Principles of SEO: What are keywords?

In today’s article, we mention the most important principles of SEO science, especially the term “science” here because this field really needs a comprehensive, large and expanded study. Therefore, make sure to know all the principles and write them down for you to approve them all the time.

 The field of SEO is a unique field, and as soon as you study it a little and know its methods and ways of working and how to use it for your benefit only in the short or long term, you will love it more and more, and you will want to see every element in the field and use it for your benefit, and we will be happy to accompany you in This article and other articles on the Aqua Web site are in the folds and corridors of the SEO world. 

What is a sitemap file

 And for those who have no idea about the concept of SEO, it is an abbreviation of the term Search Engine Optimization, and it means improving the appearance in search engines, our use of the search engine differs from the user to the customer or the owner of the site, the user often accesses search engines such as Google and then searches For a specific phrase, then certain search results appear close to the result he is looking for, the goal of developing and improving search engines is to rise in the first place for search engines for searching for a specific keyword, bypassing other sites as well. 

In this article, we will review with you only the concept of keywords or keywords, which are those phrases or keywords that the user searches for in search engines, and how we, in turn, can find these words and exploit them to our advantage, and how to deal with them in a smart way so that we can control them Later for our articles and topics. 

?Principles of SEO: What are keywords

Keywords are the phrases that the user writes in search engines in order to search for a specific thing. There are two types of keywords, including short and long. Long keywords are considered the best and optimal because they represent almost what the user is looking for, the user does not write for example in Google. Guitar” for example, but always writes a complete phrase such as “what is a guitar” or “types of guitar” or “learn how to play the guitar.” These long keywords are considered a treasure if their use is extensive and large and the daily search rate for them is good. From them, you can exploit them in order to control the search engines, using those words, and thus bring permanent visitors to your site. 

Choosing keywords does not come randomly, but you have to do a study of the keywords that you want to catch in the search engines, first the keywords must be within the field of your site, if your site is technical, you should search for keywords in the field of technology, and if your site is As a music specialist, you should keep only the keywords related to the music field and so forth, but of course you do not need to gamble on these words, all you need are some other services and some intelligence, no less and no more. 

You have to know before that each keyword has certain characteristics on top of it: the number of daily / monthly searches, the price of the click and the competition. The best keywords that you need to work on are with an average daily or monthly search number and their click price is also good and not weak from In order to get a return for the visits that you get when searching for the keyword, as for the percentage of competition, it is initially weak, although this rarely happens. Keywords are of good price, the demand for them is a lot, but there is no problem. We can always use some services in order to get the best words keychain. 

Principles of SEO: What are keywords?  Here are the best services to get high paying keywords

KW Finder is an indispensable treasure. It allows you to search for specific keywords related to a specific field in a group of countries and languages, including Arabic. The site will save you a lot of trouble in finding keywords with a good search rate and a good click price as well, It is enough to write the field or phrase in the search box, and let's say, for example, “guitar” to show you results such as “classic guitar” or “how to learn guitar” and then in front of it the monthly search rate, and also the price of the click, classify the results according to the desired, and isolate the keywords The strong force through which you want to control and catch the search engines, and then provide content (ie write an article) about that field using the keywords you got. 

The Keyword Tool site is another site that you can use to do the same thing. The beauty of the site is that it provides you with other features such as searching for the most searched keywords in YouTube, Bing, and others, not just Google. It mostly depends on the principle of Autocomplete in order to extract those keywords. Unfortunately, the results that you will get are not complete. The site does not provide you with a search or click rate and you have to create a paid account on the site, but it is somewhat good to get ideas for certain keywords.  If you have a paid Google Adwords account, you can go to the Google Keywords Planner service in order to get more detailed results on the most searched keywords in a particular field with their click price and monthly search rate, and choose the optimal search words for you For other services, we suggest the following article:

A set of SEO tools that you must use to ensure your site is at the top of the search engines

Use of search terms on the site: 

After you have obtained the optimal words for your site’s domain, it is time to exploit them. The task of searching and fetching keywords is the easiest stage in SEO and the most important as well, and then comes the most difficult stage, first you will have to include it in the content, and to do that you will have to respect the rules of On Page SEO,

 to do this and in principle (do not worry, we will present an article to you soon about On Page SEO) you must include the keyword well and moderately in the article or content page, so that it must be available in both the title, some of the Headings and also The texts, and not forgetting the description of the images as well, after focusing on them well in the article, you have an article and content with a specific keyword, the next stage comes which is Off Page SEO in order to archive the article and export it to search engines and compete on top, you can Learn more about Off Page SEO here .  This was a simple lesson about keywords, ways to obtain them and how to employ them relatively, and in the coming articles we will provide you with more specialized articles in order to properly exploit them until the complete archiving of your site.


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