Terms Of Accepting Your Site In Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a source of profit for many bloggers around the world, and daily millions of blogs join the Google Adsense service, so Google has put some controls to regulate the acceptance of new blogs and sites, which is called the conditions for acceptance in Google Adsense.

These controls are several simple but important things for Google to ensure the usefulness of your site to the visitor, the completeness of the site with its static pages and not violating the intellectual property rights of any other site.

As we mentioned, Google Adsense is a source of profit for millions around the world, and it has become a work that many rely on, including those who left their job and devote themselves to their website to make a profit from it, so you find permanent updates by Google to counter ways to circumvent Google and visitors to make a profit.

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So we hear a lot aboutRefused to accept AdsenseFor many websites and blogs, accounts that were already working were closed due to violating Google Adsense policies, and in this article we will present the most important conditionsGoogle Adsense AcceptanceWhich if you achieve a large percentage, your site will be accepted, and they are as follows:

Google Adsense Admission Requirements

Many tried to link their sites to Google Adsense service, but they were surprised that Google refused the request, and the reason is that the site is not eligible for Google Adsense.

So, what are the conditions for Google Adsense to accept the site?

1full site

For the site to be complete, all pages of your site must be filled with topics, so Google considers pages that contain one topic as incomplete and that the site is still under construction, and Google Adsense refuses to accept the site unless it is complete, so put 10 topics on each page as a minimum.

The presence of static and basic pages on the site, such as the privacy policy page, the terms of use page, the communication page, the site profile, or the about us page. They are pages that must be available on the site for acceptance in AdSense, and the content of those pages reflects the activity of your site already, and links to those pages are required on the page The main site.

2Unique and useful content

The presence of useful content for the visitor, in confirmation of Google’s slogan “Content is the King”, the content of your site must be exclusive and not copied from other sites and provide a benefit to the visitor, and there must be at least 30 topics on the site and it must be in the field of interest It is preferable to have long topics of more than 300 words, and the articles should be coordinated and arranged with subheadings.

3intellectual property rights

One of the most important conditions for acceptance in Google AdSense is that the site does not violate intellectual property rights, as Google rejects sites that infringe intellectual property rights such as sites of songs, movies, live broadcasts, pirated and hacked books or images that have property rights to another site, and it also rejects sites that contain cracks or Surreals to activate programs and also sites that contain prohibited topics or incite violence and terrorism.

4Site readiness

The site should be SEO friendly (Search Engine Optimization).

To use a good, organized (template) design, compatible with all devices, uncomplicated in use, and the absence of add-ons that are not important to the site.

It is preferable that the site has a good speed of use on all devices.

That your site has a good number of visitors per day. Some claim that some good Alexa ranking helps the chances of being accepted into AdSense.

To have a paid domain domain.

Having your site linked to your Google Analytics and Google Web Master Tools account, as this increases the chances of your site being accepted. It gives Google a sense that you are an expert and not an amateur and know how to develop your site well.

Finally, you must make sure that you write your data and your site data correctly in Google Adsense, so Google makes sure of your identity and the way to send money to you in the future.

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These were the most important conditions for acceptance in Google Adsense, which if you implement them accurately on your site, make sure that your site will be accepted, unless you make any other violations that prevent your site from being accepted, and make sure that in the first violation of the policies of Adsense, you will sometimes be warned or your account will be suspended if the fear is essential It is not important to have an AdSense account, but the most important thing is to continue and make a profit according to the terms and rules of Google Adsense.

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