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  Maine Coon cat

 Maine Coon cat:

Maine Coon cat This beautiful cat is one of the largest domestic cat breeds. It takes three to four years for the Maine Coon to reach full physical maturity.

Maine Coon cat

Birman cat characteris

Maine Coon cat traits.

The Maine Coon has very thick fur with a waterproof layer. The Main Coon has wide and large paws to make it suitable for walking on snow, and a thick tail to make it turn on its face to protect it from the bitter cold. Known this type of amazing characters that are suitable for children and dogs as well.

 Birman cat:

This beautiful cat is believed to have its origins in Perma.

Birman cat characteris

Birman cat characteristics.

This cat is large in size, with soft and long hair, not as thick as a Persian cat. This ensures that the cat's hair does not get tangled and relieves the cat owner from the issue of hair cutting.

This cat is known by its blue eyes, dark spots on its ears, its face, its feet, its tail, and snow white on the edges of its four feet.

American shorthair cat

Characteristics of the Birman cat.

 This gentle and loving cat loves to play but is also a very calm cat when he notices the busyness of a caretaker, which makes him the perfect family cat.

Birman cat weight.

The weight of the American short cat is approximately 6 to 8 kilograms.

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 American shorthair cat

This athletic cat is descended from the British shorthair cat, but is larger, more flexible and more powerful than the British shorthair cat.

American shorthair cat

The lifespan of the American shorthair cat.

This cat comes in a variety of colors and types, and its lifespan is very long, ranging from 15 to 20 years. Which is something that is considered very normal in this cat.

Characteristics and characteristics of the American short-haired cat.

This cat is very excellent for children and is also suitable for dogs if you own dogs.

This type of cat is very healthy, gentle, easy to handle and does not require strong supervision and grooming is not a problem for this cat.

Asian cat traits

The lifespan of the American shorthair cat.

The weight of the American short-haired cat ranges between 4 to 8 kilograms, and the males are also larger.

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 Asian cat

The Asian cat is a cat close to the Siamese cat.

Features of Asian cat recipes

Features of the Asian cat.

This cat has very large ears.

And a strong personality.

The Asian cat is a very intelligent cat.

 He is social and will have a strong relationship with his friends.

This cat is very loyal to his owner and loves to play as well.

Asian cat characteristics.

The Asian cat's graceful body does not show the extent of his strength, but appearances deceive him because the Asian cat is very strong, so that his voice becomes stronger with him and his behavior resembles that of a dog.

Asian cat weight.

The weight of the Asian cat ranges between 4 to 6 kilograms, and it is one of the most expensive cats in the world.

Scotch fold cat or Scottish cat.

The lifespan of the Asian cat.

This cat has a life span of up to 15 years.

Health problems of the Asian cat.

The Asian cat is also prone to dental problems, kidney and liver problems in old age.

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The most expensive 5 types of cats in the world
The most expensive 5 types of cats in the world

 Persian cat

 Persian cat:

Persian cat, everyone knows the beautiful Persian cat.

Persian cat traits.

The Persian cat is famous for its beautiful fur, expressive eyes and the extension of its face. The Persian is also one of the oldest cat breeds.

Persian cat

Characteristics of the Persian cat.

The Persian cat is a calm and loving cat and loves a calm environment. The Persian cat needs daily brushing and grooming because of its long hair. The Persian cat is the perfect cat to make it live indoors.

 pharaonic cat

 pharaonic cat:

This legendary cat is considered a very strange species, and it is the cat of the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz.


pharaonic cat

Characteristics of the pharaonic cat.

It is hairless but not completely hairless and has very small hairs which makes it very strange to the touch which makes it very sensitive to the sun and factor which classifies it under a domestic cat.

The pharaonic cat, its characteristics and features.

This cat with its big ears is very affectionate and affectionate as it enjoys coming to you and relaxing with you on your bed. The branch cat is a beautiful and strange thing for any family to acquire.

The weight of the pharaonic cat.

 The weight of the Pharaonic cat ranges from 6 to 9 kilograms.

 ragdoll cat

 Ragdoll cat:

The Ragdoll Cat is a smart and loving cat, and this breed is the ideal pet for people who like quiet and light pets.

ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cat traits.

Ragdoll cats are quick-meeting cats with strangers and tend to be in the company of children. It is best to keep them indoors, as they are not fully capable of defending themselves from cats or other animals.

Ragdoll's home.

Ragdol cats were born in America and are said to be descendants of the Persian. The reason for calling it this name is because it loves calm and relaxation.

 Siamese cat

 Siamese cat:

Siamese cats are usually very affectionate and intelligent cats, and these cats are known for their social nature.

Siamese cat

Abyssinian cat

Siamese cat traits.

They are usually active and playful, some describe it as a dog in behavior more than other cats. Some of this type have a very loud sound, such as a baby crying, while others are very low.

Specifications and features of theAbyssinian cat

Siamese cat features.

The Siamese cat comes in many colors, but is distinguished by dark spots on the face, ears, paws and tail.

 Abyssinia cat

Abyssinian cat:

The Abyssinian cat is one of the oldest cat breeds.

Specifications and features of the Abyssinian cat

Maine Coon cat

Abyssinian cat traits.

The Abyssinian cat is very similar to the ancient Egyptian cat, the Abyssinian cat has large pointed ears, and slender legs. He has a keen desire to explore and play outside, his love for games matches his love for water.

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