What is the secret of successful search engine optimization?

 When it comes to lead generation or finding important business leads and looking for more customers for our products or services, we always go for SEO and see the solution in optimizing them and spending time on them. Of course, this trend makes sense because more than 62% of B2B (Business to Business) sales market operators, also called business sales, believe that there is nothing more important than choosing the right strategy to improve SEO and get it to bring in traffic. Membership to find new clients will not lead to success.

Speaking of any type of website you come across, it doesn't matter what industry they are in or how they operate, the fact is that more than 52% of website visitors find them through SEO. This means that 52% of site visits are organic visits.

Many small business owners and digital marketing activists have realized how important it is to have backlinks and why they should direct more backlinks to SEO optimized content.

Backlinks act like trust votes. Backlinks tell search engines and especially Google, which is used in more than 92% of all online searches in the world, that website content with high backlinks should be trusted more. In short, having backlinks is like being in a car race, except with the help of more backlinks you start the race a few minutes earlier than the others and reach the finish line faster.

Although we cannot deny the amazing effect of backlinks on SEO, the quality of the content for which we intend to get backlinks is also of great importance and should be informative and able to answer most of the researchers’ questions.

The problems we face with expensive backlinks

What is off-page SEO? You will not need another guide!!

If you have been in contact with large websites with high SEO rankings and received backlinks from them, then you must have noticed the extraordinary effect of these high quality backlinks on SEO sites. This effect has caused most digital marketers to bother themselves or their companies and incur huge costs to obtain high-quality backlinks.

This form of digital marketers either pay digital marketing agencies as little as 50-500 dollars, or they start working on their own and through networking with other websites, trying to make money in any way. Get more links.

The method digital marketers use to obtain backlinks they plan to send emails to communicate with content managers at other companies. Most likely, if you have made efforts related to getting backlinks or have a highly visited website, you must have come across backlink request emails until today. Usually, out of every 50 to 250 emails, only one gets a positive response, in short, getting high quality backlinks is not an easy task.

When you plan to pay for backlinks, it does not matter if you pay for backlinks or give backlinks to the other party, in any case, you will have a lower budget for buying backlinks every month. If your choice of backlink is incorrect and you miss your set budget, your site's SEO rank will miss the chance to grow a bit.

But on the other hand, if you use the strategy of creating digital relations (Digital PR), you will receive more effective results and for your time and costs, the SEO improvement of your site will grow exponentially. Below you will learn more about the concept of digital relationships.

?How do you increase your chances of getting backlinks through digital connections

Experience has shown that in order to have a better view of the high-quality content you have produced, backlink request alone does not work, and it is better to establish digital relationships with others and maintain this good relationship with them all the time.

This means that if you are connecting to a website or other company online, do not attempt to end the call by getting a link. Instead of getting a number of backlinks, get more links by maintaining a long-term digital relationship.

Sending 5-10 email requests will probably be enough to get a guest post or interview that will be broadcast as a podcast. Sometimes you don't even need to send formal emails and with one call you can get guest post or report on other sites. But instead, it is recommended to strengthen your relationship with popular content managers, bloggers and podcast producers and, when needed, get help from each of them according to their abilities.

Build a relationship that maximizes your

impact The result of using a digital relationship strategy usually means more than a simple backlink. Because you can establish good friendly relations with companies that are not your competitors and at the same time create an honest relationship with other influencers, journalists and producers.

Over time, you can make your influence in these relationships stronger and stronger. There will be a time when you will think about holding joint marketing campaigns, for example, you will hold joint webinars and gatherings with this group of your friends. At worst, if things don't go the way you want them to, simply present the capabilities of both of you in the newsletters you publish. In short, the more creative you are, the more effective your digital relationships will be in your business.

Start creating reusable or shareable content

If you email someone for a backlink, at best and if you're lucky, you'll eventually get a backlink number. But if you use a digital communication strategy to get backlinks, you will have to produce content that, if shared with your audience, will not only strengthen your brand but also enhance your relationship with your digital friends.

In this case, you can share the best video, audio or video content and use all communication channels available to you to transmit this high quality content.

Get everyone's attention to your content in the shortest possible time

A backlink has the ability to get your content to the first pages of Google results, but things don't always go your way and they may not. If the competition market is hot in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe content that you have produced, the competitors have not given the opportunity to see your link to the customers you are considering who have already occupied the first positions in Google.

A digital relationship strategy will at least ensure that you have peace of mind because more users are viewing your content rather than just a regular backlink.

For example, if at the end of a podcast or ad report you mention a link to SEO-optimized content, don't suspect that after publishing that podcast or ad report, thousands of direct visits will be directed to the said link has become. Listeners either click on the title link or search the internet for the name and title mentioned in the podcast.

The important thing about the backlinks you get through digital relationships is that you may not get the desired results in a certain time frame. Instead, we can hope that the traffic generated by this model from backlinks will move towards you over time and over a longer period of time.

Look for links from sites that have a higher domain rank.

Digital marketers and SEOs understand that the quality of backlinks is far more important than their quantity. Getting backlinks from sites with Domain Authotiy or a higher Domain Rank has greatly increased your SEO chances and cannot be compared to backlinks from lower quality websites.

When you use online media to promote your link building strategy, you will find more and more quality websites that are willing to give you backlinks. There are many video content publishing sites that have a domain ranking of 80-90. If the average web domain score for all websites is between 40 and 50.

Reuse your best content

When entrepreneurs and marketers look to develop their digital relationship strategy, at some point they ask themselves how to generate new ideas or, so to speak, not reduce them? Is it possible that I am not creative anymore?

The good news is that your best ideas are so valuable that you can use them in many ways. You can produce content around specific and good content, many times and in different ways on different websites. Or present your desired product from different sides on different websites. You can also give guest posts that have similar content with relatively little visibility and differences with other websites to post for you.

It is a fact that backlinks make search engines pay more attention to your content. But when you use a digital relationship strategy to get more backlinks, you make your audience focus on a specific goal.

last word

The secret of SEO success is nothing more than getting more backlinks or spending huge amounts on ineffective ads on regular or premium websites. We recommend that you do not limit your relationships to getting a backlink from others and try to constantly maintain your digital connection and establish cordial relationships with the most competent people in the world of digital marketing.

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