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 What does Google Maps have to do with bringing traffic to your business? Is this tool important in marketing for projects and businesses? This is what we will try to answer in today's topic. The

officials of Google are interested in providing all the free and paid means and tools that enable the successful entrepreneur to raise the level of his projects.

Everyone knows the famous Google keywords planner tool , which we mentioned in a previous article here: Keyword Analysis and Google AdWords Advertising Marketing Tool . And the tool that allows you to keep documents and easily modify them, Google Docs  .

However, few Arab entrepreneurs are interested in the Google Maps service, perhaps due to ignorance of its benefits that we will mention in the paragraphs of the article, but let's get acquainted with it first.

Leading Google search results is not enough you need to raise your CTR

?What is Google Maps Google Maps

In fact, the goal of Google Maps can easily be identified by just the name: the maps that have spared millions of people around the world from getting lost or wrong addressing anywhere on the planet, thanks to the accurate details about the paths, streets and alleys that Google Maps provides for the majority of cities. and countries of the world.

There is a high possibility that you, who are reading this article, have resorted to this tool to search for a new place that you want to go to,
However, in recent years, the demand for this tool has increased after the spread of smart phones, as well as the ease of connecting to the Internet from anywhere in the globe.
This service is not the only one provided by Google Maps, but it is the most used by ordinary users.
There are also other services provided by the tool to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, which is the e-marketing service via Google Maps, the focus of today's article.
Here's how Google Maps can be useful in bringing traffic to your business site and bringing in more customers means increasing sales and financial returns.

?What is Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps is one of the marketing tools that many entrepreneurs in the Arab world neglected and lost valuable traffic because it is simply very targeted traffic.
For example, the article shows: The owner of a restaurant was interested in the beautiful design and decoration of the place, as well as he was keen to hire a staff specialized in cooking and serving delicious food and high-quality customer service.
The restaurant has a lot of ingredients for success, and there are actually customers who frequent the place, but because of its absence from Google Maps, it loses a lot of profits.

google map

Many tourists and people who visit the place and search on the Google search engine for the nearest restaurant will not find the name and address of the above restaurant, isn't it a lot of money wasted because of not adding the name, classification and address of the store within the Google maps application?

The aforementioned measure every commercial activity of car mechanics, beauty shops and other projects.
Simple definition of marketing using google maps
It is the feature of showing the business location address of entrepreneurs on Google Maps when searched by people interested in the same field of business.
Google Maps offers the business owner much more than just showing directions and getting to the exact address.
Benefits of having your business on Google Maps
Appearing on Google Maps is among the things that suggest the professionalism of the project and the quality of services provided to customers, and it gives initial credibility to the customer that pushes him to visit your store without anyone else.
Build trust with your customers even before entering the store, cafe, or whatever type of business activity. It's like telling the customer we care about you even on the search engines, where we show you so you don't search too much.
Appearance in itself is an advantage and this is an article published on Forbes , which cares about entrepreneurs and projects, where it was stated that 82% of consumers do an online search before visiting a store.
Improving access to your target audience accurately, only anyone interested in your service or product will search for you or visit you.
Free marketing for your business.

?How to register a location on Google Maps?

To add your location in Google Maps, the steps are very easy. You just have to go to the link from here: Google Maps , then search for the exact location you want to add via Google Maps ( you must specify your business accurately because Google verifies that ) and click on the Add field button or Add a missing place as shown in the picture.

How to register a location on Google Maps
Now Google will ask you about a set of options to add your business, including the business name, its classification, working hours, phone and website address, with the addition of some pictures, if any, (what we are interested in here is adding the website and the rest of the options are optional for you).

Google Maps
After clicking on the submit button, the data you entered from Google will be reviewed and archived after that, so you have a powerful source of visits from Google Map, which improves the visibility of your site in search engines.
?Adding a site in Google Maps
The role of Google Maps in the SEO process (Local SEO)
First, adding your site to Google Maps helps you to appear on different keywords in what is known as local SEO.

?What is Local SEO? 

It is the process of optimizing your site in order to appear in keywords for search results at the local level in order to target your local audience (that is, those who are near you) to appear in your country or city, which represents a great opportunity for you to market your business online, as soon as anyone searches for Anything, as soon as you type the term, Google instantly starts to deduce if you mean to search for something near you (local) and suggests it to you or you want to search for something general.
For example, if you search for “burger restaurant near me”, the search process will give priority to the appearance of burger restaurants near you (according to your location).

Local SEO
Do you know? Some stats:

According to Google, 46% of searches prefer 'local results'.
About 89% of people search for your business locally on their smartphone at least once a week, and with 58% they search for you daily and your business might be one of them.
88% of local business searches are done on a mobile device either by calling or visiting the business within 24 hours. (Source: Nectafy )
18% of local smartphone searches led to a purchase within a day, while only 7% of non-local searches led to a sale. (Source: Think with Google )
Out of 9/10 people check company comments on Google before making a purchase.
Searches for “near me” or “near me” repairers have increased by more than 900% over two years.
Local SEO provides a high conversion rate for customers and more sales.
Now we continue with the same previous example of the restaurant that a customer found on Google Maps and visited and dined there and his experience was enjoyable - and the same person wanted to recommend the restaurant to a loved one or friends, it is enough for him to just send the restaurant link on Google via WhatsApp or any of the many means of communication. Isn't this high quality free advertising

Add your location in Google Maps
For this, do not hesitate to use this wonderful and powerful tool and add your site on Google Maps  to increase your traffic on your site.

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