The best e-commerce books to build a successful business

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The number of those wishing to enter the field of electronic commerce has increased, and most of their goal has become to achieve great wealth behind it, but desire alone is not enough! There must be a set of guidelines and instructions that guide you to build your successful business according to a correct strategy, and for this need, some important personalities such as “Sahmy Fahmy and John Reese” and others have issued a set of e-commerce books, to explain the rules of digital commerce and how to start a business from Zero to the point of professionalism, which has received great interest in commercial books by readers and those wishing to work in the field of profit from the Internet, and we note that the great growth witnessed by e-commerce has become necessary to provide e-commerce books that include “the basics and rules of digital commerce” to be a comprehensive guide and goal Inspiring many young people, and in this article we will provide you with the most important information about ( the best e-commerce books to build a successful business), read the article to benefit.

The best e-commerce books to build a successful business

e-commerce books

If you are looking for e-commerce books pdf, and you want to increase your business culture about the concept of e-commerce , then you should read these useful e-commerce books, which help increase your cultural output about the field of profit from the Internet.

Professor Sameh Fahmy's book on e-commerce

Mr. Sameh Fahmy is considered one of the most prominent influential figures in the Arab world in the field of e-commerce, in addition to being the owner of the Egyptian company “Al Dahab”, which is also working in the field of e-commerce, Mr. Sameh Fahmy has extensive experience in the field of digital commerce as he was working in this field. The field from the year 2003 AD to the present time.

Mr. Fahmy was keen to show all aspects of e-commerce, its pros and cons, without focusing on one aspect. He added the challenges he faced and how he was able to overcome them, and achieve a huge fortune in record time!

Mr. Fahmy also added the most important terms and concepts in addition to smart principles and strategies in the field of digital commerce in the Arab countries, and not only that! Rather, Mr. Fahmy provided a set of tips and instructions for young people wishing to work in the field of e-commerce, and to get rich quickly from it.

You will find this book immediately when you search for it in the Google search engine, download and install it on your mobile device.

E-commerce book how? when? where?

It occupied the top ten ranks among the best digital books in the field of e-commerce, as this book provides e-commerce lessons in a simple and easy way, making it easier for the reader to read and understand them, and focuses on the most important terms and concepts of e-commerce and its components that help the reader build his business step by step, The book is written by Professor Bassam Nour, who has other famous books in the field of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. You can also get this book by searching for its link in the Google search engine, then downloading and installing the e-book on your phone/laptop.

Famous e-commerce learning sites

It is one of the best valuable books that discuss and analyze e-commerce. This book was considered a wonderful scientific encyclopedia on how to make profit from the Internet, in addition to the book talking about the terms and rules of your business activity, and how to achieve huge profits and tremendous success from it, according to a questionnaire A review of terms and concepts related to e-commerce.

The author of this book is Mr. Ahmed Mohieldin, who was keen to present his information in a granular manner that suits the reader's taste.

You can now download and install this book in PDF format on your mobile device.

(How to sell on Amazon)

Since this book is about Amazon, you should read it at least once! It is true that working on the Amazon platform is easy, but it requires smart strategies to achieve the largest monthly income from it, and for this we note that the book (How to Sell on Amazon) is the comprehensive guide for people who want to start their business from it, as this book explains the most important products to sell On the Amazon platform? Is this product profitable or not? In addition to explaining the smart strategy to attract consumer customers to your online store.

he Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce Growth)

In this book, you will learn the correct way to convince your consumer customer to buy your product and put it in the shopping cart, as it is easy to create an online store and display products on it, but it is not easy to convince consumer customers to buy your product, as this requires a convincing business method.

(Digital Business and E-Commerce Management)

The number of pages of this book is about (623) pages, and the basic elements of successful e-business have been dissected by the famous writer "Dave Chaffee". You can rely on this book if you want to create your own business.

Well these are some examples of e-commerce books that you can choose one of them and then read with complete concentration! As these e-books support you in creating your online store from scratch to professionalism, and not only that, but will earn you thousands of dollars, according to the enormous experience available in it

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