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The most famous misinformation about the health of cats and their correction

The most famous misinformation about cat health and correcting it

 The most famous misinformation about the health of cats and their correction.

Cats are mysterious creatures; So cats may give many wrong impressions about them, and there are a variety of misinformation about cats that need to be corrected, and in the following article we tell you the most famous misinformation about cat health and its correction.

The most common misinformation about cats.

The most famous misinformation about cat health. The teeth of cats must be taken care of. Some may think that brushing the cat’s teeth is silly, but in fact, brushing your cat’s teeth is very important, as it improves the smell of cats’ breath, and also reduces the risk of oral diseases and gives you the opportunity to notice any Something unusual is happening to the teeth and gums. To help prevent a variety of serious health problems, ask your vet for help and teach you to brush your cat's teeth properly

One of the common mistakes about cats is that they undergo medical examinations.

Cats do not need regular vet checks Some may think that the myths that cats have seven lives are true so you do not need to visit the vet, but all of these are of course myths so it is important to schedule regular veterinary visits to ensure that your cat has a long, healthy and happy life.

Examine cats at the doctor regularly.

You should not only go to the vet when your cat is sick, as your cat needs annual health check-ups, dental check-ups and nutritional counseling, as well as vaccinations, as cats must be vaccinated all the necessary vaccinations constantly, vaccinations are effective in keeping your cat free of infection.

cats is feeding them with your food.

 ADVERTISEMENT I CAN FEED MY CAT FROM MY FOOD You may want to share your food with your beloved pet cat, but be aware, what you give your cat from your food may be empty calories, cats need a balanced and appropriate feeding for their life stage to stay healthy without any excess nutrients that may be Harmful.

Chocolate is very harmful to cats.

I notice; There is a common food such as chocolate that can be very toxic to cats, and you can learn about harmful foods for cats through this article. Cats do not need physical activity. Owners of pet cats may think that they do not need physical activity and exercise like dogs need, but be aware, cats need mental stimulation as well Physical activity, although cats should be kept indoors from

For her safety, but there are plenty of games that can be played at home to keep her active and at a healthy weight.

Does my pet cat who lives in the house get sick?

 Just because your pet cat spends its days and nights indoors, doesn't mean it isn't susceptible to disease, the fact is that all cats can get sick, even if they don't go outside. ADVERTISEMENT Experts point out that indoor pets are most susceptible to airborne germs that are transmitted through the air or come on the cat owner's clothing, and if you have a pet dog that lives at home with your cat, they can bring in unwelcome creatures as well when they come back from a walk Abroad. Keep in mind that cats can get sick from ingesting disease-carrying insects, so talk to your veterinarian about preventative treatments that keep your family members safe and your pets healthy as well

british shorthair cat

Pregnant women can handle their cats, but they should not handle the litter box. Toxoplasmosis infection occurs through cat faeces, so as long as pregnant women avoid contact with the litter box and someone else is asked to clean the litter box area, there should be no problems. . Read also: How to prevent cat disease for a pregnant woman Finally, after you know the most famous misinformation about cat health and correct it, remember that proper veterinary care is the prerogative of the veterinarian, so do not neglect his advice regarding your pets.

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