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How to treat oily skin for men

 Men with oily skin face the same problems as women due to the increased oily secretion on their skin, which is sometimes embarrassing for them and on top of that the pimples and acne they sometimes try to get rid of. But this solution is not for everyone, so what is the treatment for men with oily skin? What is the best way to care for oily skin in men?

Causes and treatment of oily skin problems in men

Many people do not encourage male facial plastic surgery, except when it is absolutely necessary due to the lack of this culture in some people, but things are not limited to that, because men generally do not know how to care for their skin, so it is, especially oily skin, from The most well-known reasons for the increase in oily skin problems in men:

does not take care of acne, and does not treat pimples

Neglecting most of the treatments for oily skin for men can lead to an increase in the size of acne and pimples on the face, and if oily skin does not use creams or lotions, the problem may worsen over time .

Excessive sweating

With people who already have oily skin with increased sebum production, excessive sweating often leads to clogged skin pores.

Increase testosterone

Testosterone can increase the proportion of oil secretion in the whole body, including the face, which is especially evident for people with oily skin, and it is one of the problems that must be solved by medical methods.

Wrong eating habits Any wrong
eating habits from eating pickled or fatty foods will greatly increase the secretion of facial oil.x

The difference between oily skin for men and women

There are several differences between oily skin in men and oily skin in women that make oily skin in men more problematic than women, the most important of which are:

Men's skin is known to be oily and has larger pores than women and is also rich in testosterone. Therefore, oily skin in men requires a certain level of care, cleansing and constant lipid balance, especially since most men ignore the advice to rely on chemical peels.

The outer layer of the skin in men is 20-30% thicker than in women, so men are less prone to wrinkles than women.

Increased blood circulation in men makes the face more prone to redness from dilated blood vessels.

Compared to women, men produce less sebum after puberty, so men's skin is generally drier.

On the other hand, men's skin is more prone to more hair follicles and glands that produce more sebum, making it more prone to breakouts.

How to treat oily skin for men

To treat oily skin in men, there are several guaranteed steps to solve oily skin problems, which are chronic for most people, including:

Reducing the number of washing the face

Oily skin Although there is a lot of oily secretions in it, frequent washing of the face every day can cause an increase in these secretions instead of removing them, especially when using regular soap or some preparations that are not suitable for oily skin, especially when choosing a lotion, and continuous drying It can make matters worse if you choose the right type, it should be suitable for oily skin, the lotion should not contain oil, and it is better if it contains one of the following ingredients, such as retinol, salicylic acid or hyaluronic acid. Affordable and available in pharmacies specializing in products for oily skin such as Vichy There are also Bidema, Neutrogena and Garnier products, so it is better to use special preparations for oily skin, including products rich in natural substances, there is no need to wash the skin more than twice a day.

Washing the face with warm water

Warm water is the best option for oily men's skin instead of cold or hot water because it removes excess sebum and reduces the process of sebum production on the skin.

Avoid using moisturizing creams

. Oily skin is the last type of skin that needs an extra moisturizing ingredient. Giving it more moisturizer helps increase the buildup of skin sebum on the pores.

Using moisturizing oils for the skin

Many people believe that the number one standard for maintaining and treating oily skin in men is to stay away from any type of oil lest it worsen, but instead, research has proven that the use of certain types of oils by men with oily skin deceive them. The skin, which leads it to reduce the secretion of sebum and then paid off, including skin care products rich in jojoba oil, which also helped remove acne and blackheads.

It is

best not to get in the habit of putting your hands on your cheeks or resting your head on the palm of your hand a lot, as this will transfer oil and the possibility of acne from one area to another, and it is better not to rub your face with your hands or any other. Tools.

Changing your lifestyle and diet

Excess sebum production is affected by hormonal changes, so it is best to take a serious decision to change your diet. The most important steps to achieve this are:
* Avoid eating high-fat foods

* Reduce the consumption of ready-to-eat and canned foods

* Reduce the intake of spicy food

* Eat more vegetables and fruits

* Eat foods rich in fiber instead of fat

* Reduce the intake of dairy products, as its hormones help It increases the production of sebum in the skin, and the rapid appearance of acne.

Milk of magnesia for oily skin

Skin care experts recommend using magnesium-treated milk in your oily skin care routine for men, especially because it is available and affordable, and it also reduces the rate at which pores secrete oily substances. All you have to do is clean it on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash it off. Your face is good and you will notice the results after a while.
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How to take care of oily skin for men

Oily skin for men and its treatment is one of the most important things that bothers its owners, in order to take care of oily men’s skin, there are some habits that must be followed in order to reduce the size of the problems caused by oily skin, the most important of which are:

Make sure to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells .

Avoid using razors or razors with others.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Don't try to clear a pimple until it clears up on its own.

Wash your face well after exercising, as sweat can clog pores and pimples, especially if they are large.

