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Experience makes the difference. Through our strategy, we try to meet all the visitor’s needs, so that he does not have to return to search on Google, which reduces the bounce rate and increases the time the visitor spends on  your website , which are two of the most important factors in raising your site’s ranking.

?Why do you need an SEO services company

Most companies are fully aware of the importance of SEO services for the company for websites because simply SEO will double the chances of  your website appearing  on  the search engine for potential online  customers  who are  looking for the product or service provided by  the SEO company  by working on  SEO services .

SEO Success Factors (Search Engine Optimization)

We will list more than 9 reasons to highlight the importance of the SEO services company for your company regardless of your field of activity or the size of your company and why you need search engine optimization services to double your company’s profits through a specialized e-marketing company  .

Google search results are always the biggest traffic source for most websites

Google search results represent a very important stage in the buying process cycle because Internet users always turn to Google search results  on  the  first page to  get more information if they make purchasing  decisions . To  win new customers  online .

It is worth noting that there are more than 3.8 million searches every minute on Google, at a rate of more than 228 million searches every hour and 2 trillion searches per year.

SEO helps build the strength and credibility of your brand

SEO services  are  not just about creating backlinks to the site or repeating keywords in a certain way so  that your website will top  Google search results  on the first page .  The  process  of SEO  is no longer that simple, and Google search engines are no longer that naive, so SEO   has become a complex process that requires a great deal of experience in  SEO services  so that it does not produce counterproductive results. For example,  your website is exposed  to Google Penalty as a result of wrong SEO practices. Which may lead to the permanent deletion of your site from Google search results  on the first page .

Therefore, it is important to use the  best  professional SEO company in  SEO services to perform the  tasks of preparing your site for the search results  of local search engines,  because  the appearance of your site  at the forefront of search results  on the first page  will give weight and credibility to your company in front of those searching for the services or products you provide and are searching for them.

SEO improves the user experience with the site

User experience or user experience has become one of the most important factors for ranking sites, so it is natural for a search engine optimization expert (SEO expert) who works on  your website  to give you suggestions or request modifications to the site in order to  improve  the user experience.

Site loading speed is one of the most important factors for user experience and also Google is very interested in making the site load fast, as Google recommends that the site loading speed on mobile be between 1 second to 3 seconds maximum, especially on mobile.

According to statistics, 48% of mobile users expect the site's loading speed to be less than 3 seconds, so it is natural for Google to give a higher ranking to sites with high loading speed.

SEO plays a big role in the buying cycle

Your online customers  expect to  find you wherever they are looking for you or get more information about your company's product or service. More than 80% of users search on Google before making a purchase decision.

Google has become an essential part of our lives, starting from searching for the nearest restaurant or currency rates , to making sure that rumors are true, so it is natural that it is also an essential part in purchases, where the user searches on Google to find out the evaluation of the service or product before buying or to compare prices.

SEO practices are always up to date

Google's algorithms are updated more than 400 times a year, at a rate of one or two updates per day. Therefore, it is important that  your website is  always in line with Google's algorithm updates to ensure that you rank high in the SERP or Google search results on the  first page by using  professional SEO services.

For example, Google recently implemented the so-called Mobile First Indexation, meaning that Google will archive and determine the site's ranking based on the mobile version and not the desktop version as before, which means, uh, it has become mandatory for all sites to have your site Mobile Friendly.

SEO helps you to always be aware of the latest developments and trends on the Internet

The world has become constantly changing very quickly, so it has become a great challenge to always be compatible with these changes. Keeping up with changes is one of the most important priorities  of the  search engine optimization  process because your website is  always in competition with other sites, so  the best SEO company is always working on keeping  your website up to  date with Google updates and user behavior.

SEO services are relatively cheap

SEO services are   very cheap compared to other marketing channels such as Google ads, where every click on advertising or marketing through social media is billed as it takes a lot of work and effort in addition to the high cost.

SEO is a long-term strategy because it ensures consistent and high-quality results by targeting the right keywords for  your  online business 

What is off-page SEO? You will not need another guide!

