interview

Although this technique is not popular in the Arab world, it may make you the first in the field.

Partner with famous YouTubers in your niche and interview them in return, publish their videos on your site.

Try partnering with well-known people in the industry. You don't need a star. The person will share the interview with their audience and may link to it on their website as well.

12. Guest Posts Just Post

Guest articles are a good way to earn one or more backlinks per article.

Do a website search, write premium content and try to publish it on a trusted site. They usually have strict guidelines for guest blogging, and sometimes it takes a long time to accept your submission.

It takes a little longer, but it definitely works.

You'll find lists of websites that accept guest posts, but if you plan to target relevant sites, use Google search operators. Start with the keyword, focus and add “Write to us”.

You can define your query with operators: allintitle , intitle and inurl to find more opportunities. Make sure you do the right communication with your guest and focus on the quality of your email - it could be your only chance to gain attention and earn a backlink.

And now from the opposite point of view: if you post guest content on your site and the same blogger posts other content on a different site that links to the original article on your site, you have a backlink.

13. Podcast guest

We all know podcasts are popular. They are easy to consume so you can gain a lot of knowledge and get some great industry news while cleaning your apartment or car.

Guest action on podcasts means that you target the right podcast for your niche and connect with creators to be a part of them.

To be honest, I don't like listening to podcasts. On the other hand, I think it is an underrated marketing technique and can bring in a lot of exposure to you and your business.

Get backlinks through social media

14. Social media communication

Share your content on social media, promote it on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, comment on relevant posts and create connections.

15.. Set up social sharing options on the site

Share buttons and widgets. You cannot skip it on your site. Besides sharing your content across social networks, people can put your widgets on their sites and link back to you.

AddThis is a useful add-on with which you can track your site's social sharing results.

16. Share first before downloading buttons

Give users a chance to access exclusive items, rewards, or discounts by asking them to share your website. Motivate them to share your stuff. We are using Social Locker .

17. Specialized discussion forums

Join Quora , Reddit , StackExchange , and others to ask and answer relevant questions.

Be warned, these forums usually have strict rules about spam and are full of professionals, so you can get banned all of a sudden. This is what happened to me too. I should have read this guide before.

Prepare what you submit, don't just copy text from your blog post

Customize it according to your readers' preferences

Make sure the link is relevant so it's not obvious that you're self-promoting

Reply to comments

.18. Links from forums

Forums, Q&A sites, content aggregators, etc. You can add the link there, but keep in mind that the majority of them are low quality links, usually unfollowed, so their benefits are questionable.

19. Contests, surveys and tests

Another interactive way to gain more social exposure.

We did it some time ago and the response has been great. We added a Certificate of Completion to motivate people to share their success via their social profiles.

Even though we made it on our own, you can use many tools like SurveyMonkey .

20. Post a link to others

You want a backlink… link to others in an article and tag them on a social media post.

It may not work the first time, but sooner or later it will notice you. If your content is good enough and relevant, they may re-link or at least give you a shout out in their social profiles.

Get backlinks through marketing and branding

21. Contests and giveaways

Besides getting a relevant link, you have a free promotion. We have been part of a couple of giveaways and they have created subscriptions as well.

Find ongoing contests and giveaways and contact the organizers. Sometimes these offers make it to your inbox, so you won't spend any time wondering.

22. Discounts and Coupons

For e-commerce owners .

Everyone loves discounts and discount codes! And it's a great motivation to share your product too! Moreover, discount vouchers are great for promoting an additional referral program.

23. Traditional (disconnected) marketing activities

flyers, posters, or even guerrilla marketing.

Don't forget where it all began. Creative marketing attracts people. They will talk about you and may link to your site.

24. Public Relations Articles

PR articles written by professionals and published on high authority sites will give you high quality links as well. But some preparation must be budgeted for this.

25. Certificate Sections

Think about the products you use, connect with the people behind them, and write testimonials to be posted on their websites in exchange for a link

You will need to write some emails and reminders but they can be very useful.

26. Set up Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of those tools we've all heard about. However, not many of us use it to find brand cues . Setting alerts is very easy. Select the term(s), choose from the listed options and add a valid email address to receive alerts.

In our case, the terms can be “motaber”, “persistent”, “motaber.com”, etc.

27. Ask Who You Know

You can get a backlink from someone you know

Yes why not? Reach out to your family, friends or people you know to get a link. They may be willing to link to your site if it is relevant and relevant to the context. Don't try to link to a marketing blog from an online clothing store.

28. Buy one or more backlinks via paid blog articles

It is similar to the previous technique, but this time you will have to pay for it. On the other hand, it will cost you almost no time. If you are planning to be a writer and get paid, don't forget to check out these blogs that will pay you.

29. Reciprocal links

It's one technology that no longer works and has a bad reputation.

However, it still has value in the Arab sector.

30. Launching an Affiliate Marketing Program

You will get both links and earnings.

If you run a store or own a service site, create an affiliate marketing program and you will get backlinks, profits and everything you want.

This has become easy in WordPress and WooCommerce.

31. Join our affiliate program

We mentioned that an affiliate program would be beneficial. As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a lot of money for commissions and product reviews or comparisons can generate many backlinks.

32. Research and find out what works for others

Spy on the backlinks of your competitors and analyze them. You can focus on those that you can easily repeat to save some time.

You can also find out what strategy your competitors use to earn backlinks and imitate them at what they do best.

33. Stolen photos link reclamation

Technically, the link is retrieved when you try to locate a broken backlink, chances are #30 and #31, or if there is an incorrect backlink, misspelled domain or anchor text for any reason.

