Have you recently started learning digital marketing and its methods? And you heard some terms such as: SEM, SEO and SMM, and you don't know what these words mean, and is there a relationship between them? And what is the difference between them.. Let's learn about them during this article.

?What is SEO

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization , which is ways and methods you use to improve the contents of your website to appear and rank in organic results on the first page of search engines. 

?What are search engines 

They are systems used to access information stored on a computer program such as: Google, Bing, and YouTube. And because Google is the most popular and most used search engine in comparison to other search engines, the main focus when we talk about search engines in the context of SEO is Google 

?How does your site appear on the first page of search engines

In the following image, Semrush shows on her blog how to rank your site in the first results, where Google has what is known as search spiders, which crawl your website through a process called (crawling) and then analyze the content of the site and arrange it in groups, which is known as indexing, and when the audience searches around Specific topic by Google filters the site according to the relevance of the content of the pages of the site to the topic of the search.

On-Page SEO A complete explanation of internal SEO

When you search for a topic, Google displays two types of results, one of which is free (Organic Results), which is the result of the efforts of the SEO specialist, and the other is paid results, which are paid search engine ads (SEM), which you will move to talk about now.

?What is SEM

It is an abbreviation for search engine marketing, which is a strategy that earns traffic to your site through paid ads, and helps your site to rank and rank on the first page of search engines, but not for free, but by paying per click on your ad .

Hey, are you confused about the difference between SEO and SEM? Well.. let me tell you the difference between them 

?The difference between SEM and SEO

Both SEO and SEM rely heavily on keywords to drive traffic to websites, but the difference between SEO and SEM is that SEO focuses on getting traffic from organic results while search engine marketing focuses on getting traffic from organic results. Get visitors from paid search.

An example for clarification: Now type in the search box on Google a specific topic and let's move Digital marketing tools and see the results that appear to you on the first page, what appears at the beginning of the page attached to the word Ad or advertisement - if it is in Arabic - is the SEM while the other results that follow it What is SEO? 

SEO also helps boost search engine marketing, paid search engine ads and SEO work well together and website rankings at the top of paid search results and among the free first page rankings provide consumers with additional opportunities to visit your website and boost brand credibility

?What is the SMM

Social media is an acronym for social media marketing . It is a powerful internet marketing tool that uses social media to connect with your audience to build your brand and increase sales. This includes posting relevant content to an audience, interacting with their comments, listening to their problems, sharing and analyzing your results. .

SEM, SEO, and SMM are different sides of the same coin 

SEO, sim and social media marketing are all among the types of e-marketing, which is the type of marketing that relies on digital means of communication in directing marketing campaigns to the target audience, but there are differences between them as follows..  


its target

Attract visitors to your site naturally

Get more potential clients

Generate conversions for your sit

Attract visitors to your site through paid advertising 

Increase your brand awareness 

Building a relationship with your customers, as it is the closest means of communication that helps you interact with your customers and know their preferences.

Knowing the opinions of your customers during the campaign through competitions

Increase conversions for your website 


Little competition 

- Boosts trust in your customers, ranking on the first page of Google enhances credibility among potential customers

- Always Available It does not expire when the funded advertisement ends

- Complimentary 

- Boosts traffic by making products and services more prominent in the light of paid advertising.

Measurable through some Google tools such as: Google Ads 

Pay for results only: you pay only when a customer clicks on your ad link, and you control the daily cost you want to invest

- Create shareable content and ads

- Low cost compared to other methods 

Measurable through different marketing methods 

disadvantages It takes a lot of time for your site to rank in search engines, especially if your site is new, according to Backlinko, your site may take two years to appear on the first page of the search engine

- high competition

- There are many companies that compete for ranking in search engines using keywords, and the cost may increase in many cases.

Long term investment

Social media achieve results, but not immediate. The success of the SMM program is not determined by one piece of content but by many over long periods of time.

its results - Valuable results but over a long period of focus on keywords and what the audience is looking for - Quick and temporary results, but may last after the advertisement ends 

- Delivers high return on investment

- Obtaining customer satisfaction 


Between SEM, SEO and SMM Which is the best for your marketing campaigns? 

The answer to this question depends on several factors, the most important of which are:

Where are your customers 

Your type of service or product

Your goal in the marketing process 

Your presence in the market 

When determining these factors, which marketing method is best among them is determined, and you can use all of them at the same time to take advantage of the advantages of each method.

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