SEO 2022

 SEO 2022: Bloggers and website owners make great efforts to get their sites up in  SERPs = Search Engine Results Pages   and also evaluate their sites through search engine optimization tools , not only that, but they follow the news of updates made by Google search engine engineers, knowing that they affect On the ranking of sites where some of them are raised to the first page and reduced or destroyed.

?What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. Simply put, it means making your site as visible as possible when people search for products or services related to your business on Google and other search engines. The better your pages appear in search results, the more likely people are to find you and visit your site. SEO focuses on natural results that appear only and does not include paid ads.
Google is primarily concerned with SEO factors that help provide a unique, useful and enjoyable browsing experience for visitors who are considered the most important. The appearance of the website in the results of search engine pages increases the number of natural visits to this site, which means an increase in profits.
What you read today in this article will have a positive impact on raising your site's ranking.
Whether you are the owner of a site that seeks to raise its ranking to obtain its share of visitors coming from the first page of Google search results because it is considered one of the best traffic sources and the highest quality among all traffic sources, or you are an online marketer working for the same goal on a customer’s site, this post will interest you To keep you informed of the latest developments in SEO strategies.

?How do search engines work

Search Engine Optimization
Search engines work through three primary tasks:

Crawling: You search the Internet for a huge amount of content, searching the code and the content for every website link you find.
Indexing process: stores and organizes the content found during the crawl process. Once you have indexed the page, it will be ready and indexed in the search engine.
Ranking: It provides the parts of the content that will best answer the searcher's query, which means that the results will be arranged to be displayed as a result of the best content that will answer a specific question that the user asks after being evaluated based on thousands of factors determined by the algorithms.

The importance of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of digital marketing because billions of people search for information every day in search engines.
The higher your site's ranking on the search engine results page, the more likely your site will be seen and clicked. Which means finding more opportunities, growing business and achieving many of your business goals.

The importance of keywords

Keywords are a major factor that Google robots rely on to place the appropriate site in front of the appropriate visitor. It is true that Google changed the way it relied on evaluating the keywords in the content, both in terms of the number of words and how they are distributed in the articles, but it is still important for this Paying attention to keywords will be more important and should be included in your SEO strategies.

There are many tools that help to extract keywords that have a high search, and these are the most important and best of them, paid ones, including free copies that benefit beginners:

Google Keyword Planner
SEMrush , Ahrefs
Answer The Public
Create long content that benefits the visitor and answers all his questions
One of the most prominent SEO updates is the lengthy content, as it excels in appearing in search engines over short content, so your content should be in-depth content that may reach 2000 words, and cover your entire topic in detail so that the visitor gets everything he wants in one place as well as the appearance of words Keywords are in important places in the content such as the headline, in sub-headings, in the URL of the page, and in the images, files, and media attached to the content.

Importance of Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
Frequently Asked Questions A lot of SEO giants, especially Nile Battle, talked about earlier about the importance of Skima FAQ . Where the search result of one of the pages of the site appears in the form of a link, and below it are many frequently asked questions related to the topic of the page, as in the image below:

search engine optimization
Here is the summary of Neil Patel's article:

It often takes weeks to months for people to see their SEO results on their blogs and websites, but what Neil Patel did on a site that deals with “digital marketing” and by looking at the graph of the evolution of visits on the webmaster tool The qualitative leap that the site has known in terms of traffic on the keyword “digital marketing” is clearly visible after the NileBat application, adding the FAQ or FAQ page feature.

And it's very logical, isn't it? This is because I am a researcher for certain information and such results appeared in front of me. I will enter the Nile Battle link because it suggests that the owner of the site touched on many questions that I am interested in knowing the answer to. Which is exactly the difference that made the number of visitors go up.

Google Mobile First Index
What is seo
Google announced that “we will move to mobile-first indexing of all websites. For now, we will continue to move sites to mobile indexing first when our systems realize they are mobile friendly.”

To clarify:
Google is now moving the indexing of websites from the desktop to the mobile. This means that the website must be mobile friendly and fast, because after that, it will affect the search results. I mean, Google bot googlebot will crawl from mobile and then index, which is the stage of indexing the site in Google to appear in search results.

Content quality is a powerful SEO strategy
The quality of the content was, is, and will remain one of the most important factors that inevitably benefit the site, because in the beginning it benefits the visitor who Google puts in his list of considerations, and who satisfies the visitor and dissipates his good or solves his problems, it is the site that Google prefers and on it to the first page.

Benefits of high-quality content on the site
Lower your Bounce Rate
Increase Dwell Time: The time between when someone clicks on a search result and when they leave that site. The same idea is for the visitor to stay longer inside the site, which is important.
Time on Page: The amount of time a visitor spends reading one page on your website.
High Return Visits: The number of visitors who come back to your site again after visiting it before.
All that has been mentioned are the most important positive indicators that the search engine Google takes, and it uses the RankBrain system for artificial intelligence, as it searches for these previously mentioned factors to better understand the meanings of words and then raise the site’s ranking.

Rank Brain . System
The importance of search engine optimizationIt is a system that Google has developed and made more accurate in evaluating search results so that it contributes to the rise or fall of websites in the search engine, and Rank Brain system can evaluate search results through a number of factors, including:

Understand the search phrase and its true purpose.
Content quality.
Site speed.
The duration of the visitor's stay on the site.
The number of pages viewed on the site.
If you provide content focused on E.AT, you will be rewarded by Google!
With the launch of new Google updates, especially the latest BERT update , Google has become better at understanding the relationship between words, even slang in different languages, and also the search engine has become able to understand the context of speech and with the BERT abstract , an update to the basic search algorithm that has become more accurately understood the intention of the researcher behind the search query. .

