How to recover and protect digital currencies?

 Cryptocurrency theft is perhaps   one of the most unpleasant experiences that can happen to anyone. The world of digital currencies is not without these risks. Indeed, in today's world, cryptocurrency theft has risen to an unprecedented level, and Arab countries are not far from this story. But why were cryptocurrencies the target of thieves and scammers? The answer may be that digital currencies can be exchanged easily and are a very attractive target for scammers and thieves.

In the following, we will discuss more about cryptocurrency recovery , ways to prevent property theft, ways to track stolen property and necessary actions in such cases.

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?Can stolen cryptocurrency be recovered

Let's check honestly; Due to the nature  of cryptocurrencies  , when stolen; The probability of returning it is very low. But it is still possible to track their movement between different accounts with the help of tools. But before we discuss this issue, it is not a bad idea to discuss the points that reduce the possibility of cryptocurrency theft. Because as you know, especially in this particular case, prevention is better than cure.

13 Best Ways to Prevent Cryptocurrency Theft

If you own cryptocurrency (no matter how much or how little), never advertise it publicly. There is no reason for the people closest to you to know that you have cryptocurrency.

Never share information about how much cryptocurrency is and how to hold it.

Don't forget to use different passwords for your computer, phone, and wallets.

Enable two-factor authentication for all of your accounts.

Never share your wallet recovery password with others.

As much as possible, do not share your personal devices such as computers, mobile phones, etc., which are associated with your digital currencies.

Try to store your coins in several wallets and if you have to use the platform wallet or exchange; Open an account with at least a few exchanges and spread your coins among them. Of course, don't forget to unlock your accounts with a different email and password on each exchange.

It is best to use complex passwords so that a thief cannot guess your password.

If you have installed different apps on your device and smartphone, be sure to check the authenticity of the app and the source from which you are getting the app.

If you must use a VPN, use only those VPNs that are globally recognized.

If you use free internet and public Wi-Fi, do not enter your wallet, e-mail and do not generally enter passwords in such networks.

Avoid opening suspicious links in emails, SMS messages and social networks.

If possible, get a hardware wallet and transfer most of your coins to it.

Cryptocurrencies must be  protected and taken care of  and daily ensured that they are safe.

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Best way to recover cryptocurrency

If we are lucky, the thief will try to quickly exchange the coins on the exchange as soon as he steals the cryptocurrency. But why lucky? In fact, here two leads are presented to the victim, which makes him hope to recover his property.

The first refusal relates to the address to which the thief transfers the property. There are services to identify and report fraudulent accounts on some websites, which you can do by entering the account to which your coins were transferred; Check if the fraudulent account address has already been detected.

If the person is recognized, their name and details will be displayed. You can also add the scammer's account to this site's database as a victim. The name of this site is bitcoin which may help you. Another way to track your account transactions is through the BlockCypher website; If your coins are transferred to an exchange, the fraudster's account information is available on the exchange's website; So, this person is authenticated and once they cash the assets and transfer them to the banking network, it becomes easier to track them down.

To take legal action, you need to report the theft to the police. If you somehow discover that your assets have been transferred to an exchange (either domestic or foreign), discuss the matter with the support of the exchange and don't forget that you need to file a complaint for legal action.

In the next step, report the problem to your wallet support and provide them with the address of the thief's account.

If your belongings are stolen from an exchange, be sure to report the matter to your bank and private bank and change your login passwords.

If you think you have been caught by malware, make sure your devices are free of any viruses and malware.

In such a situation, it is better to remain calm and calmly investigate all the problems and seek traces of your possessions in order to finally present all the evidence to the police.

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The nature of cryptocurrencies makes them difficult to identify and track, and in the event your assets and currencies are stolen, there is little chance for the victim to find and recover them. So depending on the accuracy, caution, distrust of others and finally trying to prevent theft, the best strategy to use in these cases. In this case, the hands of the most experienced detectives and police are tied, because scammers usually leave very few traces, and crypto-tracking tools are very limited; Therefore, the best thing is to act cautiously and intelligently.


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