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Twitter introduces an unexpected new feature

 Twitter introduces an unexpected new feature

 Twitter introduces an unexpected new feature

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking applications around the world, and it is a strong competitor to Facebook. 
It always surprises users with new features, which makes it the primary application for many users. 
This is because of the ease of using the site or its application and creating an account in an easy and without problems. 
And get a lot of users through the tweets that are published. 
And he gained greater fame after the intervention of the world's richest businessman, Elon Musk, and the purchase of the site for about 42 billion dollars. After he reached some shares in it, he became the main owner of the site completely.
But what is the most important new feature that the application offers. 

The new feature provided by the application is for tweets, along with many of the features offered by the application. 

Details of the new feature in Twitter

According to what the official Twitter page said on the site, the new feature is still under testing in some accounts and is not fully available on all accounts. 

The new feature is specific to tweets, where Twitter is testing the ability to attach media in multiple

 formats to a single tweet. 

Using this in-app feature, users can attach photos, videos, and GIFs to a single tweet. 

You can also mix more than one photos together, or mix those photos with a video or GIF file. 

After the application, you can only attach four photos. 

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