Marketing and E-Commerce Jobs

  Marketing and E-Commerce Jobs for 2022

Electronic commerce is one of the modern disciplines that has gained wide fame and special attention. And it has its benefits, and as you know, dear reader, electronic commerce falls under the specialization of management information systems! With the rapid spread of its fame in recent years, it began to take its independence and now has independent electronic commerce as a specialty in its own right.

It is also worth noting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab countries that has paid most attention to it, as it has given it a special place. This is when the Kingdom saw the role of electronic commerce and its effective impact on the economy of the individual and the state!, as it enabled large and even small companies to manufacture products According to the buyer's desire, in addition to that working at home helps reduce pressure and effort, and reduce street congestion, in addition to the emergence of new goods and services that did not exist before.

Best e-commerce forums

Marketing and E-Commerce Jobs

Career opportunities for e-commerce graduates

The future of studying e-commerce is bright and bright, and it entails high financial wages.

Graduates of this major can study modern technology that helps them acquire new experiences and skills. 

Let's rank the most important career opportunities for students of this major:

1- Information researcher assistant.

2- Information researcher.

3- Information specialist.

4- Senior information specialist.

5- E-Commerce Analyst.

6- Business Intelligence Analyst.

7- Database Repository Analyst.

8- E-commerce consultants.

9- Analyst of management information systems.

10- Analyst of strategic information systems.

The best areas of modern e-commerce:

The e-commerce sector is divided into three categories:

In all of these categories we can identify the following areas of e-commerce:

Computer science/computer science

field of economics.

field of consumer behavior.

The field of information systems management.

Fields of robotics and statistical sciences.

Writing news and content.

Marketing and advertising.

field of human resource management.

?Is e-commerce difficult?

 This specialization is considered one of the modern specializations, as it integrates information technology and business administration, and as we mentioned earlier, this specialization falls under the specialization of management information systems. In order to realize how difficult or easy this specialization is, you must know the materials that you need to study in this specialization, and then the decision to choose to enter this section will be up to you, so we can see what these materials are:

smart business systems

E-commerce and electronic payment

Principles of administration

leading businesses

Website design and management


Introduction to E-Business

electronic work technology

Commercial Legislation

Securing and organizing websites

E-Business Systems Development

What are the principles of marketing?

?Ethical and Legal Issues in E-Business  

The most important e-business strategies

E-commerce tools and applications 

After the inclusion of these materials and knowing the aspects and angles of this specialization, it is up to you to delve into this specialty or move forward in another specialization, but let me explain to you something, my dear reader, that there is no field without fatigue! Each specialty has its pros and cons, but the ending matters! What will you benefit if you choose a specialty that may seem easy to you at first and then do not get a vacancy or you are waiting for a lifetime trying to find a job you need! Your study that you spent your life for.

The most important characteristics of the worker in the field of e-marketing:

Knowing the qualities of an e-marketing employee is very important. As the marketing worker is considered a responsible employee with unenviable tasks, and among these responsibilities is the development of communication strategies with consumer customers to achieve the largest number of sales in a company. And transactions depend on his intelligence and his method of e-marketing, dear reader. The monthly salary of the e-marketer is imaginary and amazing, and his position is commendable, in addition to his word being heard, and he knew that the wages of the (advertiser) or the computerized e-marketer are somewhat higher than the rates of wages of the various experts on this platform. Currently, the average computerized advertiser in the US pays more than $96K each year (more than $45 per hour) with reach between $83K - $119K

How to work with e-commerce and make profits from it


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