What Is SEO And How Can You Increase The Number Of Visitors To Your Website?

? Do you know what SEO is

what is seo ?

In this article, we will talk about a very important topic that concerns many with the owners of websites and hosting, and because of its great role in attracting visitors and making profits.

 SEO in a nutshell, and as it is known in most websites that talk about SEO, the word “ SEO ” is originally an English word of three letters , and this word is an abbreviation of three English words, namely “ Search engine optimization ” and its translation into Arabic means search engine optimization.

Therefore, the word SEO always means search engine optimization, and if you ask me what SEO is and want a quick and short answer, I will tell you in short that SEO is the best way to advertise your site through search engines.

?what is seo

If you ask someone about what is SEO, he may answer you quickly that it is to improve your site to appear in Google search pages with how to write and format an article, but we in SEO for everyone want to talk and explain what SEO is in a deeper and smarter way,

?And we will ask again what is SEO

SEO is the process of optimizing and preparing your site for search engines, so that search engines learn about your content and find your website address on the Internet.

The SEO helps you to grow your business online, and also increases the number of visitors to your site significantly. If the practices are correct, the SEO is the practices and strategies that must be followed correctly to get the desired results, which is the appearance of your site within the first ten results on the search page.

The benefits of SEO for companies and online brands

If you have a company headquarters and not many people know about it, the first thing you will do is advertise for this company, so that the largest number of people know about it, as well as SEO, if you pay attention to SEO and improve your site for search engines, you will get more visitors who Learn more about your site, we can say that the benefits of SEO for 

?Why should you improve the SEO of your site

Because if you own a site that represents a brand and not many people know about it, it certainly will not have any value no matter how you provide high-quality products through it, unlike other sites that provide products or articles of lower quality but famous, this is the same thing.

You must improve the SEO of your site so that people know you and the number of visitors to your site increases, without paying attention to SEO, you will not have a presence on the Internet.

When you can configure your site well for the search engine, you will be found by many visitors quite easily, and let's take an example of search:

Google search

In the previous image, we searched for the word “how to clean teeth” and here is this site in the first result of which Google made an excerpt from its content, why? Because this site is using SEO effectively.

If you want to know what keywords this or other website uses and the backlink it uses, I recommend you to see the explanation of KWFinder .

If the result is like this in Google, the visitor will not hesitate to visit this link because the result is distinctive, which makes the visitor trust the site, and then visit it directly, even if the visitor is hesitant, after reading the excerpt, which must be written in sound language , the visitor will like to continue reading and thus will be forced to visit the link.

This appearance on search results is through SEO optimization, so when you ask me again what is SEO? I will tell you that SEO is everything for your company or website.

?How do search engines work

Before we talk about how search engines work, you must understand that a search engine is a program that has three tasks that it performs, some of these tasks need you to help the search engine to do this task to the fullest, which is to find you, and provide good content.

The three functions of a search engine are crawling, indexing and ranking, what does this mean? Let's go one by one.

Search engines crawling

This task is performed by bots, search spiders, bots , or those small software that Google and other search engines use to identify your content. These engines have names, for example, the Google search engine called Googlebot , Bing search engine called Bingbot , and other search engines.

Crawl starts from the URL. When a search bot finds a new URL, it immediately analyzes its content and reads it as you read it and recognizes paragraphs, headlines, subheadings, images, video, etc. types of content.

If the page that the search robot crawls contains links, it will also crawl and analyze those links, so it is always recommended to link the content together by placing other links from your site on the new pages that you write, whether it is a content page or an article.

After the crawl bot completes its task, it sends the crawled pages to the indexing, archiving, or indexing stage .

search engine index

The crawled pages are sent to the index of Google or the indexes of other search engines, but we will focus on the Google index, since it is the largest search engine in the Internet.

This index is a huge database, let's compare this index like a notepad in which you write down everything that happens to you during the day from moments, but here Google adds any web page it crawls to this index, and you can imagine the size of the data, You can imagine the number of links in all the sites on the Internet.

