The best ways to get .edu .gov backlinks in an easy way

 It is very important to bolster your site with some high quality backlinks because it is still an important and effective factor for ranking in search engines.

For those who do not know about backlinks, they are one of the ways search engines use in evaluating a site or ranking its evaluation and search results in search pages.

High quality backlinks are very important for a website and there are many ways to get high quality backlinks for free. You can create backlinks by writing good content , guest posting on other blogs, commenting on other blogs, submitting your website to directories, social bookmarking, etc. You should also avoid using low-quality backlinks from spammy websites.

So, in this topic, I will present to you the best sites that you can use to earn a strong backlink to advance your site in the search engines.

High quality backlink

One of the most important and prominent sites favored by search engines are educational sites that end with .edu or government sites that end with .gov , as they give high-quality backlinks, and they usually have a high “Big Authority” and have a good reputation in search engines.

The importance of backlinks to your site

The more links to your site on other sites, the more powerful your site is in search engines such as Google.
When you update your site data, search engines find links to your site on more than one site.
And search engines give your site confidence and security, so your site has a greater chance of appearing on the first pages.


Beware not to randomly publish your site on sites to get a backlink, because sometimes it will negatively affect you because the search engines consider your link in this case as spam.
Ways to get backlinks from educational and government websites edu and gov

 First method:

This method is effective in making great progress through search engines and its results are distinguished because you are using backlinks from an educational or government site, which increases the strength of your site, and you can do this by:
• Log in to the well-known search engine Google and search for:
• Enter the target keyword in place of the word keyword .
• You will see tens of thousands of results, enter more than one result to know whether there is a possibility to put comments in the site's blog or not.
• Do not be afraid to search more than one site so that you can reach a strong backlink.

The second method

It is easy to implement and widely spread, but one of its disadvantages is the similarity in the results, and there will be no distinction from one site to another in the use of backlinks.
And it is by entering the Linksearching site , which shows you a search box to enter the target keyword that you want to catch in Google.
How to build high quality backlinks
The next step is to choose exactly what you are looking for.
• Among the site's features are the options it offers you, such as obtaining a backlink from:
Blogging sites.
edu and gov sites.
Example: If you are writing a topic about weight loss tips and want to attach edu sites, do the following:
• First, choose EDU Backlinks, and then new options will appear, such as Sites - Forums - Pages.
• For example, choose Blog Commenting, options will appear again.
• After completing the selections, click on Search and see the available results.

strong backlink

We recommend you to use dropmylink to find educational websites. By entering the site and then setting the keyword you want, thousands of educational sites that have the same specialty as your site will appear.
Try to build internal links within your site in topics by placing links to another blog or section.
Never try to place your site links in a random way and do not exceed 10 different links per day so that the search engine does not spam you and hide you from its results.
Good luck to all God willing
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