SEO provides new opportunities for your business

Professional SEO services are always working to create and find new opportunities and not just compete for existing or available opportunities.

Therefore, it is important for a search engine optimization company (SEO) to  fully understand the nature of your business or business in order to work with you to discover new opportunities through various tools that may be difficult for you to know because it requires great experience in the field such as Keyword Research That helps you understand what your target customers are searching for  online and   how often.

The absence of your site on the first page as if it does not exist at all

It is well known that Google users do not look at search results after the first page. Imagine with me that you have  your own website and  it cost you a lot of money such as design and hosting and ends up without any visits because it is not properly configured to rank high in Google search results  on the first  page , which is a huge financial loss for your company.

Therefore, it has become natural for companies to turn to cooperation, not SEO services companies, to prepare their site to double profits by doubling the number of visitors or the target audience.

What SEO services do we provide?

Search engine optimization services    are not only one of the methods of e-marketing , but one of the most effective marketing methods. Being higher in search results means more traffic  to your website and  therefore more sales via  SEO companies.

But what SEO services do you need to defeat your competitors in search results on the first page? SEO companies provide you with professional search engine optimization services that guarantee you to achieve the results you expect by contracting with  the best professional SEO company

Search engine optimization services are divided into 

on page seo

On-Page SEO: It is the configuration of the pages of the site and includes

Configure tags for search engine optimization

To appear in the search  engine search results  on the first  page by making sure that it contains the keywords you are targeting and also making sure that the page title is attractive to increase the click rate on the site or the so-called CTR.

The title of the page for search engine optimization is the main component that helps  local search engines  understand the content or content of the page, so you must choose the keywords that should be placed in the title.

It is important to consider the length of the title to suit the requirements of Google and this  tool can be used to  measure the length of the meta.

The meta description or is the description that appears below the page title for search engine optimization in the search results on the  first page,  where it shows the researcher more information about the page. The length of the page description should be 160 characters, but sometimes it may be longer according to Google, where Google at some time made it 320 characters and then returned to 180 and since that time Google gave up a specific number for the length of the description.

Search Engine Optimization  SEO

Headers:  help the user to understand the structure of the content of the page. Creating the two titles is one of the most important basics of SEO services, as it not only helps the user understand the page, but also helps Google and thus affects the ranking of the page. Search engines use the two titles to understand the page and its content.

Configure links for SEO:  It is important that the links contain the target word while keeping the link short and clean so that it archives without problems. Duplicate URLS should also be avoided because it causes big problems for Google and thus also causes problems for the site because these repeated links waste Google's time and thus as much as Google will have to punish the site by reducing its visit or archiving rate, or it may waste Google's time in archiving less important links because each site has a specific capacity of Crawling and archiving that should be exploited to solve problems related to duplication of links or duplication of content.

Images SEO Optimization:  Images are an essential part of any website because, in addition to the aesthetic look they add to the website design, they also help the user understand the website. It is important to compress images and not upload large images to the site, so as not to negatively affect the loading speed of the site. Configuring images includes Alt Tags by adding a description to the image containing the keywords you are targeting so that Google can understand the content of the image.

Content optimization: It is the most important part of On-page SEO, and it is one of the most important services provided by search engine optimization services companies.

Create a sitemap or sitemap file

Create a Disavow file

Create a 301 or Url redirection 301

Analyze and improve site speed

Ensure that the site is Mobile Friendly

Create a Robots.txt file

Performing a periodic technical analysis of the site Technical SEO Audit and solving technical problems that hinder search engines from archiving the site such as non-existent pages Page not found 404 – Canonical urls – Page – 

Create and adjust the settings of the Google search engines admin tools

Create and configure Google Analytics Google Analytics Universal and Google Analytics 4

Schema Markup and Structured Data

The most important factors to review in SEO content:

Study the target audience:  Without understanding the target audience, it will be difficult to create the right content for them. It is important to know the age and gender of your target customers  online as  well as their interests in order to know the right content for them. For example, the content of sports sites should be written in a different form and format from that of women, such as beauty and fashion sites.

