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The story of Gabriel died

The story of Gabriel died.

Gabriel died a wonderful story told by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, may God have mercy on him, in one of his lectures, so that we can learn together about the details of the story, which is as follows:
The story of Gabriel died

There was a Christian priest who went to a Muslim sheikh every day, urging him to leave Islam and take Christianity as his new religion. He always repeated these phrases:
You are wasting your time, Sheikh, you pray 5 times a day standing, kneeling, standing and kneeling, and you fast for an entire month. You have to believe that God sent his only son to the world and died for your sins and you will be saved after that. Believe that God has come down to earth and died for your sins, believe in this and you will enter heaven.

This Christian priest used to go to the Muslim Sheikh every day and say the same thing to him, and he was committed to that, as he never missed him. The Muslim Sheikh could not get rid of him easily and he was always thinking about how to escape from this dilemma.
The Sheikh thought over and over again until God guided him to a wonderful idea, so he called his chief assistant and said to him: ((When the Christian priest comes to us tomorrow, stay a little and then come to me and whisper in my ear))
On the next day, the Christian came as usual, and he sat down and started telling his daily story, trying to convert the Muslim Sheikh, and then the assistant came to the Sheikh and whispered in his ear as he had told him.
The sheikh started crying. He cried so hard, the Christian priest wanted to know what he was crying about!

Christian priest: What happened?
Muslim Sheikh: I don't want to talk now?
Christian priest: Calm down, Sheikh, and tell us what happened?
Muslim Sheikh: I can't, it's great.
It was actually crying.

Christian priest: Sheikh, tell us what this great thing is. My nerves are starting to get tense.
Muslim Sheikh: I have received sad news, that (Angel Gabriel) has died!
The Christian priest laughed sarcastically and said: Are you an idiot!?
Angels do not die O Muslim Sheikh!!
The Sheikh said: If I am a fool because I said that angels die, then how about those who say that God who created angels has died?
The one who disbelieved was astonished
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