When it comes to images, it may happen that some websites use your images without providing a source. They usually apply to high-quality graphics, graphics, and photos.

Last but not least, this technique makes sense for trusted websites or if your photos are a real inspiration to others.

Here's a quick guide on how to find these images:

Create a list of your images' URLs

Use Google image search by pasting the URL

Check websites from the search results if they speak for your rights by searching for your domain in the HTML code.

SEO Success Factors (Search Engine Optimization)

If the site does not state your rights, contact the authors.

34. Get an interview

No, you don't need to be an honest rag. Things happen very quickly in the digital world. Take advantage of it. You can become successful in no time, so interviewing with Backlink is definitely a good idea.

However, nothing comes for free, so don't wait for an interview. Find publishers and communicate with them - exchange experience with them and give them something useful.

35. Gifts

How about sending gifts to your most valuable clients and partners?

Use special occasions like Christmas or birthdays and include a call to action to share and connect with you.

36. Exchange

Exchange your products for a review or other promotional activities that earn backlinks.

Bloggers who write a review usually put a link to the product, so you don't need to ask them.

When it comes to affiliate partners, they tend to provide nofollow links.

37. Build a small campaign website

Do you have a special discount, event or product launch site?

Build a microsite! Keep in mind that the content must be 100% non-duplicate and you must also create a good microsite cookie.

Creating microsites from an SEO point of view is not as profitable as it was in the past but you should consider this when you are planning to build a long term authority website .

38. Create a site-wide ad link

Yes, site level link is not good when it comes to link strength but it is perfect for short term link placement to gain high traffic volume, i.e. you can do this with a short term special offer.

Keep in mind that linked sites must be relevant.

39. Comment on articles in blogs

In general, I think that comments with links do not positively affect SEO because they are deleted almost immediately.

But if you select the high-traffic blog article, you write a comment that is super relevant and boosts the discussion, it may end up providing a link that adds value to the discussion.

In this case, the admin should not delete the comment. Nobody wants to stop a fruitful discussion under their blog article.

40. Collaborate with courses, schools and teachers

There is nothing better than being recommended to many students by well-known respected courses, universities or teachers? Not to mention that a backlink from a “.edu” domain can be a great reference to Google. The quality of the users of the site referred to in this way is indisputable.

Moreover, you can set up a special offer for students. The last thing I would like to mention is that well-known teachers tend to speak at various events or conferences where they can promote your website.

Get backlinks through subscriptions

41. Share content

Posting content is a great source of earning backlinks and you will get some more visitors too.

The most popular platforms are:






LinkedIn and Medium are available in Arabic, while the rest are not.

You can submit an excerpt from your original article or create a unique description, it's up to you.

In the case of duplicate content, be sure to check if the platform has implemented a “rel=canonical tag”, which links to your original content.

42. Beta Lists and Startup Requests (Products or services still in testing)

Usually the links from these sites don't follow but their overall effect helps a lot.

There are highly focused people willing to test or support new products. Check out Betalist , ProductHunt , or Erlibird .

43. Business listings and catalogs

They worked in the past. It is really time consuming and the benefits are usually minimal. Still, it's okay to be there, at least in the most relevant of them.

44. Submit designs

Infographics, e-books or flyers can be submitted on Slideshare , Issuu , Pinterest , Scribd , and other alternatives.

Take some time as you may need different numeric formats, descriptions, and links.

In fact, creative formats like infographics can be incredibly powerful for building links and earning a strong buck.

As long as you build an infographic that includes important information about your industry, you can generate more and more links and website traffic.

45. Send videos

Compared to the time it takes to produce a video, submitting and subscribing is virtually nothing. And it's not just about YouTube. There are many sites where you can attract views like Vimeo.

Here are some best practices when uploading a video:

Create a custom thumbnail

The title should be both attractive and refined

Add at least a short description, not just the link

Consider adding an end screen and annotations

46. ​​Develop and Share

Have you developed something that works and looks like magic?

Share it on highly focused forums like GitHub , Bitbucket , or CodePen .

You don't create a link directly but it helps build your personal brand and that means audience, clicks and links.

47. Link Building in Wikipedia

Link building on Wikipedia is not complicated but you have to think tactically.

The biggest con is that linking from Wikipedia will automatically generate new links because your site will be used as a reference.

48. Barnacle SEO Strategy

Barnacle SEO is a strategy that enhances the authority of top-ranking websites for highly competitive keywords to promote your brand, content or products. It includes activities such as:

Just Yost

Improved local menu profile

Marketing Review

Participation in rounding functions

Brand Male

Many of the techniques mentioned in this category and some of them are part of SEO . However, the main point of the SEO banner is that you are optimizing someone else's website and taking advantage of their power at the same time.

This means that you don't just focus on getting backlinks.

You should help the website get a high ranking by optimizing it with high quality content.

Get backlinks by email

49. Email communication

Communication via email is a time consuming task. You need to do this as part of many of the link building techniques mentioned in this article.

It's all about finding the right leads, listing the potential link placement, searching email addresses, and sending personalized emails.

Get ready to send out reminders and don't forget to keep track of results.

You will find many guides about this on the Internet.

50. Resource pages

There are thousands of pages that list and link to guides or tools.

Use Google search operators like exact match, allintitle, intitle, inurl with your keyword and you will find many pages that you want to have a backlink. Example: inurl: “seo resources”

Once you've created a list of pages, set up custom messages and connect with authors.


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