What is seo manager?

Perhaps the best thing about the internet is having instant access to any information you need but you always need to make sure that the information you come up with is correct and accurate and that is where the importance of SEO and SEO tools comes in.

Most of the time, you should always be in contact with an expert and manager in the field of SEO, and this will help you a lot in improving search engines for sure

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which in Arabic means search engine optimization. SEO includes many theories, methods, techniques and practices that aim to improve the quality of traffic to a particular website through regular or unpaid search results.

Mistakes you make when converting to your site

Jill Wallen: “It is only with time that a good search engine results appear. There are a lot of tricks related to search engines that are constantly changing and changing the algorithms of rankings and rankings.”

In other words, Jane means here that search engines are like an asset you own, such as a house, so the more you modify the design of the house, the more its value increases.

?What is the job description for an SEO specialist

The SEO specialist or who is also known as a search engine optimization specialist or in English, the Search Engine Optimization Specialist analyzes, reviews, implements and implements all kinds of changes that occur on the website and is the most important person who contributes to increasing the traffic of people and users through the site based on the principles of search engine optimization.

Quite simply, the job of an SEO specialist is to make a website appear in the top search engine results and this is because an SEO specialist is a person who specializes in improving the quality of content and searching for keywords that increase traffic and traffic on the site. The search engine specialist always strives to analyze websites in order to improve them as much as possible, as well as to develop and modify them.

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SEO Specialist Duties and Responsibilities

The role of the SEO specialist is to focus on understanding the behaviors of people and users more than the search engines themselves by performing the following tasks:

Achieving the main objective behind the SEO profession which is to facilitate the way for Google to find your website through the use of HTML link

Search for keywords using dedicated tools

Understand what users are looking for and understand what answers users are looking for

Recognize the words and keywords that users type during the search

Understand the nature and type of content that people and users consume

Understand all the issues involved in what users are searching for on the Internet and connect them with the right solutions offered by the website

Send newsletters that benefit the user weekly

Achieving understanding of multimedia content for search engines through the Alt Text tool or metadata when text is attached to images and videos

Use the two famous techniques in the world of SEO, which are the white hat technique and the black hat technique

Presenting clear and understandable content that attracts the reader

Bring and attract more visitors to your website

Make good use of SEO i.e. the only online marketing tool with the aim of generating continuous profits for your website

Use the keywords correctly and appropriately, not to exaggerate

Continuing to provide users with the content they are looking for

Understand and realize the main objective behind your website you intend to SEO

Write clear headlines and subheadings that express the content of the content

Creating and writing appropriate content that uses keywords so that it is displayed on appropriate pages
and search engines

Provide advice and guidance to the content writing team about how to write in general and what are the
 most important keywords to use

Continuously improving the website and constantly updating the information it provides to users for the
 necessity of communicating the information to the search engine in the best way so that the search 

engine can later find it and then index and display it in the search results

Create a website with unique content that attracts users' attention

Measuring KPIs to measure the success rate of engine optimization plans

Measuring KPIs to capture the number of applications, registrations, percentage of sales on the site, 

download numbers, and more related matters that vary according to the nature of the content published on the website

Use of links in a proper and legal way
Writing SEO-friendly content for blogs, websites, and social media sites

Avoid copying texts from other sites

Realize the importance of internal links

Create and manage marketing campaigns, multimedia publishing and interactive publications

Work to improve website ranking and ranking in search results pages

Preparing and writing periodic detailed strategic reports

Understand, analyze and perceive the keywords your competitors are using

Skills and Qualifications of a Successful SEO Specialist

Academic certificate:

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a marketing or computer science discipline related to SEO, such as:

Marketing - Marketing



Computer Science

Knowing that these specializations are for those who work as an SEO specialist who does not write content and only performs all things related to search engines except writing content.

A content writer can also become an SEO specialist by studying disciplines that lead to work in the content writing field such as:


English Language - English Language

Journalism and Media - Media and Journalism

Foreign Languages

Arabic Language and Literature - Arabic Language and Literature

In the event that the content writer has to wear more than one hat and perform the role of SEO specialist in addition to his original role; He should take courses, read and learn a lot about the science of Search Engine Optimization

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Experience and qualifications:

The SEO specialist begins his professional career by affiliating with a practical training period that will be able to identify the methods and tools of search engine optimization, link building and Google data analysis, in addition to searching for keywords and gaining the experience necessary to use all the tools, applications and software used in this field of SEO as well as methods of analyzing Data, information flow, and user behaviors

Personal and functional skills:

Those who specialize in search engine optimization must possess new skills and work hard to develop them in the field due to working in an advanced technology field. Perhaps the most important personal and functional skills of an SEO specialist are:

Always wanting to learn more about SEO

Good technology skills

Understand the principles and basics of SEO

Understand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Make a choice about the use of search engines because wrong use will lead to damage to the website

In-depth knowledge about keyword research or Keyword Research

Good skills in using keyword research tools like Google's Keywords Planner Tool

Content writing skills

Strong skills in using Google Analytics tools known as Google Analytics

Visitors to the site

Understand all about the following: "Internal Links" and "External Links"

Good experience in programming languages ​​specifically HTML and CSS 

The ability to influence social media users

Creating engaging and engaging content

Blogging skills

Good competencies in advertising as well as good skills in working on social media and multimedia

Technical skills

Marketing skills specifically in digital marketing and email marketing

Creative and strategic thinking skills

Analytical and logic skills

Critical thinking skills

making and making decisions

Good problem solving skills

Good job prioritization skills

Leading Google search results is not enough you need to raise your CTR

Good skills in using Excel

research skills

Flexibility and independence at work

Office work skills

Organizing skills

time management skills

The four most important search engines:

SEO Specialist - SEO

Google - Google



Yandex - Yandex

SEO Specialist career progression

The director of the marketing team or the content team leads a team made up of less experienced and competent members, and oversees all their work, as well as the SEO specialist and the rest of the work team. The more qualified and competent team members demonstrate, the greater the chance of receiving job promotions. Thus, the SEO specialist is under the supervision of the team manager and coordinator.

SEO Specialist - SEO

SEO specialist salary and job market need for it

Salary by region:

Middle East: medium to high

Gulf Countries: Medium to High

Europe: high

Labor market need by region:

Middle East: elevated - futuristic

Gulf countries: high - future

Europe: high - futuristic

Article conclusion

SEO is a double-edged sword, the first limitation is knowing what information users are searching for online while the second limit consists of providing this information to users in a way that enables search engines to find, analyze, understand and then send and communicate it to the user.

In any case, not all information available online is documented, accurate and one hundred percent correct, there is a lot of information being pulled and pushed in the wrong direction where the website is aiming to rank high in search engine results without providing any benefit to the audience and users.

“Successful SEO is not about deceiving Google, it is about ranking information in Google search engines so that Internet users get better results on search pages,” says Philip Frost.

It is very important for an SEO specialist to understand Google’s mission, which lies in organizing, categorizing and arranging content and information and presenting it to users and researchers.



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