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How to unlock Facebook if you forgot the password

  How to unlock facebook if you forgot the password

Many of the pioneers of the Facebook platform face the problem of “forgetting the password”, which leads them to create a new Facebook, and lose all the information in the old account, but this matter has become easy to solve, as we have found the most appropriate solution to the problem of “unlocking Facebook if you forgot the password” The secret, if you want to know the solution dear reader, continue reading the article.

How to recover a Facebook account if you forgot the password and the phone number is locked

Log in to any browser from your device, and then login to your Facebook account .

Scroll down and you will find a tab that says "Support / Help".

Then click on the "Manage your account" tab.

After that, click on "Login" and add your password, then click on Register in your account.

Then go to the "Login Problems" link, and then choose "I can't log into the Facebook account".

After that, click on know the mobile phone number or email.

Add either the email or the phone number in the space provided for it.

Then click on the “Search” tab.

If you find your account, click on it and send "Reset password for account".

Register your email and click on the continue button.

Add the code consisting of a digit year in the field assigned to it.

- Start typing a new password, make sure of it, then press the "Continue" button.

By applying these methods, you will have solved "How to open Facebook and I forgot the password" easily, and there is another way

To find out how to know the Facebook account from the phone number as well.

?How do I recover my Facebook account with an old password

If you want to recover your Facebook account using a previous password, all you have to do is apply the following steps

Go to the Facebook platform and register your email to retrieve the password.

- A new window will be displayed to you containing a message telling you that your account is not opened, for this we click on the "Forgot Password" icon.

A new page will be displayed, now you will type your email, a group of accounts will appear after clicking on the "Search" button.

If you do not find your account, click on the "No longer accessible" icon.

-Again a new window will be displayed for you, add your email twice.

If your account is on Facebook, a security question will be asked about you.

-If you do not find the answer, rely on your friends by searching in the pictures.

You choose three friends based on Facebook's request.

-Click on the "Send" button, and then on the "Choose icons for friends" tab.

-You will then collect all the codes that have been sent to friends, and then click on the "Send" button.

-You will be asked to reset the password on your Facebook account, set a new password, wait until within 24 hours, Facebook will be retrieved to you again, and it can be said that this method is also called "recover a Facebook account through friends".

How do I recover an old Facebook account that I can't sign in to

You just have to follow these steps:

Go to the profile of the account to be recovered.

Click on the dots... below the cover photo.

-Specify the search for reporting or support for the profile.

-Click on (Account Recovery), and follow the steps.

All the previous methods help you recover the old Facebook account for you, instead of bothering to create a new Facebook account, rely on these simple methods in the event that you cannot log in to your Facebook.


If you do not want your Facebook account, at least access and download your information on Facebook, before your Facebook account is stolen, in order to preserve your privacy.

Thus, we came to the end of our article, which was about "solving the problem of how to open Facebook and I forgot the password." We hope, dear reader, that you liked it.

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