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Types of Facebook ads Facebook - How Facebook ads work

 Types of Facebook ads Facebook - How Facebook ads work

Do you have a website that you want to drive traffic to and earn huge profits from it? Do you have an online store that you want to sell your products through but you don't have the right way to promote it?! Do not worry! The matter is not as complicated as you think, dear reader, through the social media application, you can reach your dream of bringing visits and clicks to your website and earning profit from it. It requires you to have some work experience and nothing else.

If you want to promote your website and sell your products, you need to promote your site through (Facebook ads), and in our article today we will provide you with a useful report on (Facebook ads and how Facebook ads work).

Facebook ads and how Facebook ads work

We can say that Facebook ads are; Advertising campaigns that are created to promote a product or a site, and these advertising campaigns are usually created according to specific strategies carried out by the online marketer, as Facebook ads are divided into several types, each type has a specific strategy that must be understood and then choose the most appropriate one for your brand commercial.

Types of Facebook ads

As we mentioned earlier, there are different types of funded ads on Facebook, where we will show you, dear reader, the most prominent types of Facebook ads:

- Sponsored ads in the form of (video)

Videos are often used to promote a product or service in digital marketing, which is why it is necessary to be professional when making funded videos to attract the viewer's attention, and thus obtain a profit from the promotion.

- Sponsored ads in the form of (images)

Funded ads in the form of images are considered one of the most popular Facebook ads, as it depends on the novice online marketer, to sell his products in easy ways, just display the product in addition to some auxiliary texts that attract the customer to your page and convince him to buy the product.⁦⁩

- Sponsored ads (group)

This advertisement is suitable for products that come in the form of a specific sentence or assortment, so that the e-marketer collects a group of images of products and videos and works on preparing one motivating video that attracts the customer and pushes him to click on the advertisement and then buy the product, this type of advertisement is used in physical business or commercial, and requires a smart strategy that does not cause any harm to the customer.

- Sponsored ads in the form of (Carrossel)

This advertisement is the destination of entrepreneurs, meaning that business owners who own huge products and want to sell them online, this funded advertisement in the form of (Carrossel) helps them sell their products to the largest possible number of customers.

The idea of ​​the advertisement is as follows; 10 services or products are added in one advertising video, and they are published so that the customer can view a group of different goods within one video.

Sponsored Advertising ( Multimedia)

All of the audio, image and text are added in one video to promote the product or service as an exclusive story in smart devices.

- An instant funded advertisement for the trial

The product catalog is added with a description of it in this type of ads, and it is directed to a very large audience with the potential to earn huge profits from it.

Paid ads to like the page

The purpose of this advertisement is to gain likes for the Facebook page, and this type of advertisement is often used by entrepreneurs to expand their brand.

That's not all! There are many types of Facebook ads that you can rely on to promote your brand.

What you have to do is; Understand the right strategy for Facebook ads work.

?How do I make a sponsored advertisement on Facebook

Searches in Google engines intensified on the topic (how to make a funded advertisement on Facebook), as advertising campaigns on Facebook help expand the brand and increase profits, and from here we will offer you, dear reader, the best ways to make Facebook ads;

Before making funded ads on Facebook, you must first define the advertising goal, as a number of suggestions will be presented to you, and you, in turn, choose the appropriate goal for you.

When you make Facebook ads, you must publish them to a specific audience, this audience you will select, you will have to choose the appropriate audience for your advertising campaign based on (age group, geographic location, behaviors, and others).

Select the location where you want the ad to appear

Hassan; It is not that difficult. When creating advertising campaigns, you must specify where they will appear. You will choose either the Facebook platform, Instagram, Messenger, or even all of the above, it is up to you.

Select the budget

You hardly know that Facebook ads require a specific budget to promote your product or service to be sold, so you must enter your monthly or daily budget, and the period of time you want to run your funded ad.

Select Format

Hardly when making Facebook ads, you have to select an appropriate format for it, and you have the choice in the type of format you want, as six types of formats are provided, choose the appropriate format for mobile devices and Internet speed, so that you earn excellent profits through your funded ad.


After completing your funded ad, send it to the ad auction, and from there it will be shown to the appropriate audience for your ad.

Define and manage sponsored advertising performance

After you run your ad campaign, monitor the ad performance and then make any changes to it from the Facebook Ads Manager.

In these previous ways, you have completed the creation of a funded advertisement on Facebook.

 Facebook Ads Support

Many e-marketers face a lot of problems while posting their Facebook ads, which makes them turn to the Facebook Help Center, this center provides Facebook Ads support. If you are an advertiser and you encounter a problem such as rejecting your ad, for example, or a problem with ad delivery, you must contact the Facebook Help Center team, through which the necessary instructions are provided to the advertiser to solve the problems of Facebook ads.

This was the most prominent information about Facebook ads, which, as we mentioned previously, benefit many entrepreneurs to spread their brand to the largest possible extent.

This is how we reached the end of our article, which was about (Facebook ads and how Facebook ads work), we hope, dear reader, that you liked it.

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