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These days, when the stock market is on the rise, we are witnessing the stagnation of investors from this market to the cryptocurrency trading market . The cryptocurrency market has the potential to grow and raise capital. It is expected that, within 5 to 10 years, the value of some digital currencies will rise dramatically and digital currencies will take over the world; But the main issue is, out of more than 8,400 coins, which are the best cryptocurrencies to invest ?! Below we will introduce you to the best digital currency to invest in 2022 and 2032 for cryptocurrency trading.

What is the most expensive digital currency in the world

Best cryptocurrency to invest 2022

You can earn profit by buying and selling digital currencies on digital currency platforms and exchanges; But what should we buy to get a big profit? Below, we will present the 10 best cryptocurrencies to buy this year.

Cardano digital currency

The Cardano coin project began in 2015 under the direction of Charles Hoskinson. Instead of using the old blockchain technology, Cardano has created a new blockchain network. Cardno is the name of the blockchain that allows people to receive and pay money.

ADA is also the name of this project's digital currency or coin token. ADA is a non-mining currency, which means that all ADA is mined and offered by its producer. Cardno is used for transactions and currency exchange as well as for smart and direct contracts. In fact, Cardeno is a third-generation digital currency and smart contract platform that improves on the shortcomings of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The developers of the Cardeno project define their goal as combining the best features of  Litecoin  , Bitcoin and Ethereum into a single digital currency. Transactions on Cardano are faster and cheaper than  Litecoin . It is more secure than Bitcoin and performs smart contracts better than Ethereum . So, the main advantages of Cardano are:

Advantages of Cardano

The Cardano network is more secure than Bitcoin.

You make transactions faster than Litecoin.

Its transaction cost is lower than Litecoin.

Smart contracts are implemented better than Ethereum.

It has a strong ecosystem.

It has the legal support of governments, governments and regulatory authorities (especially in Japan).

There will be a limited supply and there will only be 45 billion ADA coins.

Cardano Disadvantages

Ripple, Stellar and Neo operations and more than 1,000 transactions confirmed per second. This value is higher than the processing speed of Cardano.

Some of the objectives of the Cardano project have not yet been implemented; Because its blockchain network is evolving.

At the moment, it performs only 257 transactions per second.

Her official portfolio has flaws.

Best cryptocurrency for long term investmen

Cardano coin future 

Now that Cardano is one of the top cryptocurrencies, most analysts in the cryptocurrency market are optimistic about its future. According to them, under the influence of some factors, this cryptocurrency will grow exponentially. Efforts to improve the project, attract leading scholars and entrepreneurs, attract new approaches to project development, etc., are among the effective factors in the growth of Cardano's value.

Cardano analysis

It seems that its growth has stopped and moved towards the green support range, it is recommended for buyers to make a long trade on the prices from $1.5 to $1.2 and $1.

Litecoin cryptocurrency

Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, created Litecoin in 2011 by making a series of changes to the Bitcoin protocol. Among the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is compared to gold and Litecoin is compared to silver. Litecoin is cheaper and more convenient for everyday payments and transactions, and this feature has made it among the best cryptocurrencies. The number of litecoins that can be mined, like bitcoin, is limited. There are only 84 million Litecoin units to mine. Transactions of this digital currency, like Litecoin, are peer-to-peer.

Litecoin features

Receive and make payments in just a few minutes.

A wallet dedicated to storing litecoin coins

Instant and low cost transaction confirmation.

Disadvantages of Litecoin

Not accepting Litecoin among the public compared to other digital currencies.

Its value declines with the advent of more sophisticated digital currencies.

The future of Litecoin

Until today, the price of Litecoin was somewhat dependent on the price of Bitcoin. In 2013, 2017, and 2020, we saw a jump in the price of this coin. Most analysts consider Litecoin promising and believe in its growth in value. According to cryptocurrency market analysts, until 2025, this cryptocurrency will continue its slow growth.

Bitcoin digital currency

Most of us know the digital currency as Bitcoin. Some people do not know of any other cryptocurrency except for Bitcoin , which is now the most popular currency in the world, a cryptocurrency with a peer-to-peer network. You must have read about it everywhere and know that the identity of its creator has not been revealed. The main goal of the Bitcoin creator is to eliminate all financial intermediaries, including banks.

Bitcoin Advantages

Reduce corruption.

Instant transactions, no need for banks.

No freezing of funds and decentralization.

Ease of exchange with other digital currencies.

Large stores accept them to receive goods and services.

Anonymity of persons to conduct transactions.

high fluidity

The current Shiba Inu coin price

Disadvantages of Bitcoin

Economic corruption and money laundering.

slow transactions.

No return transactions.

Extreme price fluctuations.


The future of digital currency bitcoin

The best digital currency from 2020 to early 2022 was undoubtedly Bitcoin. This year, Bitcoin has risen about 11 times and reached $66,000; But in recent weeks, we have seen the price of Bitcoin drop below $55,000. Expectations are that the price of Bitcoin will reach 6 figures in the coming years. Experts believe that if Bitcoin maintains its $50,000 price tag, it can grow again.

