?What are the natural bounce rate ratios for the site

This article is considered one of the most important articles that benefit the owner of the professional site, where the extent of the rebound and the extent of the rise and fall of stocks must be increased, and through this matter, analysis and conclusion, you will discover errors and treat them and also make all the comprehensive and useful improvements to your site

What is HEO? Here are 10 steps

 You may have noticed this term when entering Google Statistics or visiting any Alexa site. It is simplythe rate of the visitor's bounce off your site after he visits the site, meaning the ratio between the speed of the visitor entering your site and leaving it quickly.

If we assume, for example, that someone wrote in Google the phrase “Profit from the Internet” and entered your site’s page and then quickly clicked the Back button, in this case the bounce rate will be 100% and the reason is that the site followed you, the visitor may be looking for certain information and did not find it on your site For example, your site has many advertisements and pop-up windows that you are annoyed with, or for example, your site is not in the beautiful shape and design that it wants, or any other reason. It is very targeted because it is the one who is looking for you, but it will leave a bad impression on your site in the search engines. Your site is considered bad content and search engines always impose laws and algorithms on site owners to provide the best service to the visitor, so I always make sure to satisfy the visitor and reduce the rate of return because this percentage is calculated daily In google statistics.

?What are the natural bounce rate ratios for the site

According to the study conducted by the Rocketfuel site, in general, the bounce rate of the site less than 40% is considered very excellent, and between 40% and 70% is average and more than 70% is considered a bad rate.

What are the common reasons for the high bounce rate?

Slow page loading speed

There are spelling errors in writing articles

Complicated topics and incomprehensible words

Subject inconsistency

The website design is unattractive

The high percentage of ads and pop-ups, so that the visitor is forced to close the pages and exit them quickly to annoy him.

A decrease in the quality of the exact content or information that the visitor is looking for.

The site is not suitable for smartphone users

What are the factors that help you in decreasing the bounce rate for your site ?

We also know that search engines only aim to provide the best information and value to the visitor, so make sure that everything the visitor cares about in the first place.

The visitor's first impression is what determines whether the visitor stays on your page or not, so make sure to use an attractive title and images that grab the visitor's attention.

How to reduce the bounce rate of the site

Make your site simple for the visitor and easy to navigate in its various sections.

How do search engines know the quality of the site's content is useful to the visitor or not?

Search engines calculate the bounce rate of your site through the Google Analytics panel. If it increases by a large percentage, this is evidence that this page is not a good value for the visitor, especially if the visitor entered and exited immediately.

In conclusion, review the statistics of Google every period of your site. If you find that the percentage is excessive than the normal level, you must improve the pages for better content for the visitor.


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