Use a good moisturizer after showering and after shaving, preferably moisturizers that contain ingredients that keep the skin hydrated for 24 hours (Hydra Vuitton 24), as well as compounds that soothe the skin, and should also contain a sunscreen with a protective factor. (SPF10: SPF20)

Use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 15 (SPF 30) in the summer to protect the skin from UV rays and skin cancer for those in the sun for long periods of time

Use a face wash designed for oily skin without chemicals. There are many anti-aging and skin care products for men

Exercising regularly

Avoid stress and irritability
Ensure early sleep for sufficient periods

Men often neglect oily skin care and skin-related problems, which exacerbates them, especially given their lack of interest in using oily skin care products It is difficult for them to choose homemade face masks, and today we offer you four quick recipes that you can do based on men’s cleansing of oily skin only twice a week, they are:

Tomato mask

All you have to do is cut the tomato in half and place the two parts on your cheeks for 15 minutes so that the tomato juice can be absorbed by your skin pores, then rinse your face with cold water to close the pores and prevent the spread of bacteria. And preferably weekly. Repeat twice until you notice a difference. You can also mix some juice with tomato honey. Honey is a natural moisturizer that removes bacteria from acne on your face, then rinse your face after only a quarter of an hour of the mixture.

Papaya Mask Papa

cleanses the oily skin of men and removes acne and excess oils, so it is recommended to make a papaya and yogurt mask by mashing a small papaya fruit with a spoon of yogurt, then placing the mixture on the face for 10 to 15 minutes, then heating it. Rinse the face with water.

Jelly and lemon mask

Many people do not know that jelly candies can be used to make a very effective mask for treating and cleansing oily skin. Mix 3 tablespoons of jelly powder with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and warm it in the microwave for a few minutes before serving. Take it out again to cool, then put it on the skin to dry, then wipe the mask with your fingers to do the peeling process properly, rinse your face with cold water and repeat the experiment twice a week for best results.


This is a quick fix for those who are in crisis when making a mask because just dip a cotton pad in vinegar and put it on your face for 10 minutes before going to bed, then rinse your face with cool water.

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Oily skin lotion for men

Many men with oily skin, the nature of the skin needs special care, so they are looking for oily skin suitable for men. This is one of the problems with this skin, and here are some preparations for oily skin for men:

Sébium Lotion: Suitable for people with oily skin as it deeply cleanses the skin and removes acne.

Vichy lotion for oily skin: ideal for men with oily skin as it deeply cleanses the skin and removes excess sebum secretions.

Lightening oily skin for men

Due to excessive exposure to the harmful rays of the sun, men’s skin can also become dark due to the increased production of melanin, which increases the darkening of the skin, so men are advised to use sunscreen before exposure to the sun, and there are many natural formulations that can help reduce the amount From light in men.Oily skin.

Men also want to lighten their oily skin, is there a difference? Or are they all the same way, whether male or female? Here is the answer.

Many people want to have clean, bright and blemish-free skin, including men, so what are the ways to lighten oily skin in men? Here is the answer:

Lightening oily skin for men: Medical creams

Here is how to lighten oily skin in men using medical or home remedies after consulting a doctor.

Medical treatments: Including prescription creams, available after consultation with your doctor. The ointment contains one or more of the following: Hydroquinone.

Here are more details about their use and their side effects

1. How to use medical creams

As for how to use them, they are as follows:

* Use the least amount once or twice a week on the areas you want to whiten only.

* Make sure that the cream does not reach the area around the eyes, mouth or nose.

Use a cotton swab to apply the cream or wash your hands before and after applying the cream.

Leave the cream-covered area of ​​skin away from any other skin for several hours.

* Use sunscreen when exposed to the sun.

*Continue use for 3-4 months or until your doctor tells you to stop.

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 Side effects of creams

These ingredients should only be prescribed on the advice of a doctor because they have side effects on the skin and should be monitored after starting use, such as:

redness and swelling.

Tingling and burning feeling.

Itching and peeling of the skin.

Skin pigmentation.

Thinning of the skin's surface.

The appearance of scars.

The appearance of blood vessels on the surface of the skin.

Lightening oily skin in men: other

treatments There are other treatments that also require medical supervision, such as oral treatment and laser therapy. Here are more details about them:

Oral treatment

Glutathione, an antioxidant compound, is a skin-lightening treatment that reduces the presence of melanin in the skin, controls skin tone, and fights skin-damaging free radicals.

Injection and laser therapy

Injections and laser treatments to lighten oily skin in men are an effective treatment that works quickly and shows results on the surface of the skin.

The injections contain compounds such as: vitamin C, glutathione, etc., and the laser can break up the pigmentation in the skin.

Also, both lasers and injections have long-term effects, but they take several sessions to show their effect.

Lightening oily skin in men: home remedies

There are several ways in which you can lighten oily skin in men at home, such as:
Tomato juice can lighten the skin because it helps in the production of new cells in addition to stimulating the production of collagen.

Cucumber and honey recipe Cucumber helps moisturize, lighten and tighten oily skin, as a mixture of grated cucumber is used and mixed with honey and placed on oily skin.

Lemon juice and honey mask

You can benefit from the skin lightening properties of lemon juice and it can also reduce the appearance of dark spots on the surface of the skin.

Just prepare it as follows:

Mix 1 tablespoon of milk, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

Apply the mixture to a clean face.

Leave the mixture on the face for 20 minutes, then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Potato Mask Potato

juice can lighten the skin without causing any harm. Potatoes are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and other skin-lightening properties.

You can make potato juice and keep it in the fridge for 4 days, then use it as a mask overnight for best results.

Milk Mask Milk

contains lactic acid, a compound that can lighten the skin. You can get its benefits through:

Mix two teaspoons of yogurt with one teaspoon of honey.

Mix all ingredients together to get a smooth mixture.

Apply the mixture for 15 minutes on your skin.

Wash your skin with cool water.

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