Keyword research or keyword research:  Keyword research is very important to know what the target audience is looking for and to build and create content around these words. Without knowing the target words, the content will be generated randomly like walking by car without a specific destination. Before starting to write the content, the target words must be clearly defined so that the content can be configured for them by repeating them in a certain way or placing them in the two titles or creating internal links and backlinks (off page SEO) for them using specific tags.

Mobile SEO Friendly : Ensures  that the user experience is easy, regardless of the jazz he is using. Google wants to provide the best results to provide a unique experience to its users, so your website must be  in  line with the expectations of users  of local search engines .

User Experience : A very important element in the SEO process, because it determines the user’s satisfaction with your site, so the best SEO company will  conduct  an analysis of the site to find out the problems that negatively affect the user experience or prevent the visitor from taking the expected action On the site, such as making a purchase or registering an interest in a product or service.

Mobile Load Speed :  It is one of the biggest problems that site visitors suffer from, so Google considers the site’s speed to be one of the ranking factors, so it is important to always work to reduce the site’s loading speed to ensure an advanced ranking in Google search results on the first page .

What is the ideal length for an article to rank well in search engines? | seo

Making internal links : It is linking the pages of the site to each other with the use of keywords as a tag to show the search engine  which page you want to rank higher than the rest of the pages when the visitor searches for it. Also, internal links help Google to archive pages easier and faster, so it is important to do the process of analyzing internal links.

Social networking sites: Creating accounts on social networking sites is one of the most important SEO practices because  local search engines  consider it as a kind of site credibility. Also, social media has become one of the most effective electronic marketing methods, so Google also uses it to measure the extent of interaction with your brand and its strength.

Create  a Google My Business account: which helps visitors to easily access the site's address and contact numbers, and visitors use it to know the evaluation and opinions of other online customers in  your company, so it is very important to create a Google My Business account because it is one of the most important factors of local SEO SEO. It also has multiple advantages such as adding the company's working hours to help customers who want to communicate with you or by adding pictures of the company's products, which makes it easy for potential customers via the Internet  to know some information about the company.

Create a blog or blog on the site:  Creating a blog on the site helps in finding content that can be shared on social media, in addition to using it to create backlinks to the site. It is also possible to create a blog as an introductory content that helps visitors learn more about the product or service or know how to choose the appropriate service.

Creating external links Backlinks:  We can say that the value of external links or backlinks is disappearing over time because Google’s algorithms have become smarter and pay more attention to the user experience and to reduce the manipulation that some sites do to obtain external links and thus get a higher ranking without merit. But external links remain one of the most important factors in ranking the site  off page seo  , but this depends on the quality of the external link and the quality of the site, so you must contract with  the best SEO company to do the  analysis of external links for competitors.

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

It is to configure the site to be commensurate with the requirements of the search engines so that you can find and archive it appropriately, in addition to implementing all the recommendations of the search engines so that you rank it at the forefront of search results  on the first page  compared to competing sites.

How do search engines work?

Search engines are like libraries, but instead of storing books, they store web pages. When you do a search for a specific word in search engines, they look at all these stored pages to provide the most relevant results for the search word. To do this work you rely on so-called algorithms.

Google is the largest search engine in the world, as it controls more than 92% of searches because it works through relatively accurate algorithms compared to other search engines, so it shows the most appropriate results for what the visitor is looking for.

?How does SEO work

Simply, SEO works by showing the search engines that  your website  is the optimal result for the search performed by the search engine user. This is because all search engines seek to show the best result to their users in order to gain their trust and increase their satisfaction with the search service they provide.

If you want more visitors to your site or to be on the top of search results  on the first page , you must understand how Google's algorithms work so that you can configure the site properly.

How to prepare your site with the Google search engine?