After the pages are indexed, the last stage of the search engines process remains, which is ranking, that is, ranking and ranking the pages.

Ranking of pages in the search engine

After the indexing is completed, Google will arrange the pages according to several conditions that we will mention in the Internal SEO and External SEO section shortly.

Google arranges the pages that have been indexed in order to prepare for their appearance in the search results, and the page appears when the user searches for something related to your site, which is called the keyword , which we will address in a next paragraph in this article as well, we do not want to give you an explanation Quickly, what is SEO?

What if you want Google or another search engine not to crawl some of your pages? This is also available within the SEO features, you can prevent Google from crawling a specific page or section of your site, or even not allow full crawling of your site.

?How does Google help find your site

Naturally, Google will not find you by chance. Google finds you by submitting your sitemap to Google. A sitemap is a file, usually an XML file that contains all of your site's articles and content.

By doing this, you make it easier for Google to crawl all your pages quickly, and then archive them. The sitemap is not a page with static content. When you create new content, its page is added to the sitemap, and when you change the article title, it is also changed on the sitemap page and thus you recognize Google says that this address has been changed and this page has been added.

By doing this, you tell Google about your constantly updated content, which helps index your content faster. 

?What is internal and external SEO

SEO is divided into two parts, the internal SEO section, which is called on-page SEO terminology, and the external or off-page SEO section.

?What is internal seo

In order to know what internal SEO is, we must focus on some of the pillars that internal SEO works on, which are:

The content includes: the quality of the content, the ease of searching in the content, the selected words and spelling, the links or links within the content, the exclusivity of the content.

HTML includes: title, description, meta tags that determine the quality of the site and link it with social networking sites..etc of meta tags.

The system includes: crawling and indexing of your pages, page loading speed, and URL structure.

Let us provide some important tips that you should follow to work on internal SEO for your website.

In order to answer more about what is internal SEO, we will put some important tips to improve internal SEO on your pages.

?How do you choose the title of the content page

What attracts people and search engines the most is the title, many can leave reading a good article because the title is not good and does not attract attention.

It should appear in full on the search page, that's why we always set the maximum number of characters for the title at 60, see the following image to see the difference:

Title number of characters

The first title ends with 3 dots because it is a long title. The user often likes to read the entire title.

The second title is complete and fully visible, so the user will be drawn to it automatically.

Now we know that the title should be a maximum of 60 characters, bearing in mind, if your site title appears next to the article title in search pages, you must make your title shorter so that it contains the article title and the site name, or you can hide the site name from the side of the article This is one of the great SEO tricks.

Also , the title must include the keyword , it is true that we have not yet talked about the keyword, but you will understand what it is when you reach its paragraph.

Let's say the keyword is "summer clothes"

You should write it in the title, for example:

New and trendy summer clothes for 2021

This is a short title and includes the keyword. Also, make your titles always question and interrogative, for example:

?How to choose the right summer clothes for you

The title started with a question and ended with an interrogation. Visitors love these titles. There are also more ways to write attractive titles. You must choose the title that attracts you personally before it attracts the visitor.

Write the description of the page correctly

As with the title, but in the descriptive paragraph, or page description we write 160 characters, the number of characters in the paragraph should not exceed this,

You should also include the keyword in the article description or page description, and let's also look at two examples of page descriptions:

Description character count

The first description although short, but it is a correct description, because it does not end with three dots,

As for the second description, although it is longer, but it is written incorrectly because it exceeds 160 characters and ends with three points. Also, the description must be accurate and brief for the article or the content well, as this definitely increases the SEO improvement on your site.

URL Structure Optimization

The static page address or URL like:

This is the so-called static title, and we do not point the full title, but we mean off-page-seothis title should not exceed four words as a maximum, it must express the content of the page well, for example this article you are reading now, its title in Arabic, what is SEO, you will find that we changed it in the URL to English and wrote what-is-seo,

If you ask why we write it better in English, I will tell you because Google reads English links faster and appears on most sites when copied with the same name. The Arabic links appear in the form of symbols.