This cryptocurrency is recognized and many international banks have invested in it. The formalization of Bitcoin will attract fans and applicants and thus increase its price.

 Solana Digital Coin

Solana Token is a blockchain currency that supports smart contracts and decentralized software, which seeks to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of its network through proof of stake with minimal entry barriers. Solana Labs was founded in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko in collaboration with Greg Fitzgerald. Finally, after a lot of efforts, this coin was released publicly in 2020. With a market capitalization of around $11 billion, Solana cryptocurrency ranks ninth in the list of cryptocurrencies and has a share of 0.95% of the total market.

Solana Cryptocurrency is one of the currencies that has a high transaction speed and receives very low transaction fees as fees. This is done by competing with other digital currencies. One of Solana's advantages over Ethereum is the use of a second layer to solve scalability issues

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The Solana token is used as payment for all smart contracts and transactions. This token has the power to bet, and for this reason, it contributes greatly to the security of the network.

 TRON (TRX) Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency Tron was created in 2017 by Justin Sun at a Singaporean institution. Tron coin uses blockchain technology to develop a global market in a decentralized manner. This global market includes entertainment, media, and various types of content. In fact, online stores (such as Google play and App store) that offer software and applications have been removed. In this way, users receive software directly and directly from the creators. The main objective of Tron Coin is to provide a decentralized internet.

It has the Tron blockchain that allows creating decentralized applications, and there is the Tronix digital currency for exchanges and transactions.

Advantages of Tron Digital Coin

Tron coin transaction fees are close to zero.

It can handle 1000 transactions per second.

It handles high volume transactions.

It is popular among the public.

Disadvantages of Tron Digital Coin

Tronics' biggest drawback was that they marketed a large amount of it. This action caused the value of this currency to depreciate. Another drawback is that there is no support.

The future of Tron digital currency

Justin Sun himself considers Tron to be the best cryptocurrency and claims that it will reach $2 in two years. Of course, analysts expect Tron to reach $1 by 2025. Tronix tokens are essential in Tron network interactions; For this reason, it can be suitable for investment. Upgrading Tron will increase the price of Tronics.

 Ethereum digital currency

In 2015, Vitalik Buterin created Ethereum , the second generation of digital currencies. In addition to having coin capabilities, Ethereum coin is a platform for running decentralized applications. One of the most important applications of the Ethereum network is the implementation of smart contracts. This particular use of Ethereum has made it among the best cryptocurrencies.

What is a smart contract? It is a protocol to confirm and perform a contract. This contract carries out transactions without intermediaries and third parties. Smart contracts can be traced, but they will not be traceable in any way.

Advantages of Ethereum coin

Not subject to change and tampering.

High protection.

Programs are always active and do not intrude on them.

Decentralization and transformation of all central services such as insurance, voting, etc. into decentralized services.

Disadvantages of Ethereum coin

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Human error may occur on the part of programmers.

Non-return smart contracts.

Some countries do not accept smart contracts.

High implementation cost.

Ethereum price future

An upward trend is expected in the future of this cryptocurrency, which is likely to continue until 2025. Some analysts are pinning high hopes on the future of Ethereum and are predicting its price at $1440. The feature of implementing software, applications, financial services, and smart contract execution in the Ethereum blockchain has made this cryptocurrency one of the most widely used currencies. This indicates a bright future for Ethereum.

 Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a digital currency that is used as a peer-to-peer payment network. This cryptocurrency was created in 2017 in order to solve the shortcomings of Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is limited to 21 million units. This currency has two main differences from Bitcoin, which are:

Bitcoin is worth more than Bitcoin Cash.

Advantages of Bitcoin Cash

It has more mass, it makes transactions faster.

It is accepted on important exchanges and digital currency reference.

Transaction fees in Bitcoin Cash are very low.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Cash

The inability to distinguish between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, which led to investors' distrust of it

It is not accepted as a long-term investment

The future of bitcoin cash

Although members of the cryptocurrency community did not accept Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash has become a suitable investment tool and has been included in the top 10 cryptocurrency list. In 2018, Bitcoin Cash experienced a huge price jump. Some believe that it will rise and touch $32.791. In fact, it probably won't last long at this price, and will go down as a record.

 Stellar  digital currency

Jed McCaleb was a member of the Ruble Coin Project team who left due to problems with his group. He created a premium cryptocurrency in 2014. It is called Lumen and is almost similar to the ruble coin. Like Ruble, it has a Stellar network and a cryptocurrency known as Stellar Lumen. Lumens are not required to be mined, there are about 100 billion of them that will be released into the market over time. Payments are made on the Stellar network at very low fees. Stellar is highly scalable. Lumens can process about 1,000 transactions per second. The most important feature of Stellar Lumens is the conversion of digital currency into fiat currency. With this feature, it is possible to trade currency pairs.

Advantages of Stellar coin

1000 transactions per second.

Decentralized Internet.

The possibility of trading currency pairs.

Low cost and fees.

Conduct transactions without the need for an exchange.

