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Ingredients for kofta kebab, shish kebab and Aleppo kebab

 Ingredients for kofta kebab, shish kebab and Aleppo kebab

The food that is prepared from minced meat with fat by grilling on charcoal using grilling skewers is known as grills or as kebab in many countries, and the word kebab is of Aramaic origins known from the famous Aleppine cuisine, who was the first to know it, and the people of Aleppo were unique in their different types of kebab or minced meat that has spread in many countries,

The difference between kofta and kebab

Since each of them has an important nutritional value in terms of calories, fats, saturated fats, carbohydrates and protein, there is a clear and noticeable difference between them! For example, kofta is prepared from red meat and is dark, and if we want to prepare it from chicken meat, it will be light in color and mixed with other ingredients, As for the kebab, it is spherical in shape, most of it is made of red meat! , It is not mixed with other ingredients.

Types of meat kebab 

There are many types of meat kebab and these types are 

Kofta Kebab

It is minced meat with spices and some vegetables such as onions and parsley.

Shish kebab: 

Cubed meat pieces are stacked on a skewer and then grilled over charcoal!

Halabi Kebab:

 It is minced meat with parsley and garlic, and it is also known as Khashkhash kebab

Orfali kebab

It is minced meat mixed with eggplant.
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As usual, kebabs are eaten with spicy tanouri bread, or baladi bread with pickles and various salads.

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Thus, dear reader, you have reached the end of the article, which was about the most important information about kebabs, the types of kebabs, and the difference between them and kofta. We hope that you have benefited from the article. 

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