Work on ease of navigation within the site

You must make your site well arranged, in a way that the visitor can navigate to all sections and pages of all pages in the site, for example, take care of the main menu of the site, and also take care of placing a cloud of classifications from which the visitor chooses to access a section of the site.

?How to make better use of title tags

Have you read a magazine before? Of course yes, and you've seen how titles are arranged from largest to smallest, and this also applies to web pages.

Your titles should be well optimized, let's take an example of titles but in HTML form.

We started with the main and then the subtitle, which means that it is wrong to use the subtitle first and then the main.

Use images to improve the quality of your pages

When using images on your pages, make the keyword in one image only, do not repeat it in all images, also you must make your images of good quality and small size, so SEO experts always recommend using the WebP formula from Google because it gives great quality and small size at the same Unfortunately, this format is not supported in some browsers yet, although it is highly recommended by Google.

Do not upload the image without giving it a name. If it is a picture, for example, of the pyramids of Egypt, name the images, Pyramids of Egypt, and after uploading to a site, put an alternative title for it that will appear in the event that the image did not appear for any reason.

These practices help the images of your content appear in the Google image search engine or other engines. 

Make your site mobile friendly

We are in the age of the smartphone, and most users are now browsing websites through their phones, so Google always stresses that your site is compatible with mobiles. Whether or not through Google Mobile Compatibility Test Tool.

Improve website speed

You should pay attention to the speed of your site, there are many reasons why your site takes a long time to load, and Google has created a tool to detect the reasons for the site’s delay in loading the page, you can detect your site from here .

What is external SEO? - whats off page seo

After we have fully answered what is internal SEO, we now move on to our second question, what is external SEO?

External SEO is all the practices that benefit your site, but away from your site, you can say that this part of the SEO is being worked on completely away from your site, and we can limit these practices as follows:

Backlinks mean your links on other sites: the quality of these sites in which you place the link to your site, the words and texts in which you place the link, for example ( SEO for everyone ) is a word but has a link.

Trust in your site : It is represented in a percentage called the authority or in Arabic the influence and authority of your site and the trust of other sites in it, and Google’s trust in it as well, showing the date of your site’s creation, an SSL certificate to make browsing on your site safe.

Website personal information : the country in which the website is located, your location in this country, and the social networking profile of your website or company on social networking sites.

Social networking sites : how many likes of your content that you share from your site on social media, how many shares, how many links you put on social networking sites.

All of these practices are away from your site, but they are as important as internal SEO and more, because visitors come to you in large numbers when you improve the external SEO of your site well, we can say that external SEO is the reputation of the site among the people of the Internet.

One of the best practices is to link to other sites, which is why we'll talk about linking. 

?What is a link or backlink

Let us say about it as a backlink, a backlink is when you place a link to another site on your site, or another site places a link to your site on it, and thus the backlink is divided into two parts, the internal and external backlink.

internal backlink

When you create content and link to your old page, this is called an internal backlink, for example the following link from our site:

12 secrets to write an article compatible with SEO to top the search engines , this is called an internal link, and when you put a link to another site on your site, this is called an external link, but to another site within your site.

External backlink

As for this, it is the most important part of the backlink, and you should focus on it, and choose the sites in which you place your link accurately, the external backlink is for another site to put a link to a page of your site.

It must be a reputable site because if the site has a bad reputation, it will affect your site. If you notice that your site is on one of the bad sites, you can disavow it and request removal through Google through this tool from here , and you can read more about this tool on the pages Google support here .

Promotions for your business

Did you search for something and saw that the first result written next to it was an advertisement? Exactly as the following picture:

Search for a hosting

You can also promote your site or your brand in this way with Google ads , and you can also promote your site through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

These promotions pay off, especially when you do ads with Google, you're bringing hundreds of visitors to your site to see what you're doing and what you're offering them.

