Vegetarians control supermarkets and prevent citizens from buying dairy

A group of vegan activists targeted supermarkets in four British cities and blocked customers' access to

 cow's milk in the dairy aisles.

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Protesters from a vegan group called Animal Rebellion known for their activism in many supermarkets turned up an "anti-dairy" protest, armed with signs reading "Vegan and I'm Proud" and "Rebuild Our Earth", and tried to stop shoppers from buying milk.

They walked into Whole Foods in London and Marks & Spencer stores in Southampton, Birmingham and Manchester, Metro reports.

Animal Rebellion wrote on Facebook to promote their cause: "We have taken over dairy aisles in 4 British cities, a bottle of cow's milk is everything wrong in the Our food system. From animal exploitation to environmental degradation, it's a cruel, ineffective and unnecessary product."

They added: “It is time to stop the supply of dairy products. We cannot let this continue any longer.

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In a statement, the group expanded on its reasons behind the protests, saying that "millions of consumers will not be able to buy dairy milk" once it begins taking action in the first two weeks of September.

"We've spent months trying to gather and communicate enough information," Animal Rebellion's statement said . to the government to move to a plant-only future, but they chose to ignore us.

” “We had no choice but to engage in civil resistance to pressure government actions to preserve our future.

“We announce our intentions in advance so that the British public can prepare for the disruption of the milk supply next September.

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"We apologize for any stress this may cause during the cost of living crisis, but the government is sleepwalking all of us into poverty, misery, climate and ecological collapse. We can't just sit back and let this happen."

The group is known for promoting a plant-based lifestyle and using extreme measures to get their message across. This includes members who recently spilled entire bottles of milk on the floor at Harrods Food Hall in London as part of an "anti-dairy" protest.

"On Wednesday, Animal Rebellion upset Harrods by pouring bottles of milk on the floor," the group wrote on Twitter.

While Animal Rebellion promotes an environmentally friendly and ethical cause, many have been dragged into the ruse and criticized the group for wasting products and sending the wrong message during the cost of living crisis.

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“How do you tell people who depend on food banks and a small budget to feed their families when your ideology tells them not to buy dairy or meat?” Someone wrote.

While another said, "I don't know who needs to hear this, but wasting food is (a) mindless sabotage, and (b) not a way to win hearts and minds." 

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