Google relies on  more than 200 factors to determine the ranking of sites  in every search. It can be said that  the search engine  considers these factors to determine the sites or pages that it ranks when the user searches for a particular word to provide the best possible result that satisfies its users.

Knowing how search engines work and what specifications they are looking for in  your website  is essential to knowing how to build a site and content that can rank ahead in light of this intense competition, as everyone seeks advanced ranking to double site visits and thus double profits.

Algorithms are always changing so there is no guarantee that SEO practices that bring good results today, will bring the same results tomorrow.

What are the most important factors that affect the ranking of search results?

Archiving: Before Google starts analyzing  your website to  determine its ranking in search results. Google needs to know that your site already exists!!

Google uses many methods to find content, but the most important method is crawling by following the links between pages to discover new pages like a spider. Let's say your site has a link on the home page of another site. When Google visits this site and finds a link to your site, it will follow the link and visit your site to archive it and add it to the search results according to the strength of your site and the extent of its configuration according to Google's requirements.

There are several problems that may hinder  the search engine  from doing this task:

Nofollow Tags: You are telling Google not to follow this link. This tag may be mistakenly located on your site, so you need an SEO professional to detect such problems.

The presence of txt: is another command for Google not to visit your site

Mobile Compatibility:  63% of searches on Google are from mobile phones,  and this number is rising every year with the advancement of mobile technology and the increasing reliance on it instead of the personal computer. So in 2018, Google adopted the so-called Mobile First Indexing, which shows the importance of having your site compatible with mobile.

Pagespeed: It is the time your website page takes to load. This  tool can be used  to find out how Google evaluates a site's speed. The download speed is one of the most important factors that determine the extent of the visitor’s satisfaction with your site, because we are in the era of speed and diversity of options, so do not expect the visitor to wait more than a few seconds for your site to load.

Backlinks: Off page seo backlinks are one of the most important Google ranking factors. There are several factors that must be reviewed when creating a backlink to your site in order to help increase the ranking of your site instead of losing it in the event that you are subjected to Google penalties as a result of adopting wrong or old SEO practices, and Google has forbidden them from using them with continuous updates.

Backlinks must be from a site appropriate to your site, for example, it is not normal for your site to be related to educational services and you get a link from a sports site, or for your site to be in Arabic and you get a link from a Chinese site. In other words, the link must be natural, meaning that it appears that the link is there to help the reader, such as to read more, click on it, or to verify the source of the information, click here.

The absence of internal links on your site: Google depends on internal links to find and archive all the pages of your site, so without internal links, Google will not be able to find these pages.

Content Quality : Google wants to provide its users with the best and most useful results. Therefore, Google developed the so-called Google EAT, which means that it ranks websites based on experience, credibility and strength of sources. Google also cares that the content is updated and renewed. The content must be written by experts in the field, meaning that it is just words next to each other, and the length of the content must be taken into account, for example, if you want to rank advanced for the keyword “ best e-marketing methods ” you must take into account the length or number of words on the leading sites because For example, if the top sites have an average content length of two thousand words, you cannot compete with content of only a hundred words.

The search engine  looks at many other factors such as location, language, user settings, etc. So if your website is ranked first on your mobile, that does not mean that everyone everywhere will always find your first site, like searching for the best SEO services company.

How do you choose the best SEO company?

How do you know the best  SEO company  will achieve the results you desire? How do you know that it is really a professional SEO company? It is indeed a service that needs professional people with great experience so that they can achieve results due to the intense competition.

Here are 5 tips for choosing the best SEO company

Determine your goals that you want to achieve from the SEO: To find the best SEO company  suitable to do this work, you must know what you want to achieve and what you expect to reach through your work.

You work with  the best SEO company  that can provide you with clear reports on the work: You must receive periodic reports on all the SEO practices that the  SEO company performs  so that you can measure the quality of the work they do and their progress towards achieving the expected or contracted results.

