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Top 10 most abnormal phones in the world for 2022

 Here are the 10 best mobi

le phones in the world with awesome features


At this time,  technology and smartphones have become an  essential thing in our lives, and for this reason, all companies compete daily to create the  best mobile  phones, the latest technologies, and the best features in phones. In this article, we will present to you the top 10 distinctive phones

10 abnormal phones 

 CAT s60 

According to the inventor of the device, it is the first  smartphone  in the world with a thermal vision camera. The function of this feature is that the device can determine the heat leakage in rooms and areas of high temperature in the electrical wires and the temperature of different elements and even that you can see in the dark through the average range of thermal vision of the camera up to 30 meters, you can take pictures and videos, and this is not all. The phone has a high resistance to external shocks thanks to its strong structure and screen-preserving glass that can withstand drops from a height of two meters. The makers of this device also claim that it is waterproof so that you can leave it in water at 5 meters for a full hour and it does not happen to him No damage and classify this phone as one of the best phones and the price of this phone is 600 dollars.

 Lumigon T3

This device features a 4 mega pixel camera equipped with two infrared LED lights that allow you to take pictures in the dark. In addition, this device is equipped with a special key through which you can activate specific features or applications. According to the designers of this device, you can use it as a universal remote control for devices The device is also made of stainless steel and fiberglass, and it is also water-resistant, and it is considered one of the best phones, and its price is 920 dollars.

 Sony Xperia XZ1

Although this device is small, it is amazingly powerful. The main feature of these  phones  is a 9.10 megapixel camera and built-in memory with a huge storage space that allows you to shoot slow-motion video at a rate of 990 frames per second in addition to the first output maintains the clarity of the sound even in the most noisy places This device comes with a 3D application that uses the camera to scan faces and targets, and this allows you to create a stereo image and share it on social media or print it on a 3D printer. It is a unique phone and one of the best phones, and the price of this phone is 650 dollars.

 Flip phone

This smart phone  has 3  screens  that can work separately with different applications so that the user can run one program on 3 screens or 3 different programs on each screen and according to the inventor this device can be like a book to display different things at one time and when this book is open you can use One of the screens is like a keyboard for the other screen, and these three screens are very useful for viewing files, editing text and images, and according to the inventor of the device, the advantages of the device are unlimited, in addition to the presence of special glass to protect the screens and a case made of aluminum and it was classified as one of the best phones and the price of this phone is 299 dollars.

Project Ara

This device from  Google is a modern smartphone  equipped with a metal chassis, a screen, a keyboard and an extra battery so that the user can put a unit he prefers. The inventors, although they provided standard units such as a camera or a speaker, they also added an unusual unit such as a night vision camera and several medical devices attached to the phone and it was classified as the best phone in the world for the year 2017.

SCio Inside

This device is equipped with a partial sensor that can examine things and determine their characteristics such as the main material, and this device is capable of the amount of fat and determine the counterfeit, for example, it can examine meat, for example, it can examine meat or the extent of sugars in your favorite humor, and  with a phone -specific application that  can determine the quality of materials and know the counterfeit from the original Like precious metals and medicines, the device is equipped with an 8-core processor, a 6-inch screen with full accuracy, a powerful battery, and a 6./10 megapixel camera. This  futuristic device is   classified as one of the best mobile phones . The price of this phone is 400 dollars.

Jelly phone

This phone is specially made for people who appreciate  compact phones and  according to the phone’s inventors, it is the  smallest fourth generation smartphone  with a screen of only 2.45 inches and since it is impossible to watch movies or games on the phone, so it does not provide their technology and is equipped with a 1.1 GHz Core processor and random memory from One gigabyte, a built-in memory of 8 gigabytes, capable of increasing, a main camera of 8 mega-pixel, a front camera of 2 giga-pixel, two ports for calling card, GPS, wifi and Bluetooth. dollar .

ZTE Hawkeye

This  phone is  equipped with a 5.2-inch screen  with high quality, a back camera with technical  feature, a fingerprint scanner, and a powerful and fast battery, but the main feature of this phone is the tracking technology through the camera with a special sensor that enables the user to use the  phone  without touching, for example, turning pages and searching for photos by Eye movement and the  phone  can call me any surface with the help of a special case and won the award for the best phone in the world for the year 2017 and the price of this phone is $ 200.

-Zen Fone AR

According to the phone's inventor, this is  the world's first phone with TANgo and Daydream technology  at the same time and the first equipped with a sensor and computer vision software from Google that allows you to interact with augmented reality programs including games, applications and indoor navigation. On the other hand, Daydream technology is a virtual reality platform for phones. The phone is the first phone with random memory of 8 GB and this phone was rated as one of the best mobile phones and   the price of this device is 980 dollars.

 Alcatel A5 LED

This  phone differs  from its counterparts thanks to the LED cover, which can be blinded by all the colors of the spectrum in any way the user wants on the back of the phone and the illuminated back part is not only for decoration, but it communicates incoming messages and mail through lighting in a different way, and special colors can be captured on the camera or simply light up with music A full light show can be made to use the phone , and the price of this phone is between $150 to $200.
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