How to create a professional and attractive public Facebook page

  How to create a professional and attractive public Facebook page

Are you thinking of creating a public Facebook page , in which you publish your ideas and business activities? If your answer is: Yes, dear reader, because you are in the right place, as we have provided you in this article with a complete explanation of how to create a public Facebook page in a professional and attractive manner, whether your goal is to create a public Facebook page “Facebook Business , or get Fame, gain interactions and fans, or even profit from Facebook ” you want to make money from.

 For this, we will provide you, dear reader, with the best "how to create a professional and attractive public Facebook page", which will help you attract visitors to your Facebook page. If you are interested, continue reading the article to benefit.

Due to the importance of Facebook pages, many people have asked various questions about "creating a public Facebook page" and among these questions are the following:

How to create a public page on Facebook?

How do I make a page on Facebook from the mobile?

How do I manage a business page on Facebook?

How do you make your page official?

And in our article for today, we will answer all the previous questions.

How to create a page on Facebook in an easy way

In these simple and easy ways, you can create a public Facebook page account, just follow these steps:

Before proceeding to create a Facebook page account, you must read all the terms and conditions of Facebook.
Entering the official link to create a Facebook page:
When you click on the link, a form will appear with a "create page".
Choose the quality of the Facebook page.
When you click on the official link to the Facebook page, it will show you a “create page” with two different forms, the first form specializes in commercial activities and brands, while the second form specializes in VIPs or social pages, for example; If your goal was to create a page about different birds, you would hardly ever choose pages related to the business or brand.

Choose both the page name, and specify the page category
When you click on the "Get Started" button, it will show you two boxes in which you will write the name of your page and the category it belongs to, and when you want the category name for your page, as soon as you click on any letter, a number of fields will appear in front of you, choose what you want.
Once you finish writing the name of the page, and choose the appropriate category for your page, click on the "Follow" button, and there are many examples of Facebook page names , you can rely on them to choose a beautiful name for your Facebook page to attract followers to your page.

Add a profile picture to the page
Hassan; When you finish the previous steps, and you click on the Next button, a page will appear in front of you asking you to add a personal picture to your page, in order to help users access it, and you are free to choose the picture.

Add an image to the cover of the page
After you add a profile picture, whether from your mobile phone or your computer, you have to add a cover picture for the page, and after you implement this step, you will have been able to create your own Facebook page.

After completing the previous steps, we move to the most important settings within a general Facebook page:

If you want to create an attractive and professional public Facebook page, then you should apply the following steps:

Invite friends on Facebook page
What is the point of creating a Facebook page without an audience interacting on posts?! This is what I would like to tell you, dear reader, you should invite your friends to your Facebook page, and not only that! Instead, invite your close friends to expand the activity and interaction on your Facebook page.

In order to invite friends on the Facebook page, click on the button with (...) three dots, which is located at the bottom of the cover photo, a window will appear with a list of friends, invite your friends, and send invitations to them.

Edit the page information

You have to modify the information of a public and private Facebook page, and this is done by clicking on the button, which is three dots, when you click on it, a window will appear with the option “Modify page information” click on it, and modify according to your desire, after completion, click Click the "Save Changes" button. 

Do assign help to manage Facebook page and post content

This is done by clicking on the settings button located at the top of the cover photo on the left side of it, and start choosing roles, you have to add the username or his email, and then specify his role in when creating your public Facebook page. 

Activate the "instant reply" feature on messages

You hardly know how important it is to respond quickly to followers' messages, as this increases the attraction of many interactions on your Facebook page, and it is worth noting that "when creating a public Facebook page" is evaluated through this feature.

Add a button on the Facebook page

The follower can go to your website, or communicate with the Facebook page administration, through these help buttons, and to add the buttons, click on the “Add button” tab and enter the required data.

Edit the Facebook page link

Usually a long Facebook page link appears next to it a group of numbers, change it by clicking on the "About" tab and then clicking on the "Create a username for the page" tab, and you should pay attention to an important thing! The username should only be in English.

These were some of the steps necessary to be followed by everyone who wants to create a public Facebook page in a professional and attractive manner, and when these steps are an ideal answer to those who ask " how to make a page on Facebook for fans ".

Create a business page on Facebook

If you want to expand your business, and publish it to the largest possible number of people, you hardly want to create a public Facebook page, you certainly want dear reader how to make a page on Facebook Trade, no need to think! Where we will show you the important steps on how to create a Facebook page on mobile or computer for your business.

How to create a business page on Facebook;

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app on your Google device. Manage your Google account.
At the top of the page, click Data and Personalization.
Under Business Personalization, click Manage Business Personalization.
Turn commercial personalization on or off.
Thus, you can create a business page on Facebook , and display your products, thus earning profits from them. 


In this article, dear reader, I was able to get acquainted with “how to create a public Facebook page in a professional and attractive manner”, create a business page on Facebook”, and other information that was intended to benefit you, so if you want to create a Facebook page, apply everything previously.

We have come to the end of our article dear reader, we hope you liked it.


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