Make money from YouTube in innovative ways

 The smartest strategy for how to monetize your YouTube channel

With the advancement of science and modern technology, we notice that there has been a radical change in the world as a whole in all its aspects, so that the method of earning a living has become dependent on the Internet! The Internet has positively invaded the human mind, and  provided it with various ways for people to access it and earn dollars from it. You hardly see a young man who does not work part-time in the world of the Internet.

 It has become very simple and very widespread, and on the whole; Today, dear reader, we will present to you an article on how to profit from social media sites, especially YouTube , which is one of the most important and most famous social networking sites .

Before talking about profit strategies from YouTube, we must first understand the most important criteria for profit from the YouTube channel.

Make profit on YouTube in innovative ways

Youtube monetization terms and conditions

There are important criteria that any YouTuber must take into account when creating a YouTube channel and making dollars from it, as it is true that you can earn a lot of huge profits from YouTube, but this only happens according to specific criteria set by “Youtube” itself, and one of the most important conditions for profit from YouTube the following:

Your YouTube channel complies with the YouTube Partner Program policies.

In September of 2019, the name of the " YouTube Partner Program Policies " was changed to "YouTube Monetization Policies" by YouTube itself, as these policies are: A set of terms and conditions that must be adhered to by any YouTube channel creator. It is mentioned that these standards are closely related to the emotions of viewers, as they are conditions related to honor and integrity, and avoid endangering or deceiving viewers' lives.

 In the event of failure to implement this important criterion, your  YouTube  channel may be subject to a ban by the YouTube company itself, and from here we will show you the most prominent of these policies, which in turn are divided into four main sections:

Security and Safety Policy (Forum Help)

This type of YouTube policy was defined as: a set of important guidelines and instructions that are often specific to the nature of "acceptable and unacceptable" content on the YouTube platform, where any content creator is required to abide by these instructions and guidelines.

Service Rules (Terms)

It boils down to being a set of laws issued by YouTube itself on both the viewer and the creator of the YouTube channel.

Adsense program policy.

You cannot make money from your YouTube channel until you first create a special account for you on the Google Adsense program, which in turn has its own criteria, which each YouTube channel creator is required to adhere to.

Help and guidance on good content for advertisers.

If you want to create your own YouTube channel, you must first choose the specialty that attracts the viewer’s eye and arouses his interest, in addition to the content being good enough for Google Adsense ads to be published on it.

These four conditions were specific to the first condition of the YouTube Partner Program Policies, we now move to the second condition.

The YouTube channel creator must live in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

Dear reader, it is true that the news is somewhat disappointing, but it is true, as not all countries are allowed to create a YouTube channel and profit from it, as some countries are unfortunately prohibited from this type of opportunity , and you can find out if your country is among the banned countries or not only by By visiting the official Google page.

YouTube ads

The requirement that your YouTube channel get 4000 watch hours in one year.

I think that the matter has become more complicated and the competition has become very intense. Achieving 4000 watch hours is not easy, but believe me it is worth it, because after that, you will not be satisfied with making your profits from your YouTube channel.

The condition that the channel gets 1000 subscribers.

This condition exists from 2018, so let me be more transparent and clear with you, dear reader, then you will not and will not get one dollar if you do not meet the condition of 1000 participants, and you will not be accepted by the policies of the AdSense Partners program even if you achieve 999 subscribers.

 It only requires 1000 subscribers and more, and my advice! Do not submit the subscription application until you are well sure that you got 1000 subscribers or more because some subscribers, unfortunately, cancel their subscription to the channel, which negatively affects the acceptance of the application for subscription.

Create an account on Google Adsense

Well, after you fulfill the previous terms of the YouTube Partner Program policies, create an account on Google Adsense, as Google Adsense is one of Google's affiliate companies, which provides the opportunity for publishers to make huge profits from them by publishing ads on your channel content.

To make a profit from YouTube, dear reader, you must apply these criteria each one separately, and remember well in case you violate any of these previous conditions, you may receive a rejection or ban from YouTube, based on YouTube 's profit-making policies .

How to enable monetization on my channel

There are necessary requirements that must be met in order to activate the monetization feature on the YouTube channel; These requirements are:

Log in to the YouTube content owner account.

In the upper right corner, select the Account icon > Manage Content.

On the left menu, select Video Manager > Videos.

You can filter entries by channel by selecting the dropdown arrow next to Channel Filter at the top of the screen and selecting the channel.

Select the video you want to monetize.

At the top of the screen, tap Actions > Monetization.

Once monetization is enabled on a channel, it will be enabled for any new videos you upload to that channel.

Thus, you have achieved the advantage of activating the monetization of your YouTube channel.

How to create a YouTube studio account to monetize

You can now earn a lot of dollars from YouTube Studio, after you open an account on YouTube Studio, which is done according to the following steps:

Go to YouTube Studio.

Register your own account on YouTube Studio.

At the top left of the screen, click on the profile picture.

Then click on YouTube Studio.

After applying the previous steps, you will have to re-authenticate and log into the channel again.

Thus, you will be able to create a YouTube studio account and make profits from it.

Ways to make money from YouTube

To earn profits from YouTube, you must follow a smart strategy through which you can attract viewers, and always make sure to choose profitable niches that will help you in a short period of time to achieve your profits from the YouTube channel.

Working with the affiliate marketing system, because it will help you in making profits from your YouTube channel.

Posting Adsense ads on your channel's video content.

Marketing your products through the YouTube channel.

Mastering the SEO skill to deliver the YouTube channel to the largest number of viewers.

And other smart strategies that can return you fantastic profits, if you have mastered their use.

This information was provided to you, dear reader, for the purpose of making profits from YouTube, where you can rely on this information when you want to create a channel on YouTube and earn a monthly income from it, as it is worth noting that even if it takes a lot of time and effort from you, you can include your future.

Thus, we reached the end of our article, which was about "Make profit on YouTube in innovative ways". We hope you liked it, dear reader.

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