Review the evaluation   of the best SEO company : such as the evaluation of current or former customers online for  the company, in addition to the achievements they were able to achieve in the past to make sure that they are able to achieve the desired results. To do this, just search for the company's name on Google, then you will find Google My Business for the company with the reviews of the previous customers online for the company and the company's SEO expert , you must read it to know their satisfaction or not with the  best SEO company . You should also request that you share with the company samples of its previous work in order to be sure of the quality of their services.

Ask for a consultation with  the SEO company  First: Request a consultation or hold a meeting with a SEO expert in the company to first make sure that they understand the nature of your business, your target audience, the results you hope to achieve, and also to understand their strategy to achieve these desired results. The meeting is also very important to find out all the details of the contract and the time required until results are achieved.

Determine your budget: Before you start investing in any service, you should plan your budget first to make sure that you can afford the best  SEO company   keeping in mind that not every cheap service can achieve the same results.

How do you choose an SEO services company that meets your business needs?

The SEO  process  is a long-term project, meaning that it is not just a SEO company that you will deal with for a day or a month only, but you will need to deal with the best  SEO company  for years because SEO is a long-term strategy that you need as long as you have a website.

How do you choose an SEO company that meets your business needs?​

We are available to answer your call 24 hours a day because each professional SEO company has certain working hours.

Double the number of visitors to the site once contracted because it is not magic.

Hundreds of backlinks will be generated for you

Black Hat SEO practices such as: creating hundreds of pages with copied content on your site - getting thousands of backlinks with the click of a button - publishing your site on hundreds of sites or forums automatically.

Questions you should ask the SEO services company that you intend to contract with or with  an SEO expert

What is the  SEO contract ? When does it start? When it ends? What does it contain?

How will it be to communicate with an SEO company?

What are the expected results? How much time will  an SEO company need  ?

Are there service packages from  SEO company ?

What are  the SEO fees  and payment methods?

Why do you need to hire the best SEO company?

When it comes to  SEO services  or even website design, small businesses with tight budgets find it hard to justify this move in terms of increased expenses rather than savings.

Although the  best  SEO company may be expensive, it is a kind of investment because contracting with a professional SEO company will guarantee you more profits, covering the cost of SEO by multiples by increasing the company’s ranking and thus increasing visits and customers. Therefore, it can be said that the SEO company will cover its expenses by itself through the results that it will achieve.

The ability to compete is one of the reasons why you need to use an SEO company because many competitors have started to go digital by adopting modern e-marketing methods to double profits, or at least to find new ways to find customers  online by  leading  the search engine search results on the first  page when Potential customers search for them  online .  

Your company may be the best in the field of service or product that you provide, but as long as no one hears about your company, this advantage is not worth anything. But being at the top of search results   on the first  page ensures that your company is heard, so you must find some way to make your SEO budget an indispensable part of your company's budget.

Why contract with us in Go Arabic (The Best SEO Services Company)?

We are the best  professional SEO company that includes SEO experts who bring with them years of experience in the field and with different clients in different business sectors. Do not worry, whatever your business field, because we are sure we have experience in it, given that we have many years of experience in different sectors.

In an Arab atmosphere, we are only interested in the application of clean SEO or the so-called White Hat SEO because we believe that we are always up to date with the latest updates and developments of Google’s algorithms, so do not worry, your site is in the hands of experts who know how to achieve the best results by following an appropriate SEO strategy with the requirements of  the engine search .

We are always keen to fully understand the nature of your business and the nature of the target audience, so we will always seek to explore new opportunities to reach target customers  via the Internet  and how to multiply current opportunities because we always strive to think outside the box.

We have in-depth experience in various e-marketing methods, which allows us to cooperate and assist you in the rest  of the marketing channels such as social media channels  or paid ads through Google Ads, to eventually reach the work of an integrated marketing plan.

We are always keen to send periodic reports to our clients to be aware of the progress we are making in the work because we believe that we are partners in success and that we must always inform them of work developments.

We do  backlink   analysis and competitor analysis to develop the appropriate strategy to achieve the best results as quickly as possible.

On-Page SEO A complete explanation of internal SEO 

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