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In previous articles, we talked about blogging, creating websites, WordPress and blogger blogs, and we reviewed  a comparison between creating a Blogger blog and creating a WordPress blog, and which is better . We also defined the domain and presented you with  8 effective factors that you should follow before booking your site's domain . Then we discussed the explanation of web hosting and the  most important types of web hosting and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them  to be able to choose more clearly and to help you bypass the first stages that will meet you in the stage of creating a site to start blogging and profit from the Internet.

What is HEO? Here are 10 steps

And now we continue your journey with you to start learning a very important aspect for the success of any site, which is to learn about the principles of SEO, and what is seo sites and seo tips for beginners to help them improve the ranking of their sites and issue different search results and make profits, God willing.

SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization,” that is, the process of optimizing websites for search engines. We mean by preparing sites for search engines, that is, working on your site's articles to be at the top of Google search results. There are two types of website optimization process for search engines:

The first type: is to configure the site internally by applying the SEO standards inside the articles, and an attempt to make an internal link to the articles called “internal backlinks”.

The second type: It is preparing the site externally, which is the external SEO by working on marketing your site in a distinctive way and gaining external links, or as Backlinks call it.

After you know what is SEO sites and their importance, here are the most important seo tips for beginners that help you to lead search results and improve your site’s ranking in the search engine and the ability to compete, God willing…

But it is worth noting that you have to make sure that there is no magic way to get your site to the first result without fatigue or effort. The process of Google evaluating your site is based on  complex algorithms  through which your site is ranked, and in order to do this, you must make Google trust your site and rank your site among the important sites that appear at the forefront of search results, and certainly that will not happen overnight. All you have to do is work hard and be patient. And apply the following seo tips for beginners to achieve the desired results, God willing

seo tips for beginners

 Keyword format

Choosing the right keyword is the key to the success of the article and the first search results. You must first choose the appropriate keyword by searching for the rate of searches on the word and the level of competition for it by using the  Google keyword planner tool . This tool is free and you can use it without any cost, but there are other tools that analyze keywords more professionally, but they are paid tools.

After choosing the keyword carefully, the stage of professionally formatting the word comes, by using the keyword in the article title, preferably at the beginning of the title, using it in the first paragraph, and including the first image in the name of the keyword. It is also preferable that the article link includes the keyword in Arabic or English. It is also inserted through “h1, h2, h3” and then distributed appropriately within the article paragraphs and at the end of the article. Also try to put incoming and outgoing internal links that include the keyword, in addition to incoming and outgoing external links also inside the article. All this helps to get your article in the search results, and it is one of the most important seo tips for beginners, but be sure to format the keyword professionally and not by stuffing words because it is a violation according to the updates of Panda and Penguin.

Description and title of the page

As we mentioned in the previous point, the title must include the keyword, in addition to formulating the title in an attractive, eye-catching and expressive manner. As for the description of the article, it is one of the most important factors that give the visitor a first impression of the article and the first thing the visitor reads through it, whether he is curious to read the article or not. Here comes the second seo advice for beginners, which is to take care of writing the article description carefully and formatting the keyword inside in a professional manner.

SSL Certificate

It is a security certificate that is installed on the site to add the https protocol at the beginning of the site link. We have talked about this certificate at length through previous articles titled “ How to buy an SSL certificate and its impact on your site’s SEO ”. It is a certificate that increases the confidence of the visitor and Google in your site, as it indicates that your site is safe and harmless and thus motivates the visitor to enter your site and read its articles safely. In addition, it increases Google’s confidence in your site and this will improve your site’s ranking later and place your site on the list of safe sites . And you can buy an ssl certificate through our company “Doctor Mega” from here .

 Ensure the speed of the site to reduce the bounce rate:

One of the most important seo tips for beginners is to make sure that the site is browsed quickly without any obstacles, as the presence of any reason slows down or hinders the visitor’s browsing of your site increases the bounce rate, which means that the user clicks on the Back button and exits from your site quickly without reading the article. This gives the impression to Google that your site is not useful to the visitor and thus reduces the improvement of your site's results in the search engine.

The site that the visitor can browse easily and quickly increases the chance of him moving between your site articles easily and the possibility of him returning to your site again. And you can analyze the speed of your site through the Google speed measurement tool  . And you can solve your site speed problems through some WordPress plugins that help in this.

 Ensure that your site is responsive to mobile phones and tablets.

One of the most important seo tips for beginners is to ensure that the site is compatible with mobile phones, tablets and tablets, by using a template that interacts with these devices. You can test your site and see if it is responsive or not from here 

What is HEO? Here are 10 steps

 Providing unique and useful content

The most important of all of the above is to provide through your site distinctive, exclusive and useful content for the visitor.

This step is very important, as submitting your site maps to Google will facilitate the access of Google spiders to your site and better archive articles. As for the supervisor’s tools in a professional way for sites, they are very important in constantly analyzing your site through “  Google Analytics  ”.

These were the most important seo tips for beginners to improve the site's ranking and lead the search results, and I hope the article will be useful to you and good luck to everyone, and for more seo tips for beginners, follow all of Dr. Mega's articles.


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