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E-commerce applications for the year 2022

 E-commerce applications for the year 2022

Best e-commerce apps for 2022

E-commerce applications for the year 2022

The term e-commerce has been added to the world of economy and business, as there is no person who has knowledge of the Internet and does not know anything about electronic commerce. This term may not be exaggerated if we say that it changed the lives of many, as it saved a lot of time and effort and helped facilitate the arrival of products to customers,

 E-commerce intersects with many disciplines such as business law, accounting, computer science and other disciplines. With the passage of time, the uses and users of e-commerce have multiplied, and therefore many applications have been invented to increase ease of use and speed of access to customers and serve them in buying and selling operations , all to increase profits. 

 And over the past decade, mobile applications have become an integral part of any Internet user because they provide the ability to perform many daily tasks, such as shopping, browsing, and ordering everything in seconds or minutes with minimal effort. Services you need, such as maintenance, search services, ordering meals, transferring and collecting money, and following up on all your business operations.

 The invention of e-commerce applications helped to deliver the brand to the largest possible geographical range and thus increased sales, and it was discovered that 70% of consumers are shopping and buying using their mobile phones, so many applications for e-commerce were invented to increase profits, and we will, dear reader, display some of them:

It is known that mobile phones run iOS and Android operating systems. Thus, we will divide the applications into three sections :

Electronic store management applications : These applications manage electronic stores from buying and selling, adding and modifying products, tracking sales progress, and providing a support team to communicate with customers and meet their needs.
Notable examples of these applications are:

Shopify application: 

This company is one of the largest and most powerful companies in the field of e-. commerce, as this company allows, through this application, to create an online store for a fee according to the plans on the home page

WordPress application: It is one of the applications for managing content, where this is done through blogs, publishing them and taking a fee, and this is not done until you are accepted into Google Adsense.

wix application: This application is one of the applications for creating and managing websites, as this site is very simple and easy to use. It is one of the largest sites that includes many templates for sites, and you can create any site you can imagine with the help of this application (site), and this site also provides a support team to inquire at any time and time when the customer inquires.

Shipping applications : to track shipments and know where products are arriving.

And shipping applications are also known as courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS
There is a service provided by Aramex through an application and this service is called (shop and ship).
One of the most prominent examples of express shipping and shipment tracking applications is the (track17) application, which enables you to track any personal or commercial shipment sent from any shipping company.
Shopping applications : to purchase the required products with ease and comfort.
The most prominent examples of this type of applications are:

A foreign application called Ebay: It is one of the personal shopping applications that facilitates online shopping.
Amazon app: This app needs no introduction. This app is known worldwide for online shopping and buying 
Amazon competes with another application called Ali Express and also Alibaba, where each of these applications provides quick and easy access to products and compare prices.
 There is also an Arab market or an Arab online shopping application known as Souq.com and an application (Otlob) to order delicious foods.

There is another application, but it is only for the state of Egypt, and its name is (Contact.Cars). This application is from its name through which it is possible to follow up on car prices and also car news.

Payment applications : to monitor accounts and add and remove payment cards.

One of the most prominent examples of this type of application is the PayPal application, and this application helps shoppers to link or remove their cards online, and also allows the user of the application to know what has been paid and what has been paid. The thing that can be mentioned and praised is that PayPal provided the buyer protection feature through which the buyer can be protected from fraud and occupation.

Also from the skrill payment applications, this application enables the buyer to make payments on several sites such as Ali Express and others.

These and similar applications can be obtained from application stores on mobile phones by typing the name in the search box in the application store and then downloading the application with ease.

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This is how dear reader ended our article here, which was entitled (E-commerce applications).

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