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The science of raising children

 The science of raising children

One of the parents says:

One day my son offended everyone, so he hit his sister and insulted his brother and angered his mother, and when I came back from work everyone complained to me, and the poor man waited for me to strike him, and I really wanted to devour him, but I saw the look of sadness and brokenness in his eyes, the poor man felt that everyone is against him and that they hate him, here I was satisfied with the sad silence and said to them: I will deal with him, and within minutes I went with him to the mosque, and on the way I put my hand on his shoulder, and he was afraid of me and thought that I would hit him, so I told him: Do not be afraid, you are a good boy, so do not do that again!

What I did to him surprised him, he did not expect me to pardon him, and here pardon had another taste, so my son came towards me and kissed me and said: “I love you.”

A few days later, I began to think with him about how he could earn his mother and his brothers, and how happy the poor man was, and his condition had changed for the better.

I have discovered that we punish our children when they do wrong, but we do not teach them how to do better!

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