How to grow a mango tree at home


 How to grow a mango tree instead of throwing it in the garbage

 Immediately after eating the mango fruits, put the seeds in clean water for 5 days, and get rid of any seeds that float on the water.

Remove the seeds from the water, then break the hard outer shell and gently remove the kernels.
How to grow a mango tree instead of throwing it in the garbage

 Place the kernel in a clean cloth dampened with water.
 Put the cloth in a plastic box or plastic bag and close the box or bag.
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 Open the box after a week and wash the cores in clean water and wash the cloth, then leave it for another week until the germination is completed and the root system comes out. Learn how to store green okra from year to year
 Take the cultivar seed and plant it in a pot or a plastic bag.

 Do not forget to puncture the cuticle or bag from the bottom to let the excess water out after irrigation.
 Leave the pod or bag in the sun until the vegetative mass appears after 10 days.
Now you have a mango tree from the kernel that was thrown in the garbage.
Imagine if each of us did this in his garden or on the street, after years we would have a wonderful wealth of mango trees everywhere, the initiative could be shared with this sweet dream and without cost provided beauty and reward for a generation to come


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