?What is SEO

For this, experts recommend to raise the rating of sites that should focus on the principle of EAT.
These three things are what support each other and overlap with each other and give strength to the site so that it rises to the advanced ranks, which are abbreviated to:
Expertise : The page should contain high quality content written by a professional writer.
Authority : The strength of the site that it derives from the indicators we mentioned above and from other factors.
Trustworthiness : Your site needs to have other trusted links pointing to it from trusted sites, which is called backlinks, which is the focus of the next recommendation.
Backlinks are one of the most important SEO strategies
Back Linux also remains among the strong factors to raise the site’s rating, and the best backlinks that benefit it and increase its strength and strength DA/PA  pages are those that are natural, meaning that other sites liked your content and referred to it by placing a link to the article that talks about the same topic .

Or the backlinks that you build yourself, but make sure that the links are placed on sites with a high authority and in the same specialty as your content, and also it is better that these external links that point to a site are able to bring traffic to your articles will have a strong impact in raising the site’s ranking .

Basic Rules of SEO

seo 2022
The basic concepts of SEO such as titles, meta-codes, alt text in images, site speed factors, robots.txt, sitemaps, UX, analytics codes, Breadcrumbs, etc... will also remain very important and have an effective impact on ranking sites.
There has been some controversy recently about the effect of  alt text  on images, especially since Google has become able to know what's inside the image without alt text  through its program CLOUD VISION API , which analyzes images in the clouds and became available to everyone in the official (Beta) stage  , so why do we necessarily need To continue to provide alternative text?

The interaction of visitors has an impact on raising the site's ranking
Search Engine Optimization SEO
Also, the interaction of visitors with the content is necessary to raise the ranking of the site, so you, as a site owner, do not hesitate to put a Call to Action for visitors on the site: such as asking visitors to subscribe to the blog or leave comments on topics and share them on social networking sites to get Social Signals And all of them have a role in promoting your website or business, and thus Google will consider your business to be trustworthy, which leads to a higher rating in increasing traffic, which is what every website owner aspires to.

The Importance of Featured Snippet
Featured snippets   are one of the things that we see a lot on the first page of Google search when we type the search phrase in the form of a question and the answer is at the top of the search result sometimes directly under the links of Adwords ads if the keyword has competition and ads.

And to identify the featured snippets  , it is very easy in the form of a box that contains:

new google updates
Summary of the answer to the visitor's question excerpted from within the article
 Link to the article that Google rated as the best to answer the visitor's question
Article title
Article image
The results proved that the feature of the summary answer that appears in the box, as in the example on the image above, increases the number of visitors to the site more than double, because the visitor reads the summary of the answer to his question, which prompts him more to complete reading the article and click on the link to enter, and for this should be Focus on the quality of what you offer to visitors and that the writing style is attractive, so that you can win more clicks on your article links from the Google search page.

Because of the importance of this feature, we will single out an article for it.

Site Performance Core Web Vitals 
What is SEO?
It is also a key factor that will play an important role in the context of the announced updates where three indicators and factors that are important to the user experience are measured, namely: 
 Loading time 
What it means: the time it takes to load the page from the actual user's point of view, and what matters in this matter is the user's ability to see and interact with the page, and to achieve this you have to remove any unnecessary third party scripts, every third party script slows down the page by 34 milliseconds.
You should also use better hosting, remove large page elements that are slowing down your page loading, and minify your CSS.
Interact with the page 
It means: the time it takes the user to interact with your page, including for example: choosing an option from the list, entering your email, etc.
Stability of the site when loading 
If the elements on your page are moving while the page is loading negatively and to ensure stability you can use the specified size attribute dimensions for whatever media you are using, also make sure that the ad elements have a reserved space.
Page Experience update 
Page experience signals are among the important factors in search engine optimization, and they mean: the way visitors feel when they interact with a web page, which is determined by a number of features, the most important of which are: mobile friendly, safe browsing, etc., and all of them Key factors operating within the “Page Experience” framework.
In addition, Google has made "Basic Web Fundamentals" a part of the "Page Experience" and they are considered metrics that center around the user experience in terms of focusing on loading speed, interactivity, visual stability and responsiveness on medium and small screens.
Voice Seach
Search engine optimization for your website
Voice search is becoming more and more popular and it is developing at an amazing speed, because the vast majority of users are still using voice primarily so that it allows users to speak into the device instead of typing words into the search engine to show the results.

Due to its heavy use by users, 50% of all searches will be voice searches, and search engines like Google will put more emphasis on optimizing voice search.

. For this reason, you will need to optimize your site more for voice queries, and we are going to give you some tips to do just that.

How to improve search engines to use voice search?
Improving the user experience
Optimization By increasing site speed, you can use one of these tools to help you get better results for your site: Speed ​​Insights and GTmetrix .
Add many questions related to your article with a short answer to them
Most of the voice searches are done through mobile devices, so make sure that your site works well when browsing on the phone.
Use Featured Snippets to make the content design mimic a question and answer form.
Writing an SEO-friendly article .
What's new in SEO 2022
The most famous search engine optimization factor in 2022 is the researcher’s intention: Many website owners believe that (keyword density) is the most important criterion for ranking search results, and this is a fatal mistake because search engine algorithms have changed radically over the past years.

Google is now getting smarter, giving search results that give users the best possible result.

Search engines focus on the searcher's intention to type the keyword into their search bar, which means that search engines are now using artificial intelligence programs to determine what the searcher specifically wants from the search word.

If you provide comprehensive information that answers their questions by knowing the purpose of the researcher's intent, you can be sure that your readers stay on your site, they won't need to go to multiple websites to find the information. Your content will be read and interacted with by those who want to learn more about the relevant topic.

The summary of SEO in 2022 is summarized by “Neil Patel” about the most important factors that you must consider in optimizing your site for search engines.

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