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How to design a ground water tank


How to design a ground water tank

If you want to make a water tank for your land so that you can profit at any time when the power is cut off for you, here we offer you two ways through which you can make a water tank

The general method:

Digging the ground with the required depth and dimensions.
 Leveling the site and making a clean pour (ordinary concrete) for the floor with a thickness of 7 to 15 cm so that we get a completely flat floor

3Building walls of blocks on the perimeter of the tank.
 Plastering the tank floor and block walls.
 Making insulation layers for the tank floor and block walls, where it is first painted with cold bitumen and then two layers of excellent quality with a protective layer for insulation.
Land water tank
Making a clean casting for the floor with a thickness of 8 cm to protect the insulation (optional).
 Starting the work of blacksmithing (reinforcement iron) for the floor and walls of the tank, in two layers.
Installing the water stop between the floor and walls of the tank.

Pouring reinforced concrete for the tank floor with concrete additions necessary for such works.
 Wood formwork for the walls of the tank and then pouring concrete for the walls with the necessary additions.
Wood boarding for the tank ceiling and then pouring concrete.

Notes when building a land water tank

* In some projects, the block walls are also isolated from the outside.
* In some projects, walls are not built around the tank from the outside, and a wooden formwork is made, and after dismantling it, the concrete tank wall is isolated from the outside.x
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