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What is the effect of fleas on my cat?

 How to treat cats from fleas

The problem of fleas is an annoying problem for cats and causes itching and the cat scratching itself, but what if you treat your cat for fleas and the problem remains? In the following article, we tell you why cat flea medication may be useless.

 What is the effect of fleas on my cat?

Fleas are a common problem in cats, and many cats may coexist with fleas but show little sign of it. Cats can have some problems with the following symptoms:
How to treat cats from fleas

Symptoms that affect cats from fleas.

Some cats are allergic to flea bites, especially if they are imposed repeatedly, in which case the cat scratches itself very excessively, even if it is bitten by one flea, and the cat often develops a secondary skin infection as a result of scratching.

Fleas infect cats with anemia.

 Adult fleas live on animals and feed on blood. If you have a kitten, kitten or weakling with a lot of fleas, the blood loss can be severe, leading to anemia.

It is also possible that any cat infected with fleas also has tapeworms.

 Why cat fleas may be useless?

If you've used topical medications such as ointments to treat your cat for flea but to no avail and you're still seeing your cat scratching itself, and you may even see fleas in your cat yourself, here are four common reasons why this might happen:

1- Incorrect application of flea treatment.

 Applying topical flea medication incorrectly is the most common reason why they fail to work. The topical medication must be applied directly to the skin and not the cat's hair, and you must separate the hair so that you can apply the medication to the skin at the cat's neck.

You should also read the instructions on the medication package carefully, as most of them direct you to apply all of the medication in one spot on the neck, while some medications will direct you to apply it to several areas along the back that your pet cat cannot reach.
Make sure to empty the tube completely, as the entire dose must be placed to be effective.

If flea medication doesn't work, talk to your doctor.

2- If the flea medication becomes ineffective you should talk to your vet to find the best and most effective flea treatment for your cat instead of the previous treatment. Your vet will know which products work well, and your vet may also have specific recommendations for specific treatments based on specific needs. for your cat.

Get rid of fleas in your home, too.

 3- If fleas are not eliminated in the home in conjunction with your cat's topical flea treatments, then you may need to get rid of fleas in your home as well, they may kill fleas on your cat, but new fleas from the environment can jump on your cat's body once Others, so it is very important to treat your pet’s environment as well, as flea eggs and larvae can live in the environment for days or weeks, and it is best to clean your home regularly as your pet spends time resting and enjoying with you, and you should also wash all furnishings in hot water Give your cat flea prevention medication regularly.

Treat your different animals like dogs also from fleas.

4- Do not treat fleas on all pets in the house. Give all animals in the house flea control to prevent re-infestation.

 In the end, and after you know why cat flea medication may be useless, remember that proper veterinary care is the prerogative of the veterinarian, so do not neglect his advice regarding your pets.

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