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Is cucumber a fruit or a vegetable?

?Is cucumber a fruit or a vegetable

There is a lot of controversy about cucumbers, that famous green food that almost no home in the Arab world is devoid of. Is it a fruit or a vegetable? 
We grew up thinking that cucumbers are vegetables. For us, this information is an unquestionable truth. Was what we were brought up to do right, or was it just a myth?   

Follow the following lines to find out the answer.

Knowing which foods are vegetarian and which are fruit can be quite a challenge for some. Most people apply a well-known method to classify food as fruits or vegetables. If the food is salty, it is classified as a vegetable, while if it is sweet, it is classified as a fruit. Recently, the cucumber has become controversial, and people have disagreed about it. One group says that it is a vegetable, and another says that it is a fruit. Do you think which one is right?

Cucumber is a food grown all over the world. Few people are unaware of it, as it is well known for its cylindrical shape, convex on both sides, and its beautiful green color. 

?Is cucumber a fruit or a vegetable

Before deciding what a cucumber is, it is important to understand the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. A vegetable is the edible parts of a plant which can include leaves, stems, roots, and flowers. "Fruits are the ripe ovaries of a flowering plant," says Elina Baravantes, a renowned dietitian who studies Mediterranean food and author of the book The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners.

Which one does the choice belong to exactly? Nutritionists have the answer for you!

Cucumbers are a great source of healthy nutrients and can be considered a middle ground among vegetables and fruits. Although cucumbers are mostly used as a vegetable, they are sometimes classified as a fruit.

Cucumber is actually not a plant, but a type of fruit that belongs to the pumpkin plant family. Most people treat cucumbers as a vegetable because they are used primarily in the manufacture of many foods and salads, and therefore do not fully understand why cucumbers are classified as a fruit.

Nutritionists say that cucumbers are technically a fruit because they grow from the flower of the cucumber plant and contain seeds. But when it comes to cooking, cucumbers are referred to as a vegetable.

Cucumber remains in the eyes of most, if not all, people as a vegetable. No matter how much I try to explain to them, vegetables remain the category to which the cucumber belongs.

The benefits of cucumber for the health of the body

There are plenty of reasons why you should add cucumbers to your diet. Among its benefits:

* It is highly moisturizing. In fact, cucumbers are 96% water.

* Cucumber contains a small amount of fiber that helps in intestinal health and prevents constipation.

Cucumbers are a good source of potassium, which is important for bone health and blood clotting.

Cucumber is a food that contains beta-carotene, an important component of eye health.
Cucumbers are a great way to satisfy hunger between meals. They are good as a snack between main meals, but not as ideal food to eat as a main meal.
pear * Cucumber is rich in vitamin C (necessary to boost immunity).

* Cucumber is rich in magnesium, which improves the performance of nerves and muscles. One cucumber contains about 40 mg of magnesium and 10 mg of vitamin C.

* Cucumber is virtually calorie-free. 5% of its components consist of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This makes cucumbers a great way to cut calories without feeling deprived.

* Cucumber is commonly used in cosmetics and skin care products.

* Cucumber has great benefit for treating tired eyes. Cucumber slices can be placed on the eyes for a few minutes, which helps reduce swelling and gives a better appearance. 
Cucumber can be used as a base for appetizers instead of bread, for example, use thick slices of cucumber and cover them with some smoked salmon, tuna or cheese for a light and tasty appetizer.

* Eating cucumber flourishes in Ramadan. Ramadan is a month that many people enjoy because it includes abstaining from drinking water. The fasting period is easy for those who eat cucumbers during suhoor, as well as for those who suffer from constant thirst.
Cucumbers are very useful in combating bad breath. Many people suffer from this problem and find it embarrassing. Cut a thin slice of cucumber and put it in your mouth. Then the mouth is closed and kept in the dungeon for only thirty seconds. After that time, it can be taken out of the mouth and disposed of. This will help eliminate bad breath.

* To get the maximum benefit from the vitamins present in the cucumber, such as vitamin C, B and various minerals, you must eat the cucumber without removing its peel.

* Cucumber is also beneficial for the skin and is often used to care and moisturize it.

* Cucumber has many uses and can be added to many dishes to get delicious and delicious food.

* Cucumber plays an important role in treating hair problems especially when it comes to hair care products.

After resolving the controversy surrounding cucumber and answering the question: Is cucumber a fruit or a vegetable? Wait for us in an upcoming article, the time to answer another question that concerns many, and a controversy arose about it, no less than the controversy surrounding cucumbers. This question is: Are tomatoes a vegetable or a fruit?

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