How to add Infinite Scroll to your blog

The Infinite Scroll feature is a feature that makes you browse the next page of posts automatically when the visitor approaches the bottom of the main page or the topic page and once you reach the end of the page it shows you the topics of the next page and so on to the end of the topics . And Facebook .

Some sites have now started applying this feature and we will mention how you install this feature on your site with some of the characteristics that this feature has in the field of internal SEO improvement of the site.


?Some advantages of Infinite Scroll over internal SEO

Benefit from the participation process as much as possible for the home page on Social Signals. In this case, the visitor will share a link to one page that displays the latest topics in an infinite number. This will motivate him to share this page because he is attracted by one of these topics.

The extension will distribute the power of the Authority over the topics, making your topics in advanced stages for search engines.

Reducing the bounce rate, the visitor's retention rate.

The advantage of this feature will save you a lot of time and effort for you and your visitors by easily navigating millions of pages. Instead, everything will be on one page, and it will be very easy to navigate the pages and easily search for topics.

Add Infinite Scroll to Blogger Blogs

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Addition preview 

To install the extension, log into your blogger account and after entering your favorite site, go to the theme template and before you do anything, you must backup the template in case any error occurs, then enter the  EDIT HTML template editor  , search for </body> and add the code next before it:

Save and display the homepage. If the plugin does not work or does not work well, you may have jQuery script in your template . In this case, try to delete the Jguery code line from the plugin above in the third line:

If it does not work again leave a comment below the article to try to help you.

Add infinite scrolling to WordPress sites

If you are a website developer and you can modify the template files and you have a clean template like the templates used in the default WordPress themes, you just have to go to the functions.php file and add the following code to make this feature work:

As for the simple and easy way for beginners, install and activate the famous and well-known Jetpack add -on as in the picture: 

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