Providing the ability to exchange fiat currencies such as dollars and cryptocurrencies.

Disadvantages of the digital coin Staller 

Since there are many competitors, it must be constantly developed so as not to be eliminated.

Stellar lumens cannot be mined and must only be purchased from the exchange.

 Binance Coin

Binance Coin is a digital currency based on Blockchain technology. This coin entered the market in 2017 through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). In 2019, this cryptocurrency created its own exchange. Its manufacturer is Changpengzhao better known as CZ. This coin is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Binance Coin Benefits

Low fees.

Providing the possibility of fee reductions (in the Binance platform).

It can be used to buy other digital currencies .

Exchange with other cryptocurrencies.

Speed ​​in confirming transactions.

Accepted among service providers, especially in the tourism and accommodation industry.

Disadvantages of Binance Coin

The biggest drawback of this coin is that this year the law on discounting fees due to Binance coin will expire, if after this feature has not yet been able to find its place in the market, it will likely be removed entirely.

Predict Binance Coin Prices in 2022

After the financial crises caused by the fourth wave of Corona and the quarantine, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular among the people. The forecast for the price of Binance coin or BNB in ​​2022 indicates that in the worst case, its price will reach $ 50.

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 Ripple Currency (XRP)

Ruble was established in 2012 as an instant payment, exchange and currency exchange network. Some people may not know that Ripple is older than Bitcoin. But it has not been as fortunate as Bitcoin in gaining global fame. Ripple is a digital currency and platform that aims to make fast and secure transactions. The Rebel project aims to create a secure and decentralized communication and payment channel for financial institutions and banks around the world. There are two distinct differences between Bitcoin and Ripple:

Speed ​​and cost of transaction confirmation: The ruble currency confirms that transactions are cheaper and faster than Bitcoin.

Purpose: Bitcoin aims to eliminate intermediaries such as banks by conducting peer-to-peer transactions; But Ripple does not think that the existence of banks is a bad thing, it is just trying to solve the problem of international exchange by providing decentralized banking services.

Ripple currency features

It cannot be faked

High speed of transactions

Provide the possibility of lending and borrowing as quickly as possible

Very simple connection to payment networks

No inflation due to mining all the ripples

Disadvantages and risks of investing in the digital currency Ripple

Ripple currency is currently considered one of the high risk investments that can generate amazing returns under certain conditions. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed complaints against Ripple, which could see the company face hefty fines estimated at several billion dollars. On the other hand, the ruble currency has a good standing in the Japanese jurisdiction and it is likely that Japan will take measures to rescue it. However, if the rupee succeeds in dismissing the complaints in court, we will see its price explode.

As mentioned, if Ripple wins in court, we will see significant growth in the price of Ripple. Since one bitcoin was only $3 in 2011, today, according to our currency, each bitcoin is worth nearly 5 billion! If the Ripple case in court had not been involved, it might have been placed as the first cryptocurrency in the list of top cryptocurrencies.

Regarding the future of Ripple, expert Mohamed Youssef, financial market analyst, said: “Considering that in 2018, Ripple witnessed a price close to 3.5 dollars on some exchanges, we expect this digital currency to grow even more. Its first goal is to reach this point, and after breaking This historic ceiling, we expect it to reach $12 in the long term.”

?What digital currency should we not buy

In the cryptocurrency market, some cryptocurrencies have seen a growth of over 1000%. The question is, out of these 8,400 cryptocurrencies, which are suitable to invest and which are not worth buying?

There are 3 main criteria that we must pay attention to in order to succeed in investing. These three parameters are:

1- Market value

On  , cryptocurrencies are ranked based on highest market cap and lowest market cap. The higher the market value of a coin, the greater the agreement and focus on that coin. There are probably not many concerns and vulnerabilities found in other cryptocurrencies in that one.

2- BTC.D . indicator

The BTC.D indicator indicates the future of Bitcoin. This indicator shows the conditions of the Bitcoin market with the market for other cryptocurrencies. It is a chart that can be analyzed based on the knowledge of technical analysis of the chart. If this chart indicates an upward trend in the future, then this means that Bitcoin will grow more than other currencies in the future. As a result, investing in bitcoin is a better option than other cryptocurrencies. On the contrary, if we predict a downtrend based on this chart, it means that buying altcoins (currencies excluding bitcoin) are better options for investment.

3- Bitcoin Chart Analysis

Bitcoin is the leader in the digital currency market; Experience has shown that if bitcoin drops, it gives a signal to get out of the market. This means that if Bitcoin falls, the altcoins will fall even worse.

What digital currency should we buy??? (author's opinion)

In this article, we have presented 10 of the best cryptocurrencies that analysts consider to be the most optimistic about their future. All these forecasts are based on fundamental analysis; While today's news and events can change the direction of a currency in a minute. The above parameters can help to some extent in  buying and selling cryptocurrencies .

If you are willing to take a lot of risks to make big profits, then the cryptocurrency market will be right for you. 6 points are the main requirements for this market, namely:

Knowledge of analysis

Risk Management

Watching world news

Choose a trusted trusted platform


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