Do you have a few minutes? Do this every day to improve your SEO

 SEO is not something that should be very difficult. Sure, there is a lot of time and effort involved. But it is mostly about performing specific tasks over and over, rather than doing something once and calling it daily.

It is never easy to learn the field of SEO and search engine optimization overnight, but you have to save part of your day in order to gain new information and ideas and read more in order to master this field

If you perform the following seven small tasks on a regular basis, you will add up to big ranking gains in the long run for your website.

7 Quick Daily Tasks to Improve Your SEO

Promote your content on social media

Social media doesn't have a huge impact on your rankings, according to the latest Google ranking factors . However, this does not mean that you should not spend any time on social media.

Social media helps send traffic to your site. In addition, having a high social engagement counter will give your posts and site more authority in the eyes of your visitors. If your post has hundreds of shares across social media, readers are more likely to trust what you write. As a result, they are more likely to share content organically on their social media channels and with family and friends, increasing your reach.

Youtube SEO basics

So, spend some time every day sharing your content and sharing on social media .

 Upgrade and update the content of your old blog

Just because you posted a post a year ago doesn't mean you're done with it forever. You likely learned new things in that time, or new developments occurred in your field, so you can make this piece of content more useful.

This is doubly true for content that may not rank as highly as you think it should.

Spend some time browsing your old content and seeing where you can expand, or add new resources, to make it more useful to your readers.

 Optimize URLs, titles, and metadata

Having a confusing URL structure is not good for SEO. Try to simplify your existing URLs so they are more visible and relevant to your topic and include keywords (but make sure you don't include keywords).

Besides this topic itself, you will also need to improve your titles and meta descriptions . By making your titles more clickable and meta descriptions more attractive, you will improve your CTR from search results.

Having a higher organic CTR will help improve your search engine rankings as well.

 Check for any broken links

Having broken links on your site will kill your user experience. If you've been running your website for a short time, you're probably linking to resources that are no longer online, or you've changed the URL structure of some posts and pages on your site.

Both internal links on your site and external links to authoritative resources are important for SEO and overall user experience.

If your site is running on WordPress, you can install a plugin like Broken Link Checker that will check your website for broken links. Alternatively, you can install a Chrome extension also called Broken Link Checker , which will check the opened page for broken links.

On the topic of links, it is also important to add relevant internal links within the various blog posts on your site. If you have a piece of content that received a lot of links, add a lot of links to other posts across your site within that post.

 Spend time analyzing your competitors

Want a super-secret way to create content you know will work? Spend some time analyzing your competitors' successes.

With tools like Buzzsumo , you can simply type in your competitors' URL and see which content is most popular and which keywords are sending them the most traffic.

Buzzsumo also has a great feature that will show you people who have shared a specific piece of content. Now you can spend some time promoting your content to those same people who are most likely to get involved.

Spending time each day researching your competitors gives you endless ideas for content while discovering new opportunities to promote your content.

 Implementing blog email outreach

It is not enough just to write your own content. You also need to spend some time promoting this content to share and backlink . When sending emails to other influencers in your space, it's important not to send an email asking for a direct backlink.

Instead, your goal with blog outreach should be to get on the radar of people likely to share and link to your content.

If your content is good and you get it in front of the right people, you will follow the links.

Engage with great blogs and websites in your niche

Blog comments are not the best way to create backlinks to your site . But it does serve a purpose nonetheless. Some blogs have comment sections that allow you to post your name and link to your website, but the main purpose of commenting is not to create backlinks to your site.

Instead, you should be on the radar of top bloggers and website owners in your space. When commenting, the best way is to post something thoughtful that also adds value. Be sure to keep blog commenting best practices in mind.

Suspension, in the right way, can help open doors. Perhaps this will lead to a Guest Post opportunity down the road. Maybe it will lead to a linking opportunity. The future of SEO depends on relationships and regular feedback can help you get there .

We hope the above tips will help you steadily improve your search engine rankings in the long run. Remember that SEO is a long-term game, but the little things you do day in and day out will add up.

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