The most important factors for the ranking of search engines

?What does SEO mean


It can be considered a marketing science that those who deal with websites must know and master, and it means (improving search engine optimization mechanisms ) , and then compete vigorously to get the largest number of visitors.

At the present time, it has become difficult in light of Google's laws that deal with archiving and ranking sites, and therefore the search mechanisms are different, but there are a number of factors that must be taken into account in order to make your site or blog friendly to Google, if you will:

Attention to the visitor

You must take into account everything related to the visitor, because it is in fact the most important elements at all in the site or blog, and getting visits from visitors is a success in itself.

There are misconceptions that using common keywords on your site can improve your site's rank on search engines, and quickly archive it.

But Google in fact sets many criteria, including the number of visitors to the site , and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the ease of reading topics and to take care of visitors by responding to their suggestions and comments.

Mistakes you make when converting to your site

 Easy to respond to the mobile

Mostly, many web surfers resort to mobile devices instead of tablets because they are easy to respond and fast to deal with, and websites that are looking for a lot of visits should pay attention to a good design for them via the mobile phone.

In fact, research has shown that designs that are unresponsive and annoying to a mobile reader may never use them again.

 Download speed

One of the factors influencing attracting visitors and increasing them continuously is the speed of loading the site and the ease of opening the content, bearing in mind that the visitor often waits only 3 seconds to open the site, and if the period exceeds that, he will close it immediately because it is slow to load.

And Google cares about this in the search rates and ranking on the global engine. If it appears to Google that many visitors have closed the site immediately, it will know that it is slow and put it in the lower ranks.


Backlinks are directed from other sites and blogs, and they must be of high quality, and note that a single Wikipedia link is much better than thousands of links from unimportant and poorly rated blogs and sites.

There are several ways to get links, including:

Buying advertising space in well-known sites (an effective method in e-marketing).

Continue to post comments on a continuous basis (but you should avoid too much of it).

Publishing site or blog topics in forums and commenting on them (in order to publicize them).


It is possible to identify the keywords that visitors are looking for in order to write long and rich topics and put them on the site or blog, but beware that the content is copy and pasted because this negatively affects the ranking of your site in search engines.

Social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. are social networking sites that have become stars in their own right, and you must create files for your site or blog through these sites (such as pages, groups).

SEO Success Factors (Search Engine Optimization) 

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