How to improve SEO in WordPress in 7 steps

As you know that the WordPress platform has become one of the most famous and most popular platforms, and in order to become a professional blogger on this platform, I offer you tips to publish search results on a platter of gold

 One of the common questions asked by most of the novice webmasters and bloggers is: What is the way to improve the SEO of my site regarding search engines? . This also falls under the question of how to improve SEO in WordPress or how to improve the SEO of any site , considering the many benefits that SEO can bring to your site and its activity.

It is very obvious that this question is frequently asked by novice webmasters and bloggers. While the answer can be complicated at times, there are some concrete steps you can take today to improve your site's rankings in search engines, especially Google.

How to improve SEO in WordPress

Optimizing and optimizing your site for search engines are arranged steps that you take on your site and contain rules to make your website more suitable for search engines. These rules can play a very important role in raising or lowering your position if you do not improve and ensure that the steps are safe.

For example, you can bypass and prevent accidentally accessing search engine bots and they cannot read and index your pages through an error, for example, in the roboot commands. txt file on your site, or your sitemap file includes irrelevant URLs such as site registration links or member profile links. . . etc. They are all files that are not important and should be indexed on your site as long as your site displays articles and explanations, programs or movies. . etc.

There are sites where registration links may appear, for example, because they depend on registration in order to be able to deal with site components such as commercial sites or service sites such as domains selling sites and hosting and are also under the scope of commercial sites.

Whether the modifications you make are big or small, all the rules have to do with one thing which is how to SEO optimize your site to appear in search engines.

In the context of how to SEO optimize your website for search engines, optimization means two things:

In the context of how SEO uses your site to appear in search engines , “optimization” means two things:

Make your website better for greater visibility in search engines.

Make your website better than your competition.

Let me show you with a simple example what it means to SEO your website or SEO optimization.

Suppose two similar sites are vying for the number one position on Google, for a given keyword. One site has SSL and the other doesn't.

All other things being equal, a secure website (SSL) will rank higher in search results than an unsecured website. why is that? Because the SSL certificate is part of Google's ranking algorithm.

You will surely be wondering to yourself, does this mean that if I make my website have an SSL certificate today, it will magically rank higher in search engine search results or the so-called SERPS?

Of course the answer would be no, and the reason is that there are at least 200 other factors that Google takes into account when ranking websites and sites that hold an SSL security certificate are one of them.

But, because you have improved SSL, your website has an advantage over other websites without an SSL certificate which is https is enabled. .

In other words, one factor alone will not give you higher rankings, but if you work on your website for SEO or SEO, you will eventually get better rankings than your competitors.

Here are the seven powerful steps to follow for SEO for your website:

1- Give search engines what they need

What do search engines need from you and appear on your site? The answer is simply the content , it is what will make users satisfied with your site, this is the answer quite simply.

Do an honest review of your website content, and if you find a page on your site that does not appear first on a particular topic when you search on Google and instead shows a page from another site, you must be wondering why Google should show your page instead of some other pages on other sites that It appears in search results instead of you as you think. And why did Google show those pages instead of your page... Here is the pause and here the problem must be addressed with the content of your website pages.

Are they unique and original pages? You rarely find a topic that someone else hasn't already written. But that doesn't mean you can't create unique and original content, even if it's based on something already posted on the web.

Take, for example, the article you are reading right now. If you search on Google for “ how to improve your website SEO ”, you will find hundreds of articles, but this article is unique to my website and original because it takes a different angle on the topic than other published articles.

Is it long enough? Study after study confirms that content length matters when it comes to SEO and social engagement. The latest release by hubspot again shows that content between 2,250 and 2,500 words performs better in search engines and content over 2,500 words performs better in social media.

How to improve SEO in WordPress

Is it constantly renewing and updating its content? Constantly updated content is a great way  to improve your SEO . You can read my previous article in which I explained that updating your old blog articles is important to increase visitors and improve your site SEO 2020

, by posting constantly renewing content, you are more likely to earn more organic traffic in the short and long term.

Is it keeping pace with modifications and modernity in its field? Have you ever imagined how many web pages are actually available on the Internet and how often this amount of information is growing? The numbers are staggering, of course.

Leading Google search results is not enough you need to raise your CTR

Where search engines care about old content but their primary concern is to provide their users with updated content and this is one of the reasons why your website needs to be updated frequently with new content.

 Make it easy for search engines to access your content

After making sure that you can give search engines the right kind of content, the next step is to make your content more accessible.

Register for Google Search Console - Google has a tool for webmasters. Where the first thing and before writing any topics on your site and after arranging a structure is to register your website in Google Web Master.

Fro the information provided by you about your site, Google will learn about your website, the number of pages in their index, the number of links pointing to your website (which Google knows), and the keywords that made your website appear in Google SEPRS and many more useful information.

Check your site's robots.txt file – blocking content or resources (CSS files and JavaScripts) by search engines for your site is not a good way. Use the “ Fetch as Google ” option from Search Console and the robots.txt file checker to make sure that search engines access all the content on your site.

Submit Sitemap and RSS Feed - To help search engines discover all the pages of your website that they couldn't find, you can create and submit an XML sitemap. Google and Bing (and other search engines) use XML sitemaps as a guide when indexing websites.

Add Internal Links to Your Content Internal links tend to boost your SEO because they serve three important purposes:

They force search engine crawlers to visit more pages of your website.

They can be used to “identify” the important pages of your website for search engines.

It can help users find more information about a topic they are interested in.

 Stay in sync with the latest developments in SEO

Search engine optimization changes all the time. Search engine engineers from various companies (Google, Bing, Yahoo) work hard to make their search results more accurate, useful and faster.

To this end, they introduce new rules that may have a direct or indirect impact on your website ranking so it is essential to keep up with the latest developments in SEO and take action when necessary.

Mobile compatibility – A good example of this is Google's mobile-friendly update (introduced by Google in 2015) related to how Google ranks websites on mobile. Once the update was released, any website that wasn't mobile friendly didn't rank well on mobile, even if it had good ratings on desktop metrics.

The importance of optimizing mobile search engines

Schema Markup Another area that is gaining little in SEO is the use  of structured data . With structured data markup, you can describe the meaning of your data to search engines.

Layouts make your website easier to understand by search engines, and in some cases this gives you an added advantage like a rich snippet in search results, better rankings for local searches and more attractive views of your Adwords ads.

Secure Websites (SSL) : Making your website secure, like https, has a small SEO benefit. As explained above, this means that a secure website will rank higher than an unsecure website, other things being equal.

Information security is something that will gain more importance on the web in the coming years, so the sooner you migrate your website to SSL, the better. It does involve making technical changes and implementing SSL on your server but it's a one-time task worth doing right now.

Optimizing Your Site for Local Search Engines Local SEO is a term used to describe the process of optimizing a website to appear higher in SERPS when people search for information (stores, products, services, etc.) in a particular area such as a county or city.

Improve the user experience

SEO is not only about search engines but also about users. In fact, if you can keep your users for as long as possible inside your site trawling through its valuable content, then search engines will also appreciate you and will take care of your site because it provides a rich and rich experience of valuable and useful content for visitors in a field.

It means that you need to take care of your users and the experience they get while they are browsing your website.

Improve Website Loading Speed : The time it takes for your website to load matters a lot. Google uses speed in its ranking algorithm and several studies show the effect of page speed on sales and the time users spend on a website.

Mistakes you make when converting to your site


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