But be sure to do this with real specialists or after you learn enough, in many cases the sponsored ads harm the SEO directly, if you want to know how to do that in detail, just contact us to know this secret.

key words

Keywords are the word that users type on the search engine frequently, for example the word National Bank of Egypt. If you take this word in your article as a keyword, you must first know how users write it? How many appear in search engines:

Keyword National Bank of Egypt

This image is using the keyword planner from Google and we will explain it shortly, now I typed my Egyptian bank, and the monthly results of appearances ranged from 10 thousand - 100 thousand, but the tool suggested another word for me, the same but with the letter "Y" without a colon. And the appearance is higher in the search engines, it appears from 100 thousand - 1 million, so I will use this word in the content of my site 

Types of keywords

Keywords are divided into three categories:

The short word consists of one word, for example “SEO” and the competition for it is very difficult.

The medium word consists of two to three words, for example “search engine optimization” and the competition for it is medium.

The long word consists of a complete sentence, for example “how to improve your site in search engines” and these words are not difficult at all because they contain many words, but the number of visitors that come from them is very weak, unlike the short and medium word, the visits through them are more.

The term competition means that website owners and brands compete for this word to appear in the search engine.

How to use Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is what enables you to create an ad on Google to promote your site or brand, and also use it to write your articles or content. You can enter the keyword planner , the following image is the beginning:

Keyword Planner

Here you can type 9 words. When typing the first word, press Enter on the keyboard.

Here you can extract keywords from a site by placing its link here, you can put a link to your competitor's site.

Finally, click on Get results.

In the following image I searched for the word computer software:

Search the word planner

This screen has got.

Where I searched, if I click on it again I can add more or edit words.

Suggestions from Google related to your search query.

The keyword you can use.

Average searches for this word each month, and of course we choose the words with the greatest requests.

The power of competition for this word.

Ad impression share, the data appears when your ad account is active.

The ad impression price you make to promote your product or site in weak spots.

The price of ad impressions on powerful sites.

Account status, here the status of your account appears if the account is active and uses ads.

This is a very powerful tool that advertisers, writers, and publishers use to identify the right word.

Learn about Duflo and Noflo links

When we place a link on our site, we must know whether this link is reputable or not. If it is a link that you know nothing about, but you must cite it in your content, then when you will use the noflo attribute, which means that you are not associated with this site and that it is of no value to you, The link will be as follows:

We just removed the theme rel=nofollowand that's how the link became Duflo 

best seo tools

In the article, we will not cover the main question, which was what was SEO, but we will share with you the best SEO tools ever. There are many SEO tools, but we will put the best ones out for you.

You don't have to be an SEO professional and you will never ask what is SEO again, with this giant website you can search to get a higher ranking and get more traffic, with Ahrefs you will find a powerful SEO toolkit that is easy to learn.

The site allows you to see the competing sites and see the keywords they are working on, it also gives you an accurate detail about the level of SEO health on your site and more 

MOZ site

MOZ is a good SEO solution, to help you rank higher, increase traffic to your website, and run high impact SEO campaigns, whether you have a single site or hundreds of sites, Moz distributes your business information across the web to get Maximum visibility in the search engine.

KWFinder website

KWFinder covers both traditional keyword research and competition keywords to help you find long keywords with low SEO difficulty, putting you on top quickly on search pages, just search for keywords with low SEO difficulty Search and large search volume, this site has more accurate information on search volume for words.

Mistakes to be avoided

There are many mistakes that many people make, including:

Focus on the keyword and leave out or forget about the quality of the content itself.

Copying content from other sites with minor modifications based on it's rework.

Write one description for a group of pages that all contain the same description.

Not paying attention to the quality of images within content pages and not including alt tags for images.

Repeating the keyword in all images within the content and this is a serious mistake.

Randomly repeating the keyword in the content causing your site to be considered spam.

With this, we have provided you with a good reference on the question of what is SEO. Was this article useful to you? You can tell us about it in a comment below, in the comments section, and also you can tell us about the information you benefited from and share your success with us

What is off-page SEO? You will not need another guide!!

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