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tips for caring for newborn kittens

5 tips for caring for newborn kittens

5 tips for caring for newborn kittens

Caring for newborn kittens is a very difficult job, cats need attention and care all the time. This includes feeding kittens, keeping them warm, and helping them to relieve themselves, according to wikihow.

Here are five tips to help you raise kittens and they are.

In order to take care of kittens, provide them with appropriate food

1- Provide adequate amounts of food for kittens

Feed the cats

If the mother cat is unable to feed the young, you will have to take care of them yourself and feed them from time to time well, and it is worth noting that the foods that are provided to the baby cats vary according to their age, each age has a certain type of food, so you should consult the veterinarian for Find out what type of food is appropriate for newborn kittens.

When the young reach the age of one or two weeks, you should feed them at least every two hours, taking care to feed them milk, while avoiding cow's milk completely because their small stomach will not be able to digest it, which may cause health problems for them over time.

And when the kittens reach the age of three or four weeks, you can put the milk in a deep bowl next to the food intended for newborn kittens, and this food must be provided at least five times a day.

When they reach the age of 6 or 12 weeks, you should increase the amount of food offered to them and start serving them with dried foods because their stomachs become more tolerant than before.

In order to take care of kittens, carry them gently

2- Gently hold the kittens

Be sure to hold the newborn kittens very gently, while avoiding the use of cruelty in handling, because cats at this age are very weak and cannot bear any strong grip and may suffer serious damage if they are carried incorrectly.

Take care of your kittens and make a place for them to sleep

3- Allocate a place for kittens to sleep

Kittens always need to rest and sleep for long periods of time, so you should provide a special box and put it in a warm and comfortable place because kittens need complete warmth and away from air currents that cause them to get sick, and then cover them well and put different towels around them to provide comfort and safety .

4-Help the cats to relieve themselves

It is normal for cats to need to relieve themselves and the mother cat usually does this task by licking their sensitive area so that they can relieve the need easily, when you find her doing this you should leave her completely, she knows very well how to take care of them.

If the mother cat does not do this task, you should do it yourself by gently massaging the sensitive area of the little ones using a piece of wet cloth to help them eliminate their need easily.

15 ways to raise cats

If you notice that there is one of the cats who cannot urinate properly, you should consult the veterinarian immediately, as they may have constipation or any disease that prevents them from humiliating the cats from time to time.

5- Consult a veterinarian

You have to consult veterinarians or go to the nearest veterinary clinic to find out the best ways to take care of them and take care of them, they always need attention and provide a lot of nutritional requirements and medicines.

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