A group of sites that provide indispensable SEO tools that you can use to improve your site in search engines. If you have a site, you must use this, otherwise you will not succeed

If you can master the SEO tools and know each tool, its role and importance in the field of SEO, you will raise your level and your content without any doubt. Let us see the SEO tools and know their role and how to use them with ease.

When you decide to create a site for search engines and improve its results using SEO, there are  SEO tools  that you must use and it is indispensable to use them if you want to see positive results for your site, otherwise all the trouble of building a site will be in vain. Here is a list of the most important of these sites and their importance and purpose. We will add  seo sites and tools  successively.

Google  Search Console

Google Search Module - formerly (Google  Webmaster Tools)  provides data and control settings for creating and indexing your site in Google, which is very important for your site .

Bing Webmaster  Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools (also known as BWT)   is still important for your site to see and understand how Bing (which also operates Yahoo) handles your site and data .

Google  Keyword Planner 

Google Keyword Planner lets you see monthly query volume estimates for dozens of keywords in seconds in the Google search engine to see what people are searching for .


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Banana  _ 

Moz is an SEO site that offers a set of user-friendly SEO tools. Among the tools offered by the  Open Site Explorer  are the  Moz  Browser toolbar and others, as well as important information about the domain .

Keywordtool.io  _ 

Keywordtool.io   is a great SEO tool for generating keyword or keyword ideas suggestions from any word you choose, especially long tail keywords that don't appear in other programs .

Google  trends 

This tool is important for marketers, and it is a service provided by Google and depends on its search engine, in which it displays statistics about specific queries and search terms, changes in the volume of searches for them, and the extent of their use in different countries and languages .

Google Analytics  stats 

The most valuable SEO data   is the one that helps you understand your website visitors and how they interact with your website. There is no tool like it that provides data that helps to understand your visitors.

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