A beginner's guide to leading search results for new sites

 How to improve search engines for new sites remains the concern of novice bloggers who are looking for their sites to appear in the pages of search engines, especially on Google, because this is the goal of every site owner is to rise in the ranking of sites so that he can get a respectable number of daily visitors that provides him with income The desired material, the majority of the explanations on the Internet talk about site SEO in purely technical terms and most of them are directed to owners of sites with average experience, but they do not address how to improve the appearance of new sites, which is something that makes beginner bloggers get lost in the middle of many articles, lessons and courses.

That is why we have written this guide for beginners and new bloggers, in order to help them improve the visibility of the contents of the sites they manage and get more visitors, follow the rest of the article with us because they are carefully written for you to raise the level of SEO performance of your website.

Before you start talking about the details, remember this golden advice:   “ Take care of the visitor and Google will take care of your site  .” 

What is off-page SEO? You will not need another guide!

How can I improve the level of the appearance of my new site on search engines? An important question that many beginners ask at the beginning of the journey, and when searching for the answer, he finds that he subscribes to:“You have to do SEO,”  which are the criteria that the site owner must take into account so that he can appear better in search engines, there are many factors that help in raising the ranking Any site and you can refer tothe same Google guide for SEO and improving your site’s ranking, which is the main source for learning the basics. Unfortunately, we find that this guide from Google does not simplify the information enough, but in today’s article I will talk to you about practical steps and stick to it and it will have a good impact on the blog or your site.

The first tip to raise your site's ranking: Pay attention to site speed

As we mentioned previously, Google cares about the visitor's experience on bloggers' sites. Google's interest in the speed of loading the site is natural, because the visitor is naturally looking for quick access to information. The same keyword, so this step is early by choosing the hosting that provides high performance in download speed and in the length of operation because the ghost of bloggers is that the site stops working due to defects in the hosting, and from the world-famous companies with its a2 speed and SiteGround hostingBut if you are working on a Blogger blog, here it has become easier, as you are left with only a good choice of template, which is a common denominator between external hosting or on Google servers, yes, the speed of the template also has a great impact and reducing the amount of add-ons that burden the download is essential in raising the profile. Your ranking on Google and others, and you can also make your website pages faster by compressing images before uploading them. Among the best sites that compress many formats of images without losing their quality is tinypng .

It will be tiring at first for Blogger, as for WordPress sites, there is a useful add-on that reduces the size of images automatically as soon as they are uploaded to the site. You only need to install the Smush add-on .

To measure the speed of your blog from here: Measure the speed of loading sites from Google

Specific better useful content to top search results

If we consider that the speed of the site is excellent and the visitor does not wait long to enter the article and in the end finds that it does not meet his needs and does not answer his questions, or more precisely, it is not useful, what is his reaction at that moment? He will go out quickly to search the next site and here he found what he wanted and sat reading and following the explanation with the video and pictures, what Google does at the moment, based on the length of the reader sitting in the article knows that he found what he is looking for and his experience was excellent, and therefore he will upgrade the owner of the site that provides clear answers and logical solutions For the problems faced by the visitor that prompted him to search the Internet, just like you, you are here because you want to raise the ranking of your site and you were reading this sentence. We are glad because we were able to attract your attention and provide you with the steps you are looking for, so that your new site begins to appear on search engines.

Here it was pointed out that the owner of the site does not only talk to the visitor, but is required to write articlesAccording to the criteria set by the search engines so that you can be sure that the article addresses a specific topic, which is the SEO criteria, which I invite you to learn about from here. How to write an article that is compatible with the rules of SEO

What is the ideal length for an article to rank well in search engines? | seo

Keyword length is an important factor in improving search engine visibility

One of the most important factors that help website owners to rise in the ranking of search engines are the keywords they are working on, and you are the owner of a new blog. Your concern is that the site or blog gets visitors, you have to start with long tail keywords, which are search phrases that consist of more From three words and a maximum of six words, for example: How to remove pimples from the face in Photoshop , the benefit here from using this type of words is to escape from the intense competition that you know about short tail keywords, in this case take good care of the content you provide because Targeting the visitor in this way is more accurate, as you provide answers to questions that revolve in the minds of visitors, so give the topic its right to explain here you will hit many birds with one stone:

Although long words do not have a large search, they have little competition, which increases the possibility of your appearance to visitors.

The visitor will stay for the longest time reading the useful content for him, and therefore you will be the first thing he thinks of next time if he wants some information.

The length of the visitor's stay gives a signal to Google that he is enjoying and has found what he wants with you, then it will raise your site's rating.

The internal link between the articles and the references they contain in the article Example: Perhaps this topic interests you, for the mixture of details on a topic read here, pushes the visitor to wander more around the site, which is very positive.

Continue to regularly post content

It may seem useless, but on the contrary, when you publish continuously and regularly, for example, an article daily or every two days, this enhances your presence on the Internet, and gives a strong signal to search engines, especially Google, that the site owner is serious about what he is doing, and also has benefit Other: adding content increases the stock of keywords that visitors are looking for / and one of the benefits of regular publishing is to speed up the archiving process away from manual archiving that most bloggers do at the beginning of their publication on their sites and blogs they own, and the frequent use of manual archiving may be harmful to The site may be considered by Google as a work of spam, so it is preferable to let the natural archiving run its course and strengthen it by publishing the content daily.

On-Page SEO A complete explanation of internal SEO

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