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 Even doing the best SEO solutions may not be enough to make your site the first in search engine results, because Google's search engine algorithms have taken into account more than 200 SEO factors .

So it is almost impossible to SEO the entire website content for every factor, but there are very important SEO indicators for marketing and SERP.

How to make your site the first search results in Google?

There are important points you should pay attention to:

 High quality content and content length

Content will always be the first factor to get rankings in search results, I found search algorithms and SEO factors in the foundation to reach high quality content.

You should create high quality content and take more seriously at this point, without good content all your SEO efforts will be without any benefits.

As for the length of the content, by examining the top sites on the first page in Google, it was found that the average word count is 2000 words.

But this should not be a reason to write unconsciously, if you do not provide additional value to users in this matter why then the unjustified addition of content, you will lose in return the high quality of the content.

Also stay away from the process of stuffing a keyword in order to get the ranking, it is one of the bad

Meta Descrtiption? SEO techniques that will lead to the punishment of your site.

Good content is the first point that you should pay attention to in your SEO plan, again do not neglect this point.

 Domain Authority

From the point of view of SEO experts, the strength of the domain is indicative of the credibility of the site, this number is determined by Moz on a scale of 1-100.

Moz has over 40 SEO factors in its Domain Authority account , from the domains associated with the site to the total number of incoming links, websites with a large number of high-quality inbound links receive the highest DA index.

With few or no links, new sites usually have low domain authority.

From an SEO expert's point of view, you'll need to increase the power of your domain:

Build high quality backlinks (external links).

Paying attention to the internal SEO of the site and making the necessary improvements.

Attention to the internal links of the site.

Writing high quality content .

Attention to the user experience.

 Page Authority

Page Authority is also an indicator measured by Moz, and it shows how closely a particular page of the site matches the search results.

The page rating is 1-100 and varies based on many factors. In practice, it is easier to increase PA from 20 to 30, but it is more difficult to reach 70.

The algorithms and SEO factors used to calculate page strength are updated regularly and the site index may fluctuate from time to time.

Domain strength and page strength indicators for your site or competitor sites can be checked using Moz tools.

You can also use free tools to measure domain authority .

 Number of indexed pages

Of course, the number of pages indexed in Google does not automatically affect the ranking of your site, in other words, it does not mean that just because a site has a large number of indexed pages, it means that it has high rankings on the web search results page.

However, having a large number of indexed pages helps a deeper analysis of the site by search engine crawlers.

This is because more external links (backlinks) may refer to the site, if you are an SEO professional , then you know the benefit of this point and how it works.

At the same time, having a lot of pages on the site means more offers, more content, and therefore more views and visitors.

Site speed

It's no secret, site loading speed has become one of the most important SEO factors. Improving site page load speed is so important that search engines now take into account Google PageSpeed ​​indicators for SERPs .

In addition, the faster the site loads, the higher the conversion rate and the better expected earnings.

At the same time, the indicators of mobile speed and desktop speed are separated, which is the speed of loading the site , respectively, when visited by phone and computer.

Site loading speed is affected by a variety of factors, from the size and number of images on the site to the amount of software applications (plugins, JavaScript files, etc.) attached to the site.

From the point of view of an SEO specialist , to get the best site loading speed, you will have to follow the following:

Reducing the size of images in terms of large sizes (1600 and above must be reduced).

Reducing the image size in kilobytes.

Reduce the number and size of JavaScript files.

Reduce the size and number of CSS files.

For images, it would be better not to use plugins, from the point of view of an SEO expert, it would always be better to reduce the size of images online using tools before uploading them to the site.

The concept of mobile compatibility is that the site appears in an appropriate size with different device sizes (phone, computer, tablet), which contributes to the site's ranking in search engines .

Website design that is compatible with all devices has a significant impact on the chances of a website appearing at the top of the web search results page.

The user-friendly and responsive site provides more views and visits, while a good user experience ensures that visitors come back to the site again.

On-Page SEO A complete explanation of internal SEO

There are many ranking factors in Google , but at the top is a group of these factors. Your interest in the mentioned factors does not mean that your site will get ranked quickly, but it will improve and facilitate better access to the top of the web search results.

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