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?Have you ever heard of backlinks

?Do you know what is its importance to your site and its great role in improving your site

?Do you know the relationship of backlinks to the number of visitors who come to your site

?Do you know that backlinks enhance Google's confidence in you

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? controls that must be available in backlinks to be useful for the site

Backlinks or backlinks are a very important factor in gaining Google’s trust and access to the first results in the search engine, as well as lowering the site’s ranking in Alexa and increasing the domain authority of the site. We will present to you the 5 most important ways to add backlinks in legitimate ways without being punished by Google.

here is no doubt that backlinks or backlinks are very important and useful for SEO, which is something that no one who has knowledge of SEO, whether he is an expert or a beginner, disagrees with.

Back linux was in the past the main factor in ranking sites, but due to its misuse by publishers, Google started puttingConditions for those links, as I proceeded to analyze the links well before calculating them and knowing their source and their relationship to the subject or not. If Google feels that these links came illegally, it considers this as spam and punishes the site, and the penalty may reach deletion from the search engine results. But there are still many ways to add backlinks legally without being penalized by Google, and in this article we will provide you with 5 ways to add backlinks legally.

SEO Success Factors (Search Engine Optimization)

Controls must be available in backlinks to be useful for the site

There are some controls that must be taken into account when building a backlink for your site to be useful and not cause any problems with Google:

Do not care about the number, but pay attention to the quality of the backlink, because the large numbers that come in illegal ways have become more harmful than beneficial, and if Google does not discover them quickly, be sure that it will drop a site from the search results permanently soon.

The site from which you will build the backlink for your site must be in the same field, and if it is a public site, choose the section that resembles your site and make the backlink from it, because if you build backlinks from sites in different disciplines, Google will indicate doubts about your site.

The sites from which you get backlinks must have a high domain authority, preferably above 20, because this will raise the domain authority of your site and strengthen it.

Do not make a large number of backlinks from one place, so as not to attract attention to you.

Provide useful content in the article that you will get the backlink from.


5 of the worst backlink mistakes made by…

5 ways to add backlinks completely legally

There are many ways to add backlinks without being penalized by Google.

Domains are expired

One of the best ways to get a useful backlink for the site is to buy expired domains that have a high authority domain and are related to the domain of your site, and these domains are not renewed by their owners and are sold on many sites such as ExpiredDomains and Moonsy, but make sure that these sites are not punished From Google so as not to harm your site, and after choosing the appropriate domain, make a conversion to it on your site in order to benefit from the search quantities on it and also the domain authority will be passed to your site, which makes it stronger.

blogging network

Doing a network of blogs and publishing them to get a backlink for your site is very important and one of the best ways, which has proven its worth for long periods, but you have to be careful so that Google does not discover it and it is better to make each blog of them on a different hosting from the other and a paid domain as well, then do Publish about 5 useful topics on each blog that are related to your site, but do not copy content from your site to publish on blogs and do not rush to build backlinks from them, wait several weeks before doing so, and do not backlinks from all blogs at once.

Websites 2.0

It is a group of sites that allow you to publish and get back linux through it, which are large sites with a high domain authority, and the back linux that you refer to your site through is of great interest, and these sites such as Pinterest, Soundcloud and many others.

Post in forums

One of the oldest and still useful methods is posting in forums, but be careful not to use automatic posting tools and also do not publish in sections that are not related to the domain of your site.

Comments on related topics

One of the important ways is to interact and put comments on topics related to your field, but do not comment directly, actually read the topic, put a useful comment, write your name and your site link at the end of the comment, and avoid suspicious comments such as the word thank you only with your site link in this case, you will often be banned of comments and delete your comment.

There are many other ways to build backlinks, but I chose the aforementioned methods of adding backlinks to emphasize their importance, as well as to emphasize the importance of backlinks in gaining Google's trust and producing results easily.

Mistakes you make when converting to your site

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