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If you buy a cat.. 15 tips that will help you in raising

15 ways to raise cats

 If you buy a cat.. 15 tips that will help you in raising

Keeping pets is one of the most prominent interests of many people who find in small animals warmth and love, and prefer them over many things in their lives, and because raising cats has many lovers who care about them very much, these people always follow the methods of caring for cats.

And because cats are loved by many, there are people whose fear of not being able to deal with them prevents them from buying them, and in this regard, veterinarian Ahmed Adel spoke to The Seventh Day about a set of tips that you must know well before buying a cat

 to show the cats Among the most important of these tips:

1- Buying a cat at the age of 4 to 6 months, to make sure that it can eat on its own, and stay away from the elderly and young as well.

Tip No1 for raising cats

2- Do not rush to buy a cat until after making sure of its health and safety, by looking into its eyes and making sure that it is clean, as well as looking in its ears and making sure that it is free of insects, and making sure that it is able to hear by doing any stimulus to hear next to it such as knocking, and making sure From her ability to walk normally, and measure the cleanliness of the hair by placing the hand in her fur and the absence of small grains, scales or pimples, and looking under the tail and making sure that there are no contaminants so as not to be vulnerable to diarrhea and intestinal diseases

Tip No3 for raising cats

3- The darker the cat's color becomes, the lower its price. In the Egyptian and Syrian cat market, the white cat with blue eyes is called "salon cats", which is the most expensive.

Tip No4 for raising cats

4- Make sure that the cat takes its first vaccination, which is at the age of 3 months, and make sure that there is a certificate of vaccination when buying it.

Tip No5 for raising cats

5- Read carefully about the types of cats before buying, and choose the type that you can deal with.

Tip No6 for raising cats

6- Preparing a "Litter Wax" for the cat for easy transportation and overnighting inside it.

Take care of your kittens and make a place for them to sleep

Tip No7 for raising cats

7- Preparing the sand of the granular type to be the place for the cat's needs.

Tip No8 for raising cats

8- Preparing a “mattress” and a shovel for cleaning, and 2 medium-sized pottery dishes to put food and water for the cat. Pottery is recommended because it does not interact with food, and is also not easily broken.

Tip No9 for raising cats

9- Allocate a clipper for the cat to permanently cut its nails, and the doctor must be present the first time to cut her nails until he tells you the right way.

Tip No10 for raising cats

10- Provide small toys for the cat, such as a small ball with the bell, as well as a piece of wool.

Tip No11 for raising cats

11- Dealing with the cat correctly by taking into account its fear in the first two days, the possibility of it refraining from eating and relieving itself, as well as not running towards it so as not to increase its fear.

Tip No12 for raising cats

12- Putting food in a clear place for her, and taking into account giving her some types of food in the first week, such as “tuna, chicken, Nesto cheese”, and not giving her raw meat such as “luncheon and pastrami”, as well as not giving her excessive milk so that she does not suffer from diarrhea, and not excessive Also, in giving her fish because it leads to her hair loss, and it is sufficient to eat it once a week, after peeling it for her, and making sure that it is free of thorns, and do not forget to prepare “dry food” to be a nutritional supplement with the main food.

Tip No13 for raising cats

13- Determining a specific name for her and calling her often, especially in the first days, and specifically at the time of putting food for her.

Tip No14 for raising cats

14- Bathing in winter is once every 3 weeks or a month, while in summer it is once every week or 10 days.

Tip No14 for raising cats

15- Ensure that her hair is combed well after the shower so as not to knot the hair